Book Title : Forever My Soul Complete

forever my soul complete

Release Date : 2010-04
ISBN Code : 9781449076740
Book Author : Jerry Hinson
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 328

Book Summary :

Amy Bland was fifteen when her father learned she was pregnant. Instead of helping his daughter, he took her to home for unwed mothers in Edinburg, Scotland and signed papers for the child to be put up for adoption - then vanished out of her life forever. While at the convent, she was whipped, forced to work against her will, sexually attacked, and worst of all: the son she so dearly loved, was taken away. This is a story about an escape that nearly cost her life, a journey back to her son's father - the man that thought she had abandoned him, and a lifetime of searching for her son.

Book Title : Delphi Complete Works of H P Lovecraft Illustrated

delphi complete works of h p lovecraft illustrated

Release Date : 2013-11-17
ISBN Code : 9781909496040
Book Author : H. P. Lovecraft
Book Publisher : Delphi Classics
Total Pages : 3491

Book Summary :

This eBook presents the complete fictional works of H. P. Lovecraft, with beautiful illustrations, rare texts and the usual Delphi bonus material. (3MB Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Lovecraft's life and works * Brief introduction to master short story writer * Over 100 short stories, including rare collaborations * Excellent formatting of the texts * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the short stories * Easily locate the tales you want to read * A selection of some of Lovecrafts greatest poetry * Includes Lovecraft's memoirs a range of autobiographical writings collected form the authors letters and journals * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please note: due to copyright restrictions, the short stories that Lovecraft wrote with C. M. Eddy, Jr. cannot appear in this collection. Please visit to browse our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: H. P. Lovecraft: Brief Introduction The Short Stories The Little Glass Bottle The Secret Cave The Mystery of the Grave-Yard The Mysterious Ship The Beast in the Cave The Alchemist The Tomb Dagon A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson Sweet Ermengarde Polaris The Green Meadow Beyond the Wall of Sleep Memory Old Bugs The Transition of Juan Romero The White Ship The Doom That Came to Sarnath The Statement of Randolph Carter The Terrible Old Man The Tree The Cats of Ulthar The Temple Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family The Street Poetry and the Gods Celephaïs From Beyond Nyarlathotep The Picture in the House The Crawling Chaos Ex Oblivione The Nameless City The Quest of Iranon The Moon-Bog The Outsider The Other Gods The Music of Erich Zann Herbert West Reanimator Hypnos What the Moon Brings Azathoth The Horror at Martins Beach The Hound The Lurking Fear The Rats in the Walls The Unnamable The Festival Under the Pyramids The Shunned House The Horror at Red Hook He In the Vault The Descendant Cool Air The Call of Cthulhu Two Black Bottles Pickmans Model The Silver Key The Strange High House in the Mist The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath The Case of Charles Dexter Ward The Colour Out of Space The Very Old Folk The Thing in the Moonlight The Last Test The History of the Necronomicon The Curse of Yig Ibid The Dunwich Horror The Electric Executioner The Mound Medusas Coil The Whisperer in Darkness At the Mountains of Madness The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Draft) The Shadow Over Innsmouth The Trap The Dreams in the Witch House The Man of Stone The Horror in the Museum Through the Gates of the Silver Key Winged Death Out of the Aeons The Thing on the Doorstep The Evil Clergyman The Horror in the Burying-Ground The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast The Slaying of the Monster The Book The Tree on the Hill The Battle that Ended the Century The Shadow out of Time Till A the Seas Collapsing Cosmoses The Challenge from Beyond The Disinterment The Diary of Alonzo Typer The Haunter of the Dark In the Walls of Eryx The Night Ocean LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Poetry LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Memoirs LIST OF AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WORKS Please click here to browse our other titles

Book Title : Two Heavy Words

two heavy words

Release Date : 2014-01-24
ISBN Code : 9781630872588
Book Author : M. J. Weissenberger
Book Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total Pages : 62

Book Summary :

The first year for any missionary is filled with adventure and trials. Assimilating to a new culture requires more than any book can offer. This is the story of a young woman who stepped out of her college years directly into the mission field. She was vastly unprepared in language, experience, and spiritual discipline, but she encountered the Lord in a way she never could while growing up in America. The transition from an American college campus to the sandy streets of a developing country was not easy physically or emotionally. The excitement of adventure soon waned in the face of homesickness and culture shock. Through it all, she found that the practices she had been taught for years in church and student ministry were vital for survival and that there is no hope, no strength, and no joy that can sustain you outside of what is found in Christ.

Book Title : From the Depths of my Soul Collection of Poetry and Songs

from the depths of my soul collection of poetry and songs

Release Date : 2005-09-12
ISBN Code : 9781467032117
Book Author : Adrienna Turner
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 172

Book Summary :

From The Depths of My Soul: Collection of Poetry and Songs, Gospel/Religious Version is a poetry book that a lot of people have been waiting to read. Adrienna ‘Deo’ Turner was touched by the Holy Spirit to write this poetry and songs book to reach souls longing for salvation in another form and to touch your spirit to the utmost. In addition, these were songs for songwriting purposes, but music project is on hold. However, Adrienna will send a few of these songs to Hilltop Records to see if they can be used according to God’s will. God has a plan for our lives and pray that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit or at least recognize that Jesus Christ loves you!

Book Title : Louder Than Words

louder than words

Release Date : 2007-09-17
ISBN Code : 9781101213780
Book Author : Jenny McCarthy
Book Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

The New York Times bestseller that is an inspiring "story of hope" (People) for parents of autistic children One morning Jenny McCarthy was having a cup of coffee when she sensed something was wrong. She ran into her two-year-old son Evan's room and found him having a seizure. Doctor after doctor misdiagnosed Evan until, after many harrowing, life-threatening episodes, one good doctor discovered that Evan is autistic. With a foreword from Dr. David Feinberg, medical director of the Resnick Neuro-psychiatric Hospital at UCLA, and an introduction by Jerry J. Kartzinel, a top pediatric autism specialist, Louder Than Words follows Jenny as she discovered an intense combination of behavioral therapy, diet, and supplements that became the key to saving Evan from autism. Her story sheds much-needed light on autism through her own heartbreak, struggle, and ultimately hopeful example of how a parent can shape a child's life and happiness. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Book Title : A Heart s Soul

a heart s soul

Release Date : 2010-04-27
ISBN Code : 1449025501
Book Author : Nelson
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 48

Book Summary :

This book consists of songs from within my heart of current and past experiences. They help inspire myself and others in different ways. My poetry helps me to vent on paper as well as relive special moments in my life's journey. I would like to share my thoughts so that they may be an inspiration to another in love and life.

Book Title : Journey Into My Soul

journey into my soul

Release Date : 2010-01-15
ISBN Code : 9781450025386
Book Author : Leroy Frazier, PhD
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 108

Book Summary :

This book unfolds the journey of a traditional Gospel preacher who sought to understand how God works in the universe. It reveals how he journeyed into unknown and unfamiliar territories as he sought to experience God and the Christ inside his soul rather than some far distance out of his reach. It shares insight into how he changed his belief system as he experienced the internal soul and communicated directly with God and the Christ. It reveals how his individual mind works with the Mind of God in his soul to experience and use infinite energy and infinite power. It reveals how God turns words and thoughts to things that are meaningful in the universe. It conveys how he overcame ego, fear, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness to reach a plateau of success. It unfolds how he cleaned his conscious mind and subconscious mind of fruitless thoughts and beliefs. It reveals his midlife Christian revolution. It deemphasizes church denominations and capitalizes on the innermost soul and spirit and their connection to the Almighty God. It shares insight into the spiritual corrections that he made in his conscious mind and subconscious mind to move from good to better to best to Infinite in his life. It shares insight into his journey ahead as he operates with no limits. He invites the readers to see the manifestation of the things that they have longed for, asked for, or requested from God.

Book Title : Forever Twin Flames and Twin Souls

forever twin flames and twin souls

Release Date : 2009-11-24
ISBN Code : 9780557197552
Book Author : Lady Dyanna
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 128

Book Summary :

A guide for soul based relationships. Insight into what makes a twin flame/twin soul relationship different. Information on how to manifest a twinsoul/twinflame union into a physical relationship.

Book Title : Courage to Win

courage to win

Release Date : 2010-02
ISBN Code : 9781608608041
Book Author : Steve Sutherland
Book Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing
Total Pages : 94

Book Summary :

Written as if it were a memoir by the author's son Andrew about his first season playing baseball.

Book Title : Ravage My Soul

ravage my soul

Release Date : 2012-08-27
ISBN Code : 1477248900
Book Author : Nelson Alvarez De La Campa
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 194

Book Summary :

These are the poems I have written throughout my youth. They deal with love, heartbreak, hope, hopelessness, redemption, loss and other common human emotions. They are heartfelt and are sure to provoke thought. I welcome the reader to immerse himself/herself in these poems and connect to them on a profound level. Also included is a semi-autobiographical short story.

Book Title : Love Loyalty and Trust

love loyalty and trust

Release Date : 2013-03-19
ISBN Code : 9781483605050
Book Author : Michelle Hightower
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 57

Book Summary :

This book is about Love, Loyalty and Family. Love can be the most beautiful thing and also the ugliest. There's kids killing kids. Are the parents to blame? Love and Security starts at home from Birth to Forever.

Book Title : To My Soul Mate

to my soul mate

Release Date : 2007-02-01
ISBN Code : 1598421719
Book Author : Gary Morris
Book Publisher : Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.
Total Pages : 80

Book Summary :

I had heard of ?soul mates? before, but I never knew such a person could exist ? until I met you.... it almost seems like we were given a meant-to-be moment ? to meet, to get to know one another, and to set the stage for a special togetherness. D. Pagels This beautiful book is especially for people in love who believe they were destined to meet and share a relationship that transcends anything they have ever experienced before. As time passes and their life together unfolds, they will experience new heights of caring, understanding, and commitment ? making each day an extraordinary adventure full of learning and passion. The writings collected here express the hopes, dreams, and emotions of the heart ? in unforgettable words and images that will appeal to anyone who has ever longed to say to the love of their life... You and I were meant to be a team giving us strength to function happily in the world I am so thankful that things turned out the way they did and we were brought together You are my world You are my love Susan Polis Schutz

Book Title : Inspirations


Release Date : 2012-10-19
ISBN Code : 9781449780487
Book Author : Jennifer Alden
Book Publisher : WestBow Press
Total Pages : 160

Book Summary :

“I want to inspire you to look around and truly see the beauty in all things” — Jennifer Alden. Inspirations is a collection of poetry and special excerpts from years past. With great passion and heart, this book came to life. The author’s hope is that you will be inspired, to take time to notice all that is around you. Remember to always make time to write what you see and feel, carrying this with you for generations to come.

Book Title : A Look Into My Soul

a look into my soul

Release Date : 2012-06-01
ISBN Code : 9781468541069
Book Author : Evelyn Goughnour
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 124

Book Summary :

This is book is filled with the words that come directly from my heart. Some of them are from a time when all I wished was to die and join the ones that I have always love but they decided to journey on with out me. I know that one day we will be together again.

Book Title : A Woman Named Jacchi

a woman named jacchi

Release Date : 2013-02-06
ISBN Code : 9781477133248
Book Author : Jacchi Machito
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 131

Book Summary :

Extraordinary, shivering account that catapults the reader from past, present to future of unbelievably fascinating truth, and not much fiction told in a haunting tale of "Jacchi". She is a transparent entity that belongs to God, creating an indelible imprint on the importance of this to readers. She weaves a tale of love, hate, envy and murderous attempts to stamp out the bloodlines and incinerate the spirit of the beautiful ancestral line of one who only wanted to love and be loved. "Jacchi" abounds of religion, mysticism, life after death, voodoo practice and the occult workings of those trapped into beliefs, and prejudices of long ago still felt today in our country. Spirits and souls of the departed circle the air of those entrapped in the ramblings of this novel. Remarkably sensual and lusty, Jacchi teases all senses as tears, hate, cheers pierces the soul. With life's purpose in question, closed minds and faint hearts be weary!

Book Title : Forever My Girl

forever my girl

Release Date : 2017-06-16
ISBN Code :
Book Author : Heidi McLaughlin
Book Publisher : Heidi McLaughlin
Total Pages : 258

Book Summary :

FOREVER MY GIRL will release in theaters on October 27, 2017 I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile. And now I’m going back. After ten years. I hope I can explain that after all this time. I still want her to be my forever girl.

Book Title : Forever My Love

forever my love

Release Date : 2014-05-12
ISBN Code : 9781493173594
Book Author : M.W. Dacosta
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 260

Book Summary :

Tony and Maureen were in love, both in college, they dream of the day that they will marry and live happily ever after. Robin, Maureen‘s girl friend, a woman with a mysterious knowledge. Beautiful and devious; she has her sights set on Tony and there was nothing or no one who was going to stop her. Two people who are ripped apart, all their dreams shattered and their hearts broken in many pieces. Will love ever be able to put the pieces together again? Enter the world of Tony and Maureen and see firsthand what the power of love can do. True love has the power to carry you through the darkest of times and reunite broken hearts forever.

Book Title : When My Soul Speaks

when my soul speaks

Release Date : 2012-05-01
ISBN Code : 9781477201893
Book Author : Latonya Novella Mccall
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 116

Book Summary :

This nonfictional collection of poems tells stories of many things in life you too, may be challenged with on a daily basis. Whether it's dealing with Relationships, Family, Faith or Mourning, these poems exhibits the state of mind your emotions can be expressed, through the Power of Words. It captures your mind to enable you to understand that your end is only your end if you allow it to be. This must have collection of poems will have a common relativity no matter what race, religion, or gender you are. You can choose one if not several of these poems and apply to your life or share it with someone who may need a word of encouragement. What better way to pour out my soul? A gift that was inherited by my mother who is also a poet and my father who was an amazing songwriter/vocalist. This book touches the core of many challenges that I have faced throughout my life. I hope that when you read this book it touches your heart. You will see that we all are faced with obstacles in life how we deal with them in the end is the ultimate challenge.