Book Title : Arizona Heat

arizona heat

Release Date : 2012-07-16
ISBN Code : 9781459286955
Book Author : Jennifer Greene
Book Publisher : Harlequin
Total Pages : 187

Book Summary :

She Wasn't Looking For a Husband Kansas McClellan was looking for her brother, and Paxton Moore was the only man who could help her. She'd heard he knew the tough, Western landscape like the back of his callused hand, so it didn't matter that he stirred in her feelings of longing that she'd rather not explore…. He Wasn't Out to Find a Wife Paxton was happy with his life just the way it was, but ever since Kansas barged into town, the sultry days—and hot nights—were getting far too steamy for comfort. But he simply couldn't resist her. This was one female in distress he couldn't refuse—even if finding her brother meant losing his heart.

Book Title : Arizona Heat Mills Boon Vintage Desire

arizona heat mills boon vintage desire

Release Date : 2012-09-27
ISBN Code : 9781408992548
Book Author : Jennifer Greene
Book Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Total Pages : 185

Book Summary :

She Wasn't Looking For a Husband Kansas McClellan was looking for her brother, and Paxton Moore was the only man who could help her. She'd heard he knew the tough, Western landscape like the back of his callused hand, so it didn't matter that he stirred in her feelings of longing that she'd rather not explore... .

Book Title : Arizona Heat

arizona heat

Release Date : 2017-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781460396766
Book Author : Linda Lael Miller
Book Publisher : HQN Books
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

Some secrets are too hot to handle in this classic tale from Linda Lael Miller, previously published as Deadly Deceptions After years spent trying to remember her past, Mojo Sheepshanks just wants to put it behind her. She's finally got the life she always wanted—sisters she loves, a career that keeps her on her toes and Tucker Darroch, the handsome cop who's stuck by her against all odds. But for the people around her, moving on is hard to do. Tucker can't seem to let go of his past, while Mojo's sister Greer is being blackmailed for secrets in hers. And Mojo's stuck in the middle again. Meanwhile, danger is stalking the citizens of Cave Creek, Arizona, Mojo's adopted home. And even as she and Tucker work to keep everyone safe, Mojo will discover that there are mysteries in Cave Creek that someone is willing to protect at any cost.

Book Title : Randy Johnson

randy johnson

Release Date : 1999-03-01
ISBN Code : 1582610428
Book Author : Larry Stone
Book Publisher : Sports Publishing LLC
Total Pages : 85

Book Summary :

Describes the career of the Arizona Diamondbacks star pitcher and leader in league strikeouts.

Book Title : Arizona Heat

arizona heat

Release Date : 1992-11-01
ISBN Code : 0821739557
Book Author : Judith Steel
Book Publisher : Splendor
Total Pages : 448

Book Summary :

From the author of D'Affaire. When a scrawny young ruffian steals his stallion, Kent Ashford grabs the nearest horse and pursues the thief who turns out to be a woman--and an uncommon beauty at that. But Kent ends up jailed for horsetheft too, and as long as they're confined together, he intends to make the best of a bad situation.

Book Title : Dry Heat

dry heat

Release Date : 2010-06-14
ISBN Code : 9781449074753
Book Author : Tom Decker
Book Publisher : Author House
Total Pages : 100

Book Summary :

Since 1877 the U. S. Army stationed soldiers on Fort Huachuca, an Army post in southern Arizona. Although the mission has changed over the years, America’s soldiers still come and go in the service of their country. Thomas Decker, who served as the Installation Staff Chaplain from 1996 through 2000, opens a soulful window into this historic post and the surrounding region. Echoing the Army Chaplaincy’s credo to bring God to soldiers and soldiers to God, Decker’s free verse poems—“Alibi Round,” “The Water Nazi,” “Reptilian,” “Disarming Abernathy,” “Finding Religion,” “Border Crossing,” “No Black Eye for America,” and “Semper Fi”—offer poignant and passionate insight into Army life both on and off duty.

Book Title : Backpacking Arizona

backpacking arizona

Release Date : 2013-03-01
ISBN Code : 9780899975917
Book Author : Bruce Grubbs
Book Publisher : Wilderness Press
Total Pages : 242

Book Summary :

The world-famous Grand Canyon is only one of Arizona's spectacular natural features. Arizona encompasses over 90 wilderness areas, more than 15 national parks and monuments, and the largest national forest in the country. Expansive mesas, high peaks, and snaking canyons create a dynamic landscape and reflect a rich geologic and human history. Backpacking Arizona is the only guide devoted to overnight trips in the state. You'll discover the maze of side canyons and hidden grottos in the Grand Canyon's untrammeled backcountry, historic pioneer trails on the Mogollon Rim, the little-traveled Blue Range, and the legendary Superstition Mountains in the Sonoran Desert.

Book Title : Desert Heat

desert heat

Release Date : 2014-09-01
ISBN Code : 9781460339213
Book Author : Kathleen Pickering
Book Publisher : Harlequin
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

This situation is heating up Women are disappearing in Adobe Creek, Arizona, and it's up to Detective Meg Flores to stop it. But when New York detective Tico Butler is called in to take over the case, Meg feels threatened. Will he also take over her job? She's prepared to hate him—but she's not prepared for the intense chemistry between them! From the moment Tico arrives, Meg is struck by his bad-boy good looks and his smooth-talking charm. She may not have wanted him here, but he's proving hard to resist. And when they go undercover together, the desert isn't the only thing getting hotter….

Book Title : Heat Islands

heat islands

Release Date : 2012-05-16
ISBN Code : 9781136564208
Book Author : Lisa Mummery Gartland
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 208

Book Summary :

Heat islands are urban and suburban areas that are significantly warmer than their surroundings. Traditional, highly absorptive construction materials and a lack of effective landscaping are their main causes. Heat island problems, in terms of increased energy consumption, reduced air quality and effects on human health and mortality, are becoming more pressing as cities continue to grow and sprawl. This comprehensive book brings together the latest information about heat islands and their mitigation. The book describes how heat islands are formed, what problems they cause, which technologies mitigate heat island effects and what policies and actions can be taken to cool communities. Internationally renowned expert Lisa Gartland offers a comprehensive source of information for turning heat islands into cool communities. The author includes sections on cool roofing and cool paving, explains their benefits in detail and provides practical guidelines for their selection and installation. The book also reviews how and why to incorporate trees and vegetation around buildings, in parking lots and on green roofs.

Book Title : Solar Energy Engineering

solar energy engineering

Release Date : 2012-12-02
ISBN Code : 9780323147095
Book Author : A. A. M. Sayigh
Book Publisher : Elsevier
Total Pages : 526

Book Summary :

Solar Energy Engineering is a 21-chapter text that provides ample information concerning all forms and topics of solar energy. Chapter 1 deals with the scope and advantages of solar energy and serves as an introduction to the rest of the chapters. Chapters 2 to 5 explain the nature of the sun, the solar radiation spectrum, the estimation of total, direct, and diffuse radiation, and the heat transfer fundamentals for solar energy application. Chapters 6 to 8 outline the fundamentals, fabrication, and uses of various water and air heaters. Chapters 9 and 11 cover optics, concentrating collectors, and solar furnaces, while Chapters 10 and 12 to 20 discuss the various applications of solar energy, namely, solar pond, solar distillation, photovoltaic conversion of solar energy, solar refrigeration, solar hydrogen production, space applications, and solar measuring equipment. Lastly, Chapter 21 focuses on the cost of solar appliances. Engineers, designers, and researchers in their field of solar energy will find this book invaluable.

Book Title : Heat Deaths Among Undocumented US Mexico Border Crossers In Pima County Arizona

heat deaths among undocumented us mexico border crossers in pima county arizona

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : OCLC:659747329
Book Author : Samuel M. Keim
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 90

Book Summary :

Widespread media reports have described an increase in heat-related deaths among undocumented immigrant border crossers in Southern Arizona in recent years. The factual basis and important risk factors associated with these deaths have not been well studied. Although, the most common cause of heat fatalities is environmental exposure during heat waves, deserts of the southwestern USA are known for temperatures that exceed this threshold for 30 days or more. Heat-related fatalities, however, have been and continue to be rare among residents of the region. Undocumented immigration across the US-Mexico border into Arizona has likely been robust for decades, although accurate measures of the volume are not available due to its covert nature. This thesis research focuses on the occurrence and distribution of heat deaths among undocumented US-Mexico border crossers in Pima County, Arizona. Implications of this work include improving future research, informing public health policy and planning of prevention strategies.

Book Title : Arizona


Release Date : 1995
ISBN Code : 0816515158
Book Author : Thomas E. Sheridan
Book Publisher : University of Arizona Press
Total Pages : 434

Book Summary :

Thomas E. Sheridan has spent a lifetime in Arizona, "living off it and seeking refuge from it." He knows firsthand its canyons, forests, and deserts; he has seen its cities exploding with new growth; and, like many other people, he sometimes fears for its future. In this book, Sheridan sets forth new ideas about what a history should be. Arizona: A History explores the ways in which Native Americans, Hispanics, and Anglos have inhabited and exploited Arizona from the pursuit of the Naco mammoth 11,000 years ago to the financial adventurism of Charles Keating and others today. It also examines how perceptions of Arizona have changed, creating new constituencies of tourists, environmentalists, and outside business interests to challenge the dominance of ranchers, mining companies, and farmers who used to control the state. Sheridan emphasizes the crucial role of the federal government in Arizona's development throughout the book. As Sheridan writes about the past, his eyes are on the inevitable change and compromise of the present and future. He balances the gains and losses as global forces interact more and more with local cultural and environmental factors.

Book Title : Tapping the Earth s Natural Heat

tapping the earth s natural heat

Release Date : 1994
ISBN Code : 0788119222
Book Author : Wendell A. Duffield
Book Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Total Pages : 63

Book Summary :

Describes the potential for geothermal energy, the naturally occurring heat within the Earth. Summarizes information related to developing geothermal energy while minimizing its environmental impact. Discusses its versatility; it can be used in the generation of electricity, as well as direct use applications, such as space heating and industrial processes. Contains color photos, charts, and diagrams.