Book Title : Buy American Act

buy american act

Release Date : 1988
ISBN Code : LOC:00003556591
Book Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Acquisition and Procurement Policy Panel
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 82

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Book Title : The Buy American Act and Other Domestic Content Legislation

the buy american act and other domestic content legislation

Release Date : 2013-01-01
ISBN Code : 1624170560
Book Author : Kenneth Darrigan
Book Publisher : Nova Novinka
Total Pages : 92

Book Summary :

Congress has broad authority to place conditions on the purchases made by the federal government or with federal dollars. One of the many conditions that it has placed on direct government purchases is a requirement that they be produced in the United States. The most well known of these requirements is the Buy American Act, which is the major domestic preference statute governing procurement by the federal government. The Buy American Act applies to direct purchases by the federal government of more than $3,000, providing their purchase is consistent with the public interest, the items are reasonable in cost, and they are for use in the United States. The act requires that "substantially all" of the acquisition be attributable to American-made components. Regulations have interpreted this requirement to mean that at least 50% of the cost must be attributable to American content. This book provides an overview of domestic content legislation with a focus on the Buy American Act; the Berry Amendment; and the Speciality Metal Clause.

Book Title : Domestic Content Restrictions

domestic content restrictions

Release Date : 2014-10-31
ISBN Code : 1502966441
Book Author : Congressional Research Congressional Research Service
Book Publisher : CreateSpace
Total Pages : 32

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Broadly understood, domestic content restrictions are provisions which require that items purchased using specific funds appropriated by Congress be produced or manufactured in the United States. Federal law contains a number of such restrictions, each of which applies to different entities and supplies, and imposes somewhat different requirements. Some of these restrictions have, however, been waived pursuant to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).

Book Title : Buy American Act of 1987

buy american act of 1987

Release Date : 1988
ISBN Code : UCR:31210015721051
Book Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Legislation and National Security Subcommittee
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 126

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Book Title : The Impact of the Buy American Act on Program Managers

the impact of the buy american act on program managers

Release Date : 1999
ISBN Code : OCLC:946689934
Book Author :
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 10

Book Summary :

The Buy American Act adds another layer of complexity to the program manager's job, especially in the context of the acquisition reform era. Reviewing the background and implementation of the Act will give both industry and government managers guidance on how to proceed under its restrictions.

Book Title : The Buy American Requirements Act

the buy american requirements act

Release Date : 2014-09-23
ISBN Code : 9783656748526
Book Author : Peterson Kelly
Book Publisher : GRIN Verlag
Total Pages : 9

Book Summary :

Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: B, University of Cambridge, language: English, abstract: The Buy American Requirements Act was introduced with the aim of protecting businesses within the United States. There is a variety of requirements and prerequisites that are addressed in this specification. The congress is mandated with imposition regulations on federal and governmental purchases. Therefore, it is required that all the purchases made by the federal government be produced and synthesized within the United States (, 2014). Any purchase that surpasses three thousand dollars is bound by the Buy American Act. The Act also outlines that, for the imposition to occur, the purchase must comply with the interest of the public, be affordable as well as are to be used within the United States. According to the Act, all the acquisitions must be attributed to the components of the United States. The production cost of the acquired components must be related directly or indirectly to the United States government. The enactment of the Act was done in 1933 and there have been minor amendments since its introduction(Hughes, 1995). Various changes have been introduced in the Act to cater for domestic legislation preference. Indirect purchases made with federal funds that are not directly related to the budget and purchase of the federal content are covered in the little buy American acts which are an extension of the Buy American Act. This law, attaches a domestic value to all purchases that are incurred in the department of transportation. Therefore, individuals, companies and organizations that are willing to invest in the transportation sector are subjected to the enforcement of this Act. The business of drone navigation systems is affected by the Buy American Act. According to the United States department