Book Title : FDR and the American Crisis

fdr and the american crisis

Release Date : 2015-01-06
ISBN Code : 9780385753616
Book Author : Albert Marrin
Book Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
Total Pages : 336

Book Summary :

The definitive biography of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt for young adult readers, from National Book Award finalist Albert Marrin, is a must-have for anyone searching for President's Day reading. Brought up in a privileged family, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had every opportunity in front of him. As a young man, he found a path in politics and quickly began to move into the public eye. That ascent seemed impossible when he contracted polio and lost the use of his legs. But with a will of steel he fought the disease—and public perception of his disability—to become president of the United States of America. FDR used that same will to guide his country through a crippling depression and a horrendous world war. He understood Adolf Hitler, and what it would take to stop him, before almost any other world leader did. But to accomplish his greater goals, he made difficult choices that sometimes compromised the ideals of fairness and justice. FDR is one of America’s most intriguing presidents, lionized by some and villainized by others. National Book Award finalist Albert Marrin explores the life of a fascinating, complex man, who was ultimately one of the greatest leaders our country has known.

Book Title : The Triumph of Internationalism

the triumph of internationalism

Release Date : 2011-07-01
ISBN Code : 9781612343136
Book Author : David F. Schmitz
Book Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
Total Pages : 174

Book Summary :

When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in March 1933, he initially devoted most of his attention to finding a solution to the Great Depression. But the pull of war and the results of FDR's foreign policy ultimately had a deeper and more transformative impact on U.S. history. The Triumph of Internationalism offers a fresh, concise analysis and narrative of FDR's foreign policy from 1933 to America's entry into World War II in 1941. David Schmitz covers the attempts to solve the international economic crisis of the Great Depression, the Good Neighbor Policy in Latin America, the U.S. response to war in Europe and the Pacific, and other topics of this turbulent era. Schmitz describes Roosevelt as an internationalist who set out to promote U.S. interests abroad short of direct intervention. He tried to make amends for past transgressions with the nation's southern neighbors, eventually attempted to open and promote international trade to foster economic growth, and pursued containment policies intended to halt both the Japanese threat in the Pacific through deterrence and German aggression in Europe through economic appeasement. When his policies regarding the Axis powers failed, he began educating the American public about the dangers of Axis hegemony and rearming the nation for war. This effort required a profound shift in the American mind-set, given the prevailing isolationism, the disillusionment with America's involvement in World War I, and the preoccupation with domestic problems. A less powerful president would likely have failed, or perhaps not even attempted, to alter the prevailing public opinion. FDR revived American internationalism and reshaped the public's understanding of the national interest and defense. Roosevelt's policies and the outcome of World War II made the United States a superpower without equal.

Book Title : The Plots Against the President

the plots against the president

Release Date : 2012-01-03
ISBN Code : 9781608193592
Book Author : Sally Denton
Book Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

In March 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt finally became the nation's thirty-second president. The man swept in by a landslide four months earlier now took charge of a country in the grip of panic brought on by economic catastrophe. Though no one yet knew it-not even Roosevelt-it was a radical moment in America. And with all of its unmistakable resonance with events of today, it is a cautionary tale. The Plots Against the President follows Roosevelt as he struggled to right the teetering nation, armed with little more than indomitable optimism and the courage to try anything. His bold New Deal experiments provoked a backlash from both extremes of the political spectrum. Wall Street bankers threatened by FDR's policies made common cause with populist demagogues like Huey Long and Charles Coughlin. But just how far FDR's enemies were willing to go to thwart him has never been fully explored. Two startling events that have been largely ignored by historians frame Sally Denton's swift, tense narrative of a year of fear: anarchist Giuseppe Zangara's assassination attempt on Roosevelt, and a plutocrats' plot to overthrow the government that would come to be known as the Wall Street Putsch. The Plots Against the President throws light on the darkest chapter of the Depression and the moments when the fate of the American republic hung in the balance.

Book Title : Together We Cannot Fail

together we cannot fail

Release Date : 2009-11-01
ISBN Code : 9781402247675
Book Author : Terry Golway
Book Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

"While listening to the audio, readers will be struck by Roosevelt's immense oratory skills. In his famous 'fireside chats,' the president adopted a down-to-earth, fatherly tone, but when the occasion demanded it, he could thunderously deliver such lines as, 'this generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.' A fine contextualization of Roosevelt's life and times." Kirkus Reviews An uncommon portrait of Roosevelt's presidency, in words, photographs, and his own voice This vivid portrait shows a nation at its best and at its worst, through the lens of a president's words during the first presidency truly impacted by the media age. An FDR biography unlike any other, Together We Cannot Fail offers a new view of Roosevelt's transformation of an insular America into the world's most revered and feared superpower. An exclusive accompanying CD integrates with the biography to reveal in his own words how he led the nation through the Great Depression and World War II to its "rendezvous with destiny." Historian Terry Golway brings alive how Roosevelt saved America from its worst fears and led the nation to victory in a cataclysmic world war and by doing so forever changed how Americans live and view themselves. Crafted from Roosevelt's own stirring words, this unique biography shows how he invented and established the practice of the media presidency with his famous fireside chats, the first presidential speeches broadcast nationally from the White House. Hear FDR speak to the nation in 30 famous speeches on an exclusive audio CD For twelve tumultuous presidential years, Roosevelt regularly spoke to the American people, this man of wealth and privilege giving voice to the downtrodden's American Dream. The first in a long line of media presidencies, Roosevelt's innate ability to connect with the people remains the standard by which even the best of them—Kennedy, Reagan, and Obama alike—are judged. Roosevelt's words would define a remarkable presidency that faced and overcame the country's worst economic crisis and a war to end all wars. Together We Cannot Fail brings the president and his era to life like no other biography, combining the insight of noted historian Terry Golway with Roosevelt's own voice in audio excerpts from his most memorable speeches and chats.

Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and the Third American Revolution

franklin d roosevelt and the third american revolution

Release Date : 2011-04-07
ISBN Code : 9780313392849
Book Author : Mario R. DiNunzio
Book Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 179

Book Summary :

This book argues that Franklin D. Roosevelt's work—of which the New Deal was a prime example—was rooted in a definitive political ideology tied to the ideals of the Progressive movement and the social gospel of the late 19th century. • Provides a chronology of FDR's career • Contains photographs of FDR and New Deal moments as well as edited versions of FDR's documents and speeches • Includes a bibliography of works and documents cited

Book Title : For the Survival of Democracy

for the survival of democracy

Release Date : 2004
ISBN Code : 0684843404
Book Author : Alonzo L. Hamby
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 492

Book Summary :

Provides fresh insights into the role of Franklin Roosevelt in preserving democracy in the face of the crises in America and abroad during the 1930s--the Depression, the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, and other desperate challenges. 25,000 first printing.

Book Title : Wealth Power and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism

wealth power and the crisis of laissez faire capitalism

Release Date : 2011-07-04
ISBN Code : 9780230119772
Book Author : D. Gibson
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 303

Book Summary :

This forcefully argued book offers a provocative picture of the political, intellectual, and economic forces that have shaped the history of the United States, offering an extensive and in-depth critique of laissez-faire doctrine and a novel reformulation of the work of American System writers, Gibson traces America's rise to global supremacy.

Book Title : FDR s First Fireside Chat

fdr s first fireside chat

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 9781603444545
Book Author : Amos Kiewe
Book Publisher : Texas A&M University Press
Total Pages : 169

Book Summary :

"I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States." Thus began not only the first of Franklin Roosevelt's celebrated radio addresses, collectively called Fireside Chats, but also the birth of the media era of the rhetorical presidency. Humorist Will Rogers later said that the president took "such a dry subject as banking and made everyone understand it, even the bankers." Roosevelt also took a giant step toward restoring confidence in the nation's banks and, eventually, in its economy. Amos Kiewe tells the story of the First Fireside Chat, the context in which it was constructed, the events leading to the radio address, and the impact it had on the American people and the nation's economy. Roosevelt told America, "The success of our whole national program depends, of course, on the cooperation of the public--on its intelligent support and its use of a reliable system." Kiewe succinctly demonstrates how the rhetoric of the soon-to-be-famous First Fireside Chat laid the groundwork for that support and the recovery of American capitalism.

Book Title : FDR s Fireside Chats

fdr s fireside chats

Release Date : 1992
ISBN Code : 0806123702
Book Author : Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Book Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
Total Pages : 326

Book Summary :

A collection of FDR's fireside chats presents them exactly as they were originally broadcast to explore a world of economic disaster, social reform, and international danger and to stress the importance of Roosevelt's leadership in American political history.

Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and the Shaping of American Political Culture

franklin d roosevelt and the shaping of american political culture

Release Date : 2001-01
ISBN Code : 0765606208
Book Author : Nancy Beck Young
Book Publisher : M.E. Sharpe
Total Pages : 154

Book Summary :

How did Americans respond to the economic catastrophe of 1929? In what ways did the social and cultural responses of the American people inform the politics of the period? Conversely, how did changes in political beliefs alter cultural activities? This volume presents a series of intriguiing essays that examine these and related questions. The much-studied presidency of FDR is examined through a very distinctive set of lenses: The representation of FDR in film and popular culture, discussions of New Deal art and art policy, the social and political meanings of political architecture, 30s music, and many more. Anyone interested in the New Deal era -- from the perspectives of social and cultural history, political science, popular culture, political history, among others -- will find this volume a welcome addition to the literature on FDR and the New Deal.

Book Title : The Crisis of the Old Order

the crisis of the old order

Release Date : 2003-07-09
ISBN Code : 9780547527635
Book Author : Arthur M. Schlesinger
Book Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages : 576

Book Summary :

The Crisis of the Old Order, 1919-1933, volume one of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and biographer Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.’s Age of Roosevelt series, is the first of three books that interpret the political, economic, social, and intellectual history of the early twentieth century in terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the spokesman and symbol of the period. Portraying the United States from the Great War to the Great Depression, The Crisis of the Old Order covers the Jazz Age and the rise and fall of the cult of business. For a season, prosperity seemed permanent, but the illusion came to an end when Wall Street crashed in October 1929. Public trust in the wisdom of business leadership crashed too. With a dramatist’s eye for vivid detail and a scholar’s respect for accuracy, Schlesinger brings to life the era that gave rise to FDR and his New Deal and changed the public face of the United States forever.

Book Title : Disenchanted Realists

disenchanted realists

Release Date : 1985-06-30
ISBN Code : 0873959957
Book Author : Raymond Seidelman
Book Publisher : SUNY Press
Total Pages : 295

Book Summary :

Disenchanted Realists explores the intertwined fate of American political science and nineteenth and twentieth century liberal reforms. Beginning with the pre-history of political science in the 1880s, Seidelman and Harpham trace the development of political science in the Progressive period, the 1920s, the New Deal, the Cold War, the tumultuous sixties, and the crisis-ridden presidencies of Carter and Reagan.

Book Title : The Central American Crisis Reader

the central american crisis reader

Release Date : 1987
ISBN Code : UTEXAS:059173018441703
Book Author : Robert S. Leiken
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 717

Book Summary :

A collection of articles, papers and other documents reveal conditions in Central America, from Colonial times to the present

Book Title : Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Constitutional War

franklin roosevelt and the great constitutional war

Release Date : 2002
ISBN Code : 0823221547
Book Author : Marian Cecilia McKenna
Book Publisher : Fordham Univ Press
Total Pages : 612

Book Summary :

This new history of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the "Great Constitutional War" is a critical, revisionist portrayal of FDR's personal role in initiating, with the advice of his attorney general, Homer S. Cummings, a "reorganization of the federal judiciary," or what in fact constituted a bald-faced attempt to "pack" the Supreme Court in 1937. No issue in domestic politics ever aroused the country>'s anger as did the presidential proposal to increase the size of the Supreme Court to fifteen by giving the president power to appoint a new judge for every justice over the age of 70 who refused to resign or retire. For background, the case histories which led up to this bold stroke are, for the first time, chronicled and analyzed in a setting that places the stirring events which ensued in their proper perspective. The importance of the book's subject, the thorough documentation, its reasoned and reasonable criticism, all set forth in a lively, but lucid writing style should give this book a popular readership that reaches well beyond academia.

Book Title : The Exemplary Presidency

the exemplary presidency

Release Date : 1990
ISBN Code : 0870237098
Book Author : Philip Abbott
Book Publisher : Univ of Massachusetts Press
Total Pages : 233

Book Summary :

The American presidency has fascinated and confounded scholars for over two hundred years. Is the institution redefined by each new occupant, or is the presidency merely a cog in the constitutional machine created in 1787? Philip Abbott argues that the presidency can best be viewed as an "exemplary" institution from which occupants attempt to "read" and then shape political culture through the imaginative and selective adaptation of the thought, policies, and leadership styles of past leaders. He identifies four of the most powerful exemplars in American history - Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln - and tests his theory through an examination of the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Book Title : Uprooted


Release Date : 2016-10-25
ISBN Code : 9780553509380
Book Author : Albert Marrin
Book Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year A Booklist Editor's Choice On the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor comes a harrowing and enlightening look at the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II— from National Book Award finalist Albert Marrin Just seventy-five years ago, the American government did something that most would consider unthinkable today: it rounded up over 100,000 of its own citizens based on nothing more than their ancestry and, suspicious of their loyalty, kept them in concentration camps for the better part of four years. How could this have happened? Uprooted takes a close look at the history of racism in America and carefully follows the treacherous path that led one of our nation’s most beloved presidents to make this decision. Meanwhile, it also illuminates the history of Japan and its own struggles with racism and xenophobia, which led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, ultimately tying the two countries together. Today, America is still filled with racial tension, and personal liberty in wartime is as relevant a topic as ever. Moving and impactful, National Book Award finalist Albert Marrin’s sobering exploration of this monumental injustice shines as bright a light on current events as it does on the past.

Book Title : Baptism by Fire

baptism by fire

Release Date : 2009-01-06
ISBN Code : 1429933917
Book Author : Mark K. Updegrove
Book Publisher : Macmillan
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

Americans have long been defined by how they face adversity. This is perhaps nowhere more evident than in how the nation's chief executive has tackled myriad issues upon entering the White House. The ways that U.S. presidents handle the vast responsibilities of the Oval Office determine the fate of the nation---and, in many cases, the fate of the world. In this fascinating narrative, presidential historian Mark Updegrove looks at eight U.S. presidents who inherited unprecedented crises immediately upon assuming the reigns of power. George Washington led a fragile and fledgling nation while defining the very role of the presidency. When Thomas Jefferson entered the White House, he faced a nation bitterly divided by a two-party schism far more severe than anything encountered today. John Tyler stepped into the office of the presidency during the constitutional crisis left by the first death of a sitting president. Abraham Lincoln inherited a divided nation on the brink of war. Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to quell America's fears during the depths of the Great Depression. His successor, Harry S. Truman, was sworn in as commander in chief at the close of World War II, and John F. Kennedy stepped into the increasingly heated atmosphere of the cold war. In the wake of Watergate, the first unelected president, Gerald R. Ford, aimed to end America's "long national nightmare." As the forty-fourth president takes office, Updegrove presents a timely look at these chief executives and the challenges they faced. In examining the ways in which presidents have addressed crises, Baptism by Fire illustrates the importance of character in leadership—and in the resilience of America itself.

Book Title : FDR and the New Deal

fdr and the new deal

Release Date : 2010-09-01
ISBN Code : 9781612288307
Book Author : Earle Rice Jr.
Book Publisher : Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.
Total Pages : 48

Book Summary :

In the 1920s, life was good for most Americans—and great for many. Prosperity built on the new economic premise of "buy now, pay later" ruled the decade known as the Roaring Twenties. Then the bubble burst, and America's house of cards came tumbling down. With stunning suddenness, the stock market crash of '29 revealed the flaws in America's economy and plunged the nation into the worst depression it had ever known. The troubled citizenry called on its newly elected president to lead it out of economic chaos. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the thirty-second president of the United States, stood forth to meet the challenge. At his inauguration in March 1933, he told the American people they had nothing to fear but fear itself. FDR calmed their fears and embarked on a whirlwind program of domestic reform. His program became known as the New Deal. It empowered the government like never before—and changed the face of America forever.

Book Title : From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery

from financial crisis to global recovery

Release Date : 2011-05-10
ISBN Code : 9780231527743
Book Author : Padma Desai
Book Publisher : Columbia University Press
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

Using the same presentation and detail that has earned her such wide-ranging acclaim for her previous books, Padma Desai explains in a course-friendly way the complexities of economic policy and financial reform. She merges a compelling narrative with scholarly research to teach and to engage the reader. Paul Krugman described Desai's 2003 volume, Financial Crisis, Contagion, and Containment: From Asia to Argentina, as the "best book yet on financial crises." Her most recent work on Russian reform was a "pick of 2006" by the Financial Times. Desai begins with a systematic breakdown of the factors leading to America's recent recession, describing the monetary policy, tax practices, subprime mortgage scandals, and lax regulation that contributed to crisis. She discusses the Treasury-Fed rescue deals that saved several financial institutions and the involvement of Congress in passing restorative policies. The distinguished scholar follows with an analysis of stress tests and other economic measures and investigates whether the U.S. economy is truly on the mend. Widening her view, she considers the prospects for recovery in North America as a whole, as well as Europe, Asia, and South America, and the extent and value of U.S. and E.U. regulatory proposals. Refocusing on American financial practices, Desai evaluates hedge funds and derivatives, credit default swaps, and rating agencies and discusses whether the dollar can remain a reserve currency. She concludes with a historical comparison of the Great Depression and the Great Recession and a look at the effect of the economic collapse on future American capitalism.