Book Title : Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources

encyclopedia of business information sources

Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 0787697036
Book Author : Linda D. Hall
Book Publisher : Gale Cengage
Total Pages : 1314

Book Summary :

Each updated edition of this detailed resource identifies nearly 35,000 live, print and electronic sources of information listed under more than 1,100 alphabetically arranged subjects -- industries and business concepts and practices. Edited by business information expert James Woy.

Book Title : Macmillan Directory of Business Information Sources

macmillan directory of business information sources

Release Date : 1989-06-18
ISBN Code : 9781349107506
Book Author : James Tudor
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 464

Book Summary :

This is a three-in-one compendium of sources and resources which draws on more than a decade of experience in sourcing and analyzing market and business information. It covers over 1000 key sources and highlights the best buys.

Book Title : Business Information Sources

business information sources

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 1856046036
Book Author : Christine O'Hare
Book Publisher : Library Assn Pub Limited
Total Pages : 147

Book Summary :

"This book is a practical introduction to business information sources in the UK, with the emphasis firmly on highlighting effective research approaches and useful resources in all formats, whether free, fee-based, print or online. Its aim is to fully equip you with tools to identify appropriate business information for your individual needs." "Packed with useful tips throughout, the book is organized so that it can be dipped into quickly to find resources to answer specific questions, or browsed to get an overview of resources on companies, markets, statistics or international trade. The author has obtained feedback from business information professionals across the sectors to ensure coverage from a full range of perspectives." "This book is essential for business information professionals, market researchers and staff in business support agencies who are just starting out, or for those needing to update their knowledge and skills. It is also ideal for LIS, market research and business students, and will be a key text for core modules such as research skills courses."--BOOK JACKET.

Book Title : The International Directory of Business Information Sources and Services 1996

the international directory of business information sources and services 1996

Release Date : 1996
ISBN Code : 1857430077
Book Author :
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 550

Book Summary :

An invaluable first point of reference on the world of commerce with some 4,500 organizations in an easy to use volume, with separate chapters for each country listing the organization under category headings. * For each entry, information is provided on: name; address; telephone and fax numbers; chief officers; date founded; objectives and activities; numbers of members; details of library; publications.

Book Title : Macmillan Directory of UK Business Information Sources

macmillan directory of uk business information sources

Release Date : 1992-09-15
ISBN Code : 9781349128716
Book Author : James Tudor
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 435

Book Summary :

The objective of this publication is to provide a 'one stop' guide to business information, insofar as that is possible within the confines of a useable book. It aims to give guidance on both the published and organisational sources relevant to the needs of the non-professional business researcher and provides a listing of 'worthwhile' references and contacts. As previously, the Directory is organised so that both published sources and information centres are grouped together under their applicable Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number and heading. This new edition also incorporates NACE classification and correlation tables. The second category again includes those UK and pan-national organisations which focus on specific, discrete industry sectors, which limits the number of organisational sources in the directory to those that are 'most worthwhile'.

Book Title : Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources

encyclopedia of business information sources

Release Date : 1992
ISBN Code : 0810382326
Book Author : James B. Woy
Book Publisher : Gale Research International, Limited
Total Pages : 261

Book Summary :

This is a comprehensive listing of business related finding aids including abstracting and indexing services, almanacs and yearbooks, bibliographies, biographical sources, directories, encyclopedias and dictionaries, financial ratios, handbooks and manuals, online databases, periodicals and newsletters, price sources, research centers and institutes, statistical sources trade associations and professional societies, and other related sources of information on each topic.etters, price sources, research centers and institutes, statistical sources, trade associations and professional societies, and other related sources of information on each topic.

Book Title : Business Information at Work

business information at work

Release Date : 2003-09-02
ISBN Code : 9781135477356
Book Author : Michael Lowe
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 327

Book Summary :

As businesses grow less capital and infrastructure intensive and more people and knowledge intensive it becomes increasingly vital for today's managers to know what business information is available and how to apply it to their own decision-making processes. This book relates organisations' real information needs to specific types and named examples of information sources and services. The final chapter shows how to exploit the vast array of available information systematically, looking, for example, at the role of the information intermediary, the Internet and online hosts. This is a book no well-informed business should be without.

Book Title : International Business Information

international business information

Release Date : 1999-06-01
ISBN Code : 1888998830
Book Author : Ruth A. Pagell
Book Publisher : Global Professional Publishi
Total Pages : 450

Book Summary :

· The first such guide · It isn't enough to rely on local or even national knowledge bases any more "The emerging global economy," "transnational corporation," "the world marketplace"--these phases will define the business environment in the twenty-first century. And here is how it works: A sports car is financed in Japan, designed in Italy, and assembled in Indiana, Mexico, and France, using advanced electronic components invented in New Jersey and manufactured in Korea. Hard to believe? Think about all the cross-border mergers and partnerships created in the last few years alone! Changes in the economy required business professionals and researchers to learn about new sources of information, as well as to expand their understanding of international business subjects. The sources, language, document coding, and definitions are different--truly foreign. International Business Information was written to help business professionals find and use the latest and best business information, regardless of source of origin. Among other subjects covered: Key international business publications; important new databases; Company information sources; international accounting standards and practices; international marketing resources; disclosure requirements for major stock exchanges; export/import sources and information; and industrial and economic statistics.

Book Title : Business online

business online

Release Date : 1989
ISBN Code : UCAL:B4396110
Book Author : Jean M. Scanlan
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc
Total Pages : 368

Book Summary :

Online databases are a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute source of business information. This book describes the wide range of business online information services available, and shows how to use them to best advantage. Surveys business related databases and how to get into them, describes the many different services available and their cost, shows how to use the necessary software, and explains search methods.

Book Title : Business Information Handbook 2003

business information handbook 2003

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : 3598115016
Book Author : David Mort
Book Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Total Pages : 218

Book Summary :

Business Information Handbook is a new sourcebook that not only describes the major sources of business information, but also considers the role of business information in the business process and considers the recent changes brought about in sources and delivery by the new Web-based technologies. In addition, there are case studies from business information specialists that provide practical insights into the use of business information.