Book Title : Ideology and Politics in Britain Today

ideology and politics in britain today

Release Date : 1998
ISBN Code : 0719050561
Book Author : Ian Adams
Book Publisher : Manchester University Press
Total Pages : 226

Book Summary :

Politicians still call themselves socialists, conservatives and liberals, but among these groups exist very different understandings of what these terms represent. This new book provides a clear, comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the ideas and doctrines that have shaped, and will continue to shape, British politics. The first section of the book looks at different aspects of the wider context, the nature of political doctrines or ideologies and the role they play in politics in general. The main section of the book examines individual ideologies, broadly grouped into two categories of "mainstream" ideologies--conservatism, socialism, liberalism, and nationalism--and the "fringe"--namely the Greens, the far left and the far right. British democracy, economic policy and consensus, the nature of ideological thinking and its place in politics are also considered. Finally, a short section considers the future: what forces, such as globalization and postmodernity, will shape the further development of those doctrines which are part of British politics today?

Book Title : Let s Review

let s review

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 0764192272
Book Author : John McGeehan
Book Publisher : Barron's Educational Series
Total Pages : 802

Book Summary :

This supplementary classroom text reviews American history in its totality, starting with the Colonial era and concluding with events of the twenty-first century. The book presents summaries of hundreds of key topics, maps, charts, illustrations, review exercises, a 13-page chronology of major events in American history, thumbnail biographies of notable Americans, a glossary of terms, and an extensive index. Shaded page edges give students quick access to any one of six general study units: Constitutional Foundations, Industrialization, The Progressive Movement, Prosperity and Depression (1917-1940), The United States in an Age of Global Crisis, and A World in Uncertain times (1950-Present). Also presented is the latest New York State Regents Exam with answers. Designed primarily for use in New York State high schools, this book can be used virtually everywhere because it covers topics as they are taught in secondary schools throughout the country.

Book Title : Project H

project h

Release Date : 2013-09-05
ISBN Code : 9780981537719
Book Author : Byron R. Bowen
Book Publisher : Bowen Books
Total Pages : 276

Book Summary :

PROJECT–H is about the Free World and the kind of projects that really do on behind the scenes. The reader will gain many things. The story is based on 'prepaid research and development programs. Byron R. Bowen has many years of experience working with project engineers and scientists on advance electronic systems. He has also taught English and Science and some mathematics. Although the people are fictional characters, the reader may discover many new things. Robert Farlan, an auditor for the company is sent to a high mountain region to investigate rumors about a secret world. He enters another world where he encounters a small civilization. Though he only audits government projects, the people seem different than most systems personnel. He learns they were at one time a top secret government project. Due to a paper glitch of some kind the project had been abandoned. Project funding suddenly terminated left them without an money and supplies needed to operate their homes, projects and services. in some ways and returns to his own world. The Company began the mission from rumor. It was past two thirty a.m., when the helicopter made an approach for a landing on the high mountain plateau. The June sun lay just below the lighted horizon on the mountain peaks to the east. The new moon had grown pale and white in the light of early dawn. When they came closer, I could see that she had green eyes that sparkled unusually bright. “I made the recording for the security system at your suggestion, father,” she replied quickly. For some reason I felt relief knowing the older gentleman was her father. He said. “Are you interested in the whole story?” “Well, yes, I answered. I am interested in the unique aspects of the project.” That is what the captain wanted, the whole story, if there was a story. I had a duty to perform and I owed my loyalty to the company. It was not my place to make any judgments. I intuitively felt certain the project people were not subversive. “Project-H is unique of all government projects. Research involves electricity of every kind and no other kind of energy.” The project leader said.

Book Title : A Case for the Case Study

a case for the case study

Release Date : 1991
ISBN Code : 0807843210
Book Author : Joe R. Feagin
Book Publisher : UNC Press Books
Total Pages : 290

Book Summary :

Since the end of World War II, social science research has become increasingly quantitative in nature. A Case for the Case Study provides a rationale for an alternative to quantitative reserach: the close investigation of single instances of social

Book Title : Liberty and Laissez Faire

liberty and laissez faire

Release Date : 2017-04-07
ISBN Code : 9781480844056
Book Author : Steven Soderlind
Book Publisher : Archway Publishing
Total Pages : 176

Book Summary :

With the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, the relationship between laissez-faire and liberty is drawing renewed attention. Steven Soderlind, an economist and professor emeritus at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, delves into how the two are connected, emphasizing the critical role that economics and politics play in determining our liberty in this extended essay. His goal is to encourage thoughtful reflection on government at a time when many associate liberty with minimal intervention. Find out what the past tells us about preserving and promoting liberty as well as the thoughts of venerable economists, philosophers, and critics such as Adam Smith, Thomas Robert Malthus, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, August Friedrich von Hayek, Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Gunnar Myrdal, and Milton Friedman. Throughout his analysis, Soderlind seeks to answer a key question: Is laissez-faire or government action the preferred route to liberty? Join the author as he considers the advantages and disadvantages that laissez-faire brings to the quest for liberty and our continuing mission to form a more perfect Union.

Book Title : The progressive assault on laissez faire

the progressive assault on laissez faire

Release Date : 1998
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105020146432
Book Author : Barbara Fried
Book Publisher : Harvard Univ Pr
Total Pages : 338

Book Summary :

Law and economics is the leading intellectual movement in law today. This book examines the first great law and economics movement in the early part of the twentieth century through the work of one of its most original thinkers, Robert Hale. Beginning in the 1890s and continuing through the 1930s, progressive academics in law and economics mounted parallel assaults on free-market economic principles. They showed first that "private," unregulated economic relations were in fact determined by a state-imposed regime of property and contract rights. Second, they showed that the particular regime of rights that existed at that time was hard to square with any common-sense notions of social justice. Today, Hale is best known among contemporary legal academics and philosophers for his groundbreaking writings on coercion and consent in market relations. The bulk of his writing, however, consisted of a critique of natural property rights. Taken together, these writings on coercion and property rights offer one of the most profound and elaborated critiques of libertarianism, far outshining the better-known efforts of Richard Ely and John R. Commons. In his writings on public utility regulation, Hale also made important contributions to a theory of just, market-based distribution. This first, full-length study of Hale's work should be of interest to legal, economic, and intellectual historians.

Book Title : Restoring the American Dream

restoring the american dream

Release Date : 2010-08-03
ISBN Code : 0470893354
Book Author : Robert Ringer
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

Completely updated edition of one of the classic works of conservative literature Long before the advent of conservative talk radio and Fox News, Robert Ringer was an outspoken advocate for the cause of freedom and free enterprise. In this classic work–updated for the 21st century–Ringer’s basic premise is that liberty must be given a higher priority than all other objectives. The economic and political calamity that he warned about in the late seventies is now upon us, and his new edition of Restoring the American Dream is sure to resonate with the feelings of today’s angry voters. In his book, Ringer explains that: • The American Dream is not about increased government benefits and government-created “rights,” but, rather, about individualism, self responsibility, and freedom–including the freedom to succeed or fail on one’s own • The barbarians are not at the gates; they are already inside • Ordinary citizens no longer tell their elected officials what to do. Rather, government tells them what to do–and backs it up with force • The desire of people to band together to bring about quick, short term solutions to their problems through government intervention has perpetuated a cycle that has nearly destroyed the American Dream With Washington continuing to expand government power and spending at a record pace, Restoring the American Dream is a voice of sanity in a world gone mad.

Book Title : The dilemmas of laissez faire population policy in capitalist societies

the dilemmas of laissez faire population policy in capitalist societies

Release Date : 1997
ISBN Code : 0313303096
Book Author : Marc Linder
Book Publisher : Greenwood Pub Group
Total Pages : 354

Book Summary :

The economic and sociopsychological foundations of the decentralized decisions involved in the production of new labor power, human reproduction, have never been adequately understood. The consequences for the labor markets of the laissez-faire policies of capitalist societies toward human reproduction are discussed from historical, economic, social, political, demographic, and legal perspectives. The extent to which the production of children causes or exacerbates poverty for the producers of the children is discussed, along with the question of how capitalism can rely on a labor force produced by reproductive whim.

Book Title : Political economy and laissez faire

political economy and laissez faire

Release Date : 1986-07-01
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105040405016
Book Author : Rajani Kannepalli Kanth
Book Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc
Total Pages : 200

Book Summary :

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Book Title : Wealth Power and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism

wealth power and the crisis of laissez faire capitalism

Release Date : 2011-07-04
ISBN Code : 9780230119772
Book Author : D. Gibson
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 303

Book Summary :

This forcefully argued book offers a provocative picture of the political, intellectual, and economic forces that have shaped the history of the United States, offering an extensive and in-depth critique of laissez-faire doctrine and a novel reformulation of the work of American System writers, Gibson traces America's rise to global supremacy.