Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidencies

franklin d roosevelt and abraham lincoln competing perspectives on two great presidencies

Release Date : 2016-07-08
ISBN Code : 9781315498591
Book Author : William D. Pederson
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt are widely considered the two greatest presidents of the past two centuries. How did these two very different men rise to power, run their administrations, and achieve greatness? How did they set their policies, rally public opinion, and transform the nation? Were they ultimately more different or alike? This anthology compares these two presidents and presidencies, examining their legacies, leadership styles, and places in history.

Book Title : Orations by Author Orations of Cicero Speeches by Abraham Lincoln Speeches by Barack Obama Speeches by Franklin D Roosevelt

orations by author orations of cicero speeches by abraham lincoln speeches by barack obama speeches by franklin d roosevelt

Release Date : 2010-06
ISBN Code : 1157898424
Book Author : LLC Books
Book Publisher : Books LLC
Total Pages : 520

Book Summary :

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 518. Not illustrated. Chapters: Orations of Cicero, Speeches by Abraham Lincoln, Speeches by Barack Obama, Speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Speeches by George W. Bush, Speeches by George Washington, Speeches by John Adams, Speeches by John F. Kennedy, Speeches by Margaret Thatcher, Speeches by Ronald Reagan, Speeches by Winston Churchill, Works by Demosthenes, Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Catiline Orations, Axis of Evil, Gettysburg Address, Four Freedoms, Evil Empire, Inauguration of Barack Obama, a More Perfect Union, Arnold Resnicoff, Iron Curtain, Post Reditum in Senatu, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address, Lincoln-douglas Debates of 1858, a New Beginning, George Washington's Farewell Address, Infamy Speech, 2010 State of the Union Address, Pro Milone, Pro Roscio Amerino, Barack Obama Speech to Joint Session of Congress, September 2009, Barack Obama Election Victory Speech, 2008, 2007 State of the Union Address, Philippicae, Tear Down This Wall, in Verrem, Works of Demosthenes, Arsenal of Democracy, Never Was So Much Owed by So Many to So Few, Be Ye Men of Valour, Lincoln's Lost Speech, 2006 State of the Union Address, First Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy, Pro Archia Poeta, Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine, First Inauguration of George Washington, Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, 2008 State of the Union Address, Fireside Chats, on the False Embassy, Demosthenes' Funeral Oration, Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, Second Inauguration of George W. Bush, 1797 State of the Union Address, Second Bill of Rights, Abraham Lincoln Peoria Speech, Cooper Union Speech, We Shall Fight on the Beaches, States' Rights, Barack Obama Speech in Prague, 2009, on the Crown, 1798 State of the Union Address, First Inauguration of George W. Bush, on the Peace, Olynthiacs, ...

Book Title : Franklin Delano Roosevelt

franklin delano roosevelt

Release Date : 2012-03-13
ISBN Code : 9781610392136
Book Author : Conrad Black
Book Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 1328

Book Summary :

Franklin Delano Roosevelt stands astride American history like a colossus, having pulled the nation out of the Great Depression and led it to victory in the Second World War. Elected to four terms as president, he transformed an inward-looking country into the greatest superpower the world had ever known. Only Abraham Lincoln did more to save America from destruction. But FDR is such a large figure that historians tend to take him as part of the landscape, focusing on smaller aspects of his achievements or carping about where he ought to have done things differently. Few have tried to assess the totality of FDR's life and career. Conrad Black rises to the challenge. In this magisterial biography, Black makes the case that FDR was the most important person of the twentieth century, transforming his nation and the world through his unparalleled skill as a domestic politician, war leader, strategist, and global visionary--all of which he accomplished despite a physical infirmity that could easily have ended his public life at age thirty-nine. Black also takes on the great critics of FDR, especially those who accuse him of betraying the West at Yalta. Black opens a new chapter in our understanding of this great man, whose example is even more inspiring as a new generation embarks on its own rendezvous with destiny.

Book Title : A Companion to Franklin D Roosevelt

a companion to franklin d roosevelt

Release Date : 2011-03-21
ISBN Code : 9781444395174
Book Author : William D. Pederson
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 784

Book Summary :

A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt presents a collection of historiographical essays by leading scholars that provides a comprehensive review of the scholarship on the president who led the United States through the tumultuous period from the Great Depression to the waning days of World War II. Represents a state-of-the-art assessment of current scholarship on FDR, the only president elected to four terms of office and the central figure in key events of the first half of the 20th century Covers all aspects of FDR's life and times, from his health, relationships, and Supreme Court packing, to New Deal policies, institutional issues, and international relations Features 35 essays by leading FDR scholars

Book Title : Leading from the Center

leading from the center

Release Date : 2009-10-29
ISBN Code : 9781458735454
Book Author : Gil Troy
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 328

Book Summary :

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy-most would agree their presidencies were among the most successful in American history. But what made these very different men such effective leaders? According to presidential historian Gil Troy, these presidents succeeded not because of their bold political visions, but because of their moderation. Although many of the presidential hopefuls for 2008 will claim to be moderates, the word cannot conceal a political climate defined by extreme rhetoric and virulent partisanship. In Leading From the Center, Gil Troy argues that this is a distinctly un-American state of affairs. The great presidents of American history have always sought a golden mean-from Washington, who brilliantly mediated between the competing visions of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, to Lincoln, who rescued the Union with his principled pragmatism, to the two Roosevelts, who united millions of Americans with their powerful, affirmative, nationalist visions. As America lines up to select a president for the future, Gil Troy astutely reminds us of the finest traditions of presidential leadership from our nation's past.

Book Title : Book Reviews on Presidents and the Presidency

book reviews on presidents and the presidency

Release Date : 2008-01
ISBN Code : 1600219535
Book Author : Frank H. Columbus
Book Publisher : Nova Publishers
Total Pages : 296

Book Summary :

Presents 245 book reviews about presidents and the presidency of the United States. This book is a reference in political science, current affairs and sociology.

Book Title : America s Nine Greatest Presidents

america s nine greatest presidents

Release Date : 1997-01-01
ISBN Code : 0786403802
Book Author : Frank P. King
Book Publisher : McFarland
Total Pages : 228

Book Summary :

Among the 42 men who have held the office of the President of the United States, some are remembered more easily than others for the strength of their administration. The nine greatest presidents were all attractive in one way or another, writes Frank P. King. Far more important and difficult to appreciate and understand, they had superb characters derived from principles, commitments, and habits. They all seem, even now, to be remarkably like us. The success of presidents and congresses and governments is measured by achievements which advance the commercial and strategic health of the nation, our culture, and the prosperity of the nation's people. The peacekeepers--armed with swords, spoons, or pens--have been our greatest blessing. Making and keeping friends and allies is more than a hobby. King chronicles the lives of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, James K. Polk, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington and places them in historical perspective in this detailed study. He examines their legislative, military, and political actions, and offers analysis of each man's character, values, progressiveness, and political performance.

Book Title : Presidents in the Movies

presidents in the movies

Release Date : 2011-05-09
ISBN Code : 9780230117112
Book Author : I. Morgan
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 198

Book Summary :

Cinematic depictions of real U.S. presidents from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush explore how Hollywood movies represent American history and politics on screen. Morgan and his contributors show how films blend myth and reality to present a positive message about presidents as the epitome of America's values and idealism until unpopular foreign wars in Vietnam and Iraq led to a darker portrayal of the imperial presidency, operated by Richard Nixon and Bush 43. This exciting new collection further considers how Hollywood has continually reinterpreted historically significant presidents, notably Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, to fit the times in which movies about them were made.

Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and the Shaping of American Political Culture

franklin d roosevelt and the shaping of american political culture

Release Date : 2001
ISBN Code : 0765606216
Book Author : Nancy Beck Young
Book Publisher : M.E. Sharpe
Total Pages : 154

Book Summary :

How did Americans respond to the economic catastrophe of 1929? In what ways did the social and cultural responses of the American people inform the politics of the period? How did changes in political beliefs alter cultural activities? This volume examines the presidency of FDR through a very distinctive set of lenses: the representation of FDR in film and popular culture, discussions of New Deal art and art policy, the social and political meanings of public architecture, 1930s music, and many more.

Book Title : Judging Lincoln

judging lincoln

Release Date : 2007-03-28
ISBN Code : 0809327597
Book Author : Frank J. Williams
Book Publisher : SIU Press
Total Pages : 202

Book Summary :

A collection of daring new essays by the chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court takes a fresh look at sixteenth president of the United States, focusing particular attention on Lincoln's leadership skills. (History)


the real prophet of doom kismet introduction pendulum flow

Release Date : 2014-12-18
ISBN Code : 9781491753187
Book Author : Dwayne W. Anderson
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 588

Book Summary :


Book Title : The Roosevelt Presence

the roosevelt presence

Release Date : 1992
ISBN Code : 0520216377
Book Author : Patrick J. Maney
Book Publisher : Univ of California Press
Total Pages : 255

Book Summary :

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only 20th-century president consistently ranked by historians with the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln. His leadership in the dark hours of the Depression and the Second World War has endowed him in the eyes of many with an aura of greatness. This book reexamines Roosevelt's life and legacy--for good and for ill. 16 illustrations.

Book Title : The FDR Years

the fdr years

Release Date : 2009-01-01
ISBN Code : 9780816074600
Book Author : William D. Pederson
Book Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Total Pages : 480

Book Summary :

Born in 1882 in New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered public service through the encouragement of the Democratic Party and won the election to the New York Senate in 1910. This book details his administration at the height of the Great Depression as he valiantly led the nation with the phrase, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Book Title : Historic Photos of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

historic photos of franklin delano roosevelt

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 1596524006
Book Author :
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 206

Book Summary :

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself? nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days."" ??????FDR, from his First Inaugural Address Franklin Delano Roosevelt followed in the footsteps of the political career blazed by his cousin (and uncle by marriage), President Theodore Roosevelt. Beginning with local politics, he went on to serve a stint in Washington, then became governor of New York, and then won the presidency. His was a charisma similar to that of TR, but derived from his Delano side. His sunny disposition carried him through many trials, including disabling paralysis. As president his was a fearsome task, with two principal thrusts??????restoring hope to an America mired in the Great Depression and leading the nation to victory in the Second World War. FDR became an American icon. The hundreds of photos in Historic Photos of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from the collections of the FDR presidential library, portray him throughout his life and career, revealing a presidency marked by the twin struggles for economic recovery and military victory. FDR's life in pictures, published here in striking black and white, captioned and with introductions, is sure to enthrall every reader interested in the biography of this renowned American leader. ""

Book Title : Lincoln s Way

lincoln s way

Release Date : 2010-09-16
ISBN Code : 1442200669
Book Author : Richard Striner
Book Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

The debate is as old as the American Republic and as current as this morning's headlines. Should a president employ the powers of the federal government to advance our national development and increase the influence and power of the United States around the world? Under what circumstances? What sort of balance should the president achieve between competing visions and values on the path to change? Over the course of American history, why have some presidents succeeded brilliantly in applying their power and influence while others have failed miserably? In Lincoln's Way, historian Richard Striner tells the story of America's rise to global power and the presidential leaders who envisioned it and made it happen. From Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt within the Republican Party, the legacy was passed along to FDR—the Democratic Roosevelt—who bequeathed it to Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. Six presidents—three from each party—helped America fulfill its great potential. Their leadership spanned the huge gulf that exists between our ideological cultures: they drew from both conservative and liberal ideas, thus consolidating powerful centrist governance. No creed of mere "government for government's sake," their program was judicious: it used government for national necessities. But it also brought inspiring results, thus refuting the age-old American ultra-libertarian notion that "the government that governs best, governs least." In a forceful narrative blending intellectual history and presidential biography, Striner presents the legacy in full. An important challenge to conventional wisdom, Lincoln's Way offers both an intriguing way of looking at the past and a much-needed lens through which to view the present. As a result, the book could change the way we think about the future.

Book Title : That Man

that man

Release Date : 2003-09-04
ISBN Code : 9780199883356
Book Author : the late Robert H. Jackson
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 336

Book Summary :

Robert H. Jackson was one of the giants of the Roosevelt era: an Attorney General, a still revered Supreme Court Justice and, not least important, one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's close friends and advisers. His intimate memoir of FDR, written in the early 1950s before Jackson's untimely death, has remained unpublished for fifty years. Here is that newly discovered memoir. Written with skill and grace, this is truly a unique account of the personality, conduct, greatness of character, and common humanity of "that man in the White House," as outraged conservatives called FDR. Jackson simply but eloquently provides an insider's view of Roosevelt's presidency, including such crucial events as FDR's Court-packing plan, his battles with corporate America, his decision to seek a third term, and his bold move to aid Britain in 1940 with American destroyers. He also offers an intimate personal portrait of Roosevelt--on fishing trips, in late-night poker games, or approving legislation while eating breakfast in bed, where he routinely began his workday. We meet a president who is far-sighted but nimble in attacking the problems at hand; principled but flexible; charismatic and popular but unafraid to pick fights, take stands, and when necessary, make enemies. That Man is not simply a valuable historical document, but an engaging and insightful look at one of the most remarkable men in American history. In reading this memoir, we gain not only a new appreciation for Roosevelt, but also admiration for Jackson, who emerges as both a public servant of great integrity and skill and a wry, shrewd, and fair-minded observer of politics at the highest level.

Book Title : Lincoln Lessons

lincoln lessons

Release Date : 2009-01-02
ISBN Code : 9780809386703
Book Author : Frank J. Williams
Book Publisher : SIU Press
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

In Lincoln Lessons, seventeen of today’s most respected academics, historians, lawyers, and politicians provide candid reflections on the importance of Abraham Lincoln in their intellectual lives. Their essays, gathered by editors Frank J. Williams and William D. Pederson, shed new light on this political icon’s remarkable ability to lead and inspire two hundred years after his birth. Collected here are glimpses into Lincoln’s unique ability to transform enemies into steadfast allies, his deeply ingrained sense of morality and intuitive understanding of humanity, his civil deification as the first assassinated American president, and his controversial suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War. The contributors also discuss Lincoln’s influence on today’s emerging democracies, his lasting impact on African American history, and his often-overlooked international legend—his power to instigate change beyond the boundaries of his native nation. While some contributors provide a scholarly look at Lincoln and some take a more personal approach, all explore his formative influence in their lives. What emerges is the true history of his legacy in the form of first-person testaments from those whom he has touched deeply. Lincoln Lessons brings together some of the best voices of our time in a unique combination of memoir and history. This singular volume of original essays is a tribute to the enduring inspirational powers of an extraordinary man whose courage and leadership continue to change lives today. Contributors Jean H. Baker Mario M. Cuomo Joan L. Flinspach Sara Vaughn Gabbard Doris Kearns Goodwin Harold Holzer Harry V. Jaffa John F. Marszalek James M. McPherson Edna Greene Medford Sandra Day O’Connor Mackubin Thomas Owens William D. Pederson Edward Steers Jr. Craig L. Symonds Thomas Reed Turner Frank J. Williams

Book Title : Haunted Presidents

haunted presidents

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9780811706223
Book Author : Charles A. Stansfield
Book Publisher : Stackpole Books
Total Pages : 136

Book Summary :

This book follows the nation's presidents chronologically, from George Washington to Ronald Reagan, with stories about their ghostly manifestations, their experiences with unexplained phenomena, and odd encounters involving members of their families.

Book Title : FDR s Funeral Train

fdr s funeral train

Release Date : 2010-03-16
ISBN Code : 0230105939
Book Author : Robert Klara
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Total Pages : 272

Book Summary :

The April 1945 journey of FDR's funeral train became a thousand-mile odyssey, fraught with heartbreak and scandal. As it passed through the night, few of the grieving onlookers gave thought to what might be happening behind the Pullman shades, where women whispered and men tossed back highballs. Inside was a Soviet spy, a newly widowed Eleanor Roosevelt, who had just discovered that her husband's mistress was in the room with him when he died, all the Supreme Court justices, and incoming president Harry S. Truman who was scrambling to learn secrets FDR had never shared with him. Weaving together information from long-forgotten diaries and declassified Secret Service documents, journalist and historian Robert Klara enters the private world on board that famous train. He chronicles the three days during which the country grieved and despaired as never before, and a new president hammered out the policies that would galvanize a country in mourning and win the Second World War.