Book Title : The Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments

the cambridge companion to brass instruments

Release Date : 1997-10-13
ISBN Code : 0521565227
Book Author : Trevor Herbert
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 341

Book Summary :

The Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments provides an overview of the history of brass instruments, and their technical and musical development. Much of the volume is devoted to the way brass instruments have been used in classical music, but there are also important contributions on the ancient world, non-Western music, vernacular and popular traditions and the rise of jazz. The editors are two of the most respected names in the world of brass performance and scholarship, and the list of contributors includes the names of many of the world's most prestigious scholars and performers.

Book Title : Brass


Release Date : 2012-07-06
ISBN Code : 9781406224412
Book Author : Daniel Nunn
Book Publisher : Raintree
Total Pages : 24

Book Summary :

Each book in this series looks at a different category of musical instrument and shows how they are played around the world.

Book Title : Brass


Release Date : 1981
ISBN Code : UVA:X000218712
Book Author : Kathleen FitzGerald
Book Publisher : McGraw-Hill/Contemporary
Total Pages : 231

Book Summary :

Book Title : The Production of Hindu Muslim Violence in Contemporary India

the production of hindu muslim violence in contemporary india

Release Date : 2011-05-01
ISBN Code : 9780295800608
Book Author : Paul R. Brass
Book Publisher : University of Washington Press
Total Pages : 448

Book Summary :

Chronic Hindu-Muslim rioting in India has created a situation in which communal violence is both so normal and so varied in its manifestations that it would seem to defy effective analysis. Paul R. Brass, one of the world�s preeminent experts on South Asia, has tracked more than half a century�s riots in the north Indian city of Aligarh. This book is the culmination of a lifetime�s thinking about the dynamics of institutionalized intergroup violence in northern India, covering the last three decades of British rule as well as the entire post-Independence history of Aligarh. Brass exposes the mechanisms by which endemic communal violence is deliberately provoked and sustained. He convincingly implicates the police, criminal elements, members of Aligarh�s business community, and many of its leading political actors in the continuous effort to �produce� communal violence. Much like a theatrical production, specific roles are played, with phases for rehearsal, staging, and interpretation. In this way, riots become key historical markers in the struggle for political, economic, and social dominance of one community over another. In the course of demonstrating how riots have been produced in Aligarh, Brass offers a compelling argument for abandoning or refining a number of widely held views about the supposed causes of communal violence, not just in India but throughout the rest of the world. An important addition to the literature on Indian and South Asian politics, this book is also an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the interplay of nationalism, ethnicity, religion, and collective violence, wherever it occurs.

Book Title : Brass


Release Date : 2004-03-29
ISBN Code : 9781847676184
Book Author : Helen Walsh
Book Publisher : Canongate Books
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

Nineteen-year-old Millie O'Reilly is clever, spiky and adored by men yet utterly forlorn. Increasingly disillusioned, she seeks an escape in the underbelly of Liverpool. Shockingly candid and brutally poetic, Helen Walsh has created a portrait of a city and a generation that offers a female perspective on the harsh truth of growing up in today's Britain. Brass is an unsettling but ultimately compassionate account of the possibilities of identity and the desirability of love.

Book Title : Brass Scholarship in Review

brass scholarship in review

Release Date : 2006
ISBN Code : 1576471055
Book Author : Stewart Carter
Book Publisher : Pendragon Press
Total Pages : 306

Book Summary :

This publication contains the papers from the proceedings of the Historic Brass Society Conference, held in 1999 in Paris. Fourteen papers and two reports on discussion sessions are included and address research, pedagogy, performance, and conservation. Contributors are performers, teachers, scholars, museum curators, an engineer, and a dentist (wh

Book Title : Language Religion and Politics in North India

language religion and politics in north india

Release Date : 2005
ISBN Code : 9780595343942
Book Author : Paul R. Brass
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 484

Book Summary :

This book is recognized as a classic study both of the politics of language and religion in India and of ethnic and nationalist movements in general. It received overwhelmingly favorable reviews across disciplinary and international boundaries at first publication, characterized as "a masterly conceptual analysis of language, religion, ethnic groups, and nationhood", "a monumental work", "of interest to all political scientists", one that "should be required reading for any politically concerned person" in the United Kingdom (from a TLS review), a work whose "value and importance can scarcely be overstated", with "no competitor in the same class".

Book Title : The Modern Brass Band

the modern brass band

Release Date : 2006
ISBN Code : 0754607178
Book Author : Roy Newsome
Book Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Total Pages : 387

Book Summary :

Taking up the story of bands and their development from the 1930s to the start of the new millennium, Roy Newsome discusses the contest tradition of brass bands, the Youth banding movement, repertoire, instrumentation and the impact of the media on bands and their music.

Book Title : The British Brass Band

the british brass band

Release Date : 2000-06-08
ISBN Code : 9780191590122
Book Author : Trevor Herbert
Book Publisher : OUP Oxford
Total Pages : 400

Book Summary :

The British Brass Band is based on an earlier volume, Bands, published by Open University Press (1991) as part of its Popular Music in Britain Series. It was hailed as the most detailed and scholarly treatment of its subject. For the present volume, the original chapters have been heavily revised and an additional three chapters added, together with new and extensive appendices, numerous illustrations, a bibliography, and a new introduction. The new material includes studies on brass band repertoire, performance practices, and the bands of the Salvation Army. The contributors are the pre-eminent authorities on the subject. The work as a whole can be taken as a study of both a unique (and often misunderstood) aspect of British music, and its interaction with broader spheres of social and cultural history. It is the most detailed and definitive study of the subject.

Book Title : Essentials of Brass Playing

essentials of brass playing

Release Date : 1974
ISBN Code : 1457496313
Book Author : Fred Fox
Book Publisher : Alfred Music
Total Pages : 94

Book Summary :

An explicit, logical approach to important basic factors that contribute to superior brass instrument performance.

Book Title : 2000 Years of Zinc and Brass

2000 years of zinc and brass

Release Date : 1998
ISBN Code : 0861591240
Book Author : Paul T. Craddock
Book Publisher : British Museum Press
Total Pages : 258

Book Summary :

This volume is the first comprehensive technical history of the production of zinc and brass. It describes the inception and technical development of the processes by which zinc and brass were made at various centres around the world, together with typical compositions of the resulting brasses. The essays show that technical developments were in fact continuous and consciously related from the ancient to the modern world. Continuing research and fieldwork into these subjects have resulted in important new information that is now incorporated in this completely revised edition.

Book Title : Nancy Drew 17 Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

nancy drew 17 mystery of the brass bound trunk

Release Date : 1940-02-01
ISBN Code : 1101077182
Book Author : Carolyn Keene
Book Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

From the moment Nancy Drew boards an ocean liner leaving for New York, she becomes involved in a new and dangerous mystery. A man on the pier gestures to someone on board in sign language. BEWARE OF NANCY DREW AND NE, he signals. Who is NE? Can it be Nelda Detweiler, a young woman who shares a cabin with Nancy, Bess, and George? Mystery and intrigue follow the girls across the ocean; but with her usual ingenuity Nancy solves the mystery and defeats her enemies before the ship reaches New York.

Book Title : Disgusting Bliss

disgusting bliss

Release Date : 2010-05-13
ISBN Code : 9780857200907
Book Author : Lucian Randall
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

The Sunnewspaper asked if Chris Morris's July 2001 Brass Eye Special on paedophilia was 'the sickest TV ever?' It was certainly the most controversial, though his uncompromising style of comedy meant he was rarely far from trouble. Morris first came to national prominence at the heart of a group of virtually unknown comedians brought together by Armando Iannucci. This book follows them from their 1991 news satire On the Hour, which transferred from radio to television where it was reinvented as the equally successful The Day Today. It became impossible to watch bulletins without thinking of Morris's Paxmanesque anchor character chastising a reporter -- 'Peter! You've lost the news!' -- or authoritatively delivering nonsense headlines: 'Sacked chimney worker pumps boss full of mayonnaise.' Meanwhile co-star Steve Coogan created a lasting anti-hero in Alan Partridge, imbued with a horrible life all of his own. But Morris himself was always the most compelling character of all. Drawing on exclusive new interviews and original research, this book creates a compelling portrait of Morris from his earliest radio days and of the comedians and writers who frequently took on the industry they worked in, polarising opinion to such a degree that government ministers threatened to ban them entirely. THIS IS THE NEEEWWWWS!

Book Title : Breaking the Brass Ceiling

breaking the brass ceiling

Release Date : 2004
ISBN Code : 0275981800
Book Author : Dorothy Moses Schulz
Book Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages : 241

Book Summary :

Profiles the top women cops and their rise to the top of their departments.

Book Title : Brass Instruments

brass instruments

Release Date : 1976
ISBN Code : 9780486275741
Book Author : Anthony Baines
Book Publisher : Courier Corporation
Total Pages : 300

Book Summary :

Evolution of trumpets, trombones, bugles, cornets, French horns, tubas, and other brass wind instruments. Indispensable resource for any brass player or music historian. Over 140 illustrations and 48 music examples.

Book Title : The Brass Bottle

the brass bottle

Release Date : 2011-10-01
ISBN Code : 9781775454755
Book Author : F. Anstey
Book Publisher : The Floating Press
Total Pages : 245

Book Summary :

A mild-mannered fellow striving to make a good impression on his future wife's father purchases a beautiful but mysterious brass bottle. Although he's hoping to use it to project an image of sophistication and affluence, architect Horace Ventimore finds something in the bottle that he never dreamed possible. The Brass Bottle is a charming and humorous fantasy that has been used as the basis for several popular versions on the stage and the big screen.

Book Title : Pick Up Your Own Brass

pick up your own brass

Release Date : 2011-09-01
ISBN Code : 9781597977708
Book Author :
Book Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

In FBI terms, leaders who pick up their own brass casings at the firing range are more effective than those who expect someone else to do it for them. To those at the bureau, this small action speaks louder than words and is largely indicative of a person's overall management style. Through a host of real-life FBI stories, from the streets to the corner offices, Pick Up Your Own Brass: Leadership the FBI Way reveals the leadership qualities that have enabled the bureau to successfully navigate through a century of war, espionage, organized crime, terrorism, fraud, and corruption. Offering fifty essential leadership lessons based on challenges that FBI officials have faced over the course of their careers, this book can help anyone--established leaders, aspiring leaders, minority leaders, and even "accidental executives" who find themselves managing more than they imagined--build a culture of leadership.