Book Title : EC Competition and Telecommunications Law

ec competition and telecommunications law

Release Date : 2009
ISBN Code : 9789041125644
Book Author : Christian Koenig
Book Publisher : Kluwer Law International
Total Pages : 728

Book Summary :

This new volume updates the groundbreaking analysis of its first edition in 2002, when the EC common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services had just entered into force. So much has changed in the intervening years that that this new edition bears little resemblance to its predecessor, with every chapter either extensively altered or entirely new. It remains, however, the most detailed and comprehensive overview available of the application of the EC Treaty s competition rules in the markets for telecommunications and audiovisual media, and of the applicable regulatory framework. In thirteen chapters, each contributed by one or more noted legal authorities in the field, the second edition of EC Competition and Telecommunications Law covers the full range of EC telecommunications law across all major areas of both institutional and substantive law, both on the international and EC levels, including the following: State aid; the merger control regulation; justification for sector-specific regulation in EC competition law; network access; authorizations and privileges; and mobile telephony. Relevant EC media and communications law and relevant aspects of EC competition law are dealt with in detail. While some chapters focus on competition law, others deal primarily with sector-specific regulation. There is practical guidance throughout on procedural matters, alongside analysis of the substantive provisions. Well-known in its first edition, this thoroughly revised and updated version continue to be vital reading for practitioners, in particular those specializing in European competition law and for company and in-house lawyers who are seeking advice on how European law affects their business. As a detailed analysis of the basic legislative and regulatory framework of European telecommunications law, it will be an invaluable reference work for lawyers, judges, regulators, and policymakers in all the EC Member States, as well as for students and teachers of European law."

Book Title : European Competition Law Annual 1998

european competition law annual 1998

Release Date : 2000
ISBN Code : 9781841130996
Book Author : Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
Book Publisher : Hart Publishing
Total Pages : 802

Book Summary :

The 1998 volume on the regulation of communications markets focuses upon the specific problem of competitive access to bottleneck communication facilities. It examines the technical and market evolutions involved in the development of networks.

Book Title : European Competition Law

european competition law

Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN Code : 9789041122582
Book Author : Lennart Ritter
Book Publisher : Kluwer Law International
Total Pages : 1226

Book Summary :

No branch of European law has been as subject to expansion and change as competition law. Between the enormous forces of globalisation, technology, and EU enlargement, the Commission and national competition authorities have been compelled to keep rethinking their practices and procedures and issuing new regulations. Now, in the wake of its highly acclaimed predecessors, the new Third Edition of European Competition Law offers the practitioner everything required to act in accordance with the latest developments in the field. Along with the thorough guide to continuing practice that its readers have come to expect, European Competition Law in its Third Edition fully covers such areas as the following: the Commission's new assessment of distribution practices and vertical restraints, in particular the block exemptions granted by Regulations 2790/1999 and 1400/2002; procedure before national competition authorities and national courts for enforcement of European rules under Regulation 1/2003; the new Merger Control Regulation in force as of 1 May 2004; the new Transfer of Technology Regulation; and, the increased fines for hard-core cartel practices or abuse of dominant market position. The Third Edition is remarkable in that it actually previews the substantive and procedural rules that will be coming into effect during 2004 and subsequent years. And, like prior editions, the work has no peer in its coverage of past administrative practice and the case law of the Court of Justice. All in all, European Competition Law, Third Edition, will be of immeasurable value to practitioners who need to keep informed about how EC competition laws are applied, so they can continue to render practical, meaningful advice to firms whose agreements, transactions and conduct in the marketplace are governed by competition rules.

Book Title : E C Competition Law Handbook

e c competition law handbook

Release Date : 2004
ISBN Code : 0421887303
Book Author : Christopher Jones
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 1153

Book Summary :

The annual edition of Sweet & Maxwell's renowned guide to EC Competition Law has become the commonly recognised reference point for any practitioner's or academic's analysis of EC competition law issues. EC Competition Law Handbook serves as a comprehensive search tool to EC competition law cases, decisions handed down and tables of fines awarded. Key legislation is also reproduced in full. including decisions reported in the Commission's Annual Reports * Easy to use - including extensive reference tables, indexes and lists to guide the reader through the maze of legislation, cases and decisions * Contains all relevant EC legislation in full, including interpretative notices

Book Title : Introducing free markets and competition to the electricity sector in Europe

introducing free markets and competition to the electricity sector in europe

Release Date : 2001-06-01
ISBN Code : 1842900226
Book Author : Mel Marquis
Book Publisher : Wisdom House Publications Ltd
Total Pages : 354

Book Summary :

Changes in EC electricity law are happening with amazing speed, and those changes are greater still when compared with the time required to understand them. This book is designed to provide both coverage and depth in relation to Europe's newly liberalised electricity sector and to the network of rules that govern it.In an exhaustive analysis, this book explains the current law, while taking account of imminent changes and anticipating further developments. Thorough case studies relating to the electricity sectors in France and in England & Wales are also provided for a more concrete understanding. The centrepiece chapter is devoted to reflections concerning the impact which the EC Treaty rules on competition and the free movement of goods will have on the functioning of an internal electricity market.For legal and economic practitioners as well as researchers, lawmakers, investors, and business leaders whose work requires a true understanding of the changes in the electricity industry in Europe, this book will serve as an essential reference work in the coming years.Mel Marquis obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Seattle at the University of Washington, and after serving as an officer of the US Army, attended Seton Hall Law School in Newark, N.J. He was awarded his J.D. magna cum laude in 1998, graduated a semester early, and was admitted to the New York and New Jersey bars.In the Spring of 1998, Mr. Marquis worked as a stagiaire for Judge Rafael Garcia-Valdecasas at the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg. His experience in Luxembourg prompted him to begin giving guest lectures to American law students interested in community law.After working as an attorney in the United States, Mr. Marquis spent a year as a William J. Fulbright legal research scholar at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His research, focused particularly on EC competition law and the regulated industries, culminated in his book Introducing Free Markets and Competition to the Electricity Sector inEurope.Mr Marquis currently works in Brussels as an associate for Van Bael & Bellis. At the moment he is concentrating his personal research on intellectual property issues within the antitrust context, as well as emerging issues such as the impact of antitrust on the media, telecommunications, and the internet. He will be lecturing on EC competition law this Summer as a guest at the University of Parma.

Book Title : Public Procurement in the EU

public procurement in the eu

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : OSU:32437122693324
Book Author : Peter-Armin Trepte
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages : 704

Book Summary :

This is a commentary on the two new EC Directives on public procurement, which are due to be implemented and in force by January 2006, together with practical guidance upon their application and implementation in national law. The author offers a clear and precise explanation of the meaningand significance of the rules and identifies and discusses the problem areas in understandable terms. A new feature of the second edition is that it covers all procurement rules relating to the institutions of the EC itself, for example rules relating to procurement by the EC Commission or EuropeanDevelopment Fund. The author is a recognized expert in this field, bringing to bear experience both in private practice and as an adviser to governments and public bodies to provide an essential reference guide for all who operate in this field.The book is based on the provisions of the Directives themselves and, as such, sets out the minimum requirements that must be followed by each member state in the process of transposition. Whilst it considers the EU objectives of procurement regulation and the interpretations provided by theEuropean Court, its primary purpose is to explain the effects of the EC rules in the context of real world procurement practices and procedures. The book takes into account the latest amendments brought about by the EC Directives of 2004, including: the consolidation of the Directives to introduce amore sequenced logic; the significant improvements and amendments brought about by both Directives: the introduction of new procedures; the introduction of electronic procurement (including specific provisions relating to dynamic purchasing systems and electronic auctions); the permissibility of theapplication of social and environmental policies and the applicable conditions as well as the amendments to the utilities sector Directive in respect of its scope (coverage of telecommunications removed and postal services added); the new general escape mechanisms for competitive markets and thesignificant changes to the affiliated undertakings. The book also covers the other EC procurement rules which apply to funded contracts and contracts benefiting third countries.

Book Title : EEC Competition Law

eec competition law

Release Date : 1993-01-01
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105060214405
Book Author : Lennart Ritter
Book Publisher : Kluwer Law International
Total Pages : 797

Book Summary :

This major work is a comprehensive analysis of EEC competition rules. It examines the pertinent case law and regulations under Articles 85 and 86 of the EEC Treaty based principally on the EEC Commission's enforcement policies. It includes an extensive table of cases. The authors use a civil law commentary style that is made understandable by collaborations between lawyers from civil law and common law backgrounds. Many new developments from the last 1-2 years are covered, including new regulations on know-how licensing, franchise agreements and the merger control regulation. Up-to-date appendices cover all pertinent regulations, notices and announcements in the field of competition law.

Book Title : Contracting for Space

contracting for space

Release Date : 2013-02-28
ISBN Code : 9781409497752
Book Author : Dr Ingo Baumann
Book Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Total Pages : 456

Book Summary :

Recent significant developments in the European space sector have had an impact on European commercial space law. This book is an up-to-date guide to the regulatory background of space projects and examines the typical legal problems which need to be solved by practitioners in the field. Taking into account public and commercial international law and practice, this book examines substantive issues of law specific to launchers, satellite manufacturers and space service providers with contributions from leading experts and practitioners in the field of European space law and policy.

Book Title : Regulatory Law Professional Practice Guide

regulatory law professional practice guide

Release Date : 2007-09-04
ISBN Code : 9781135332235
Book Author : Anne Marie Mooney
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 458

Book Summary :

"Regulatory Law" provides a straightforward guide to the issues most frequently encountered by practitioners and trainee solicitors. Leading experts explain the key principles and guide the reader through the diverse subjects that comprise regulatory law. All the main practice areas are examined in detail, and regulation relating to various industry sectors is explained. Regulatory law is a fast moving field and all recent developments in law and practice have been covered in this guide. This is essential reading for trainee solicitors undertaking the Professional Practice Course, as well as solicitors practising in this area.

Book Title : Competition Litigation in the UK

competition litigation in the uk

Release Date : 2005
ISBN Code : 0421893400
Book Author : Tim Ward
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 518

Book Summary :

This handbook is a practitioner's guide to the new UK competition litigation regime. Competition litigation is expected to increase dramatically under this new system, and this work advises practitioners on every aspect of using it. In particular, it focuses on the role, the practice and procedure of the Competition Appeal Tribunal, and the growing body of case law emerging from it. As a complete guide to the subject it also steers readers through the substantive law and other key topics such as human rights, judicial review and competition law in arbitration. * The first work to be published offering expert commentary and practical advice on the new competition litigation regime * Covers both the substantive law and the new procedures * Offers timely information - from May 2004 the new EU Procedural Regulation greatly strengthens the powers of the UK national competition authorities * Cross-referenced to the leading text on the subject, Bellamy & Child: EC Law of Competition, for more detailed discussion where appropriate