Book Title : Hero of Zwickau

hero of zwickau

Release Date : 2014-04
ISBN Code : 9781628574906
Book Author : George Arnold Canon
Book Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing Rights Agency
Total Pages : 294

Book Summary :

Read author George Arnold Canon's thrilling account of the life of a beaten American carnival wrestler lying unconscious in a rink in the heart of Nazi Germany as cries of DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, ring around him. Publisher s website: http: // "

Book Title : The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

the jewish revolutionary spirit

Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 0929891074
Book Author : E. Michael Jones
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 1200

Book Summary :

Spanning over 2,000 years, this study looks at the complex relationship between Jewish and Catholic thought from a social and historical perspective. Examining different significant moments for both religions throughout the centuries, this book analyzes and explains the conflicts that have arisen between the two religions since their beginnings.

Book Title : Access to History Luther and the German Reformation 1517 55 3ed

access to history luther and the german reformation 1517 55 3ed

Release Date : 2008-06-27
ISBN Code : 9781444150476
Book Author : Keith Randell
Book Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 168

Book Summary :

The Access to History series is the most popular and trusted series for AS and A level history students, combining all the strengths of this well-loved series with features that allow all students access to the content and study skills needed to achieve exam success. Features include: AS questions and exam tips; Definitions of key terms; Summaries of key historical debates. This edition has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of the 2008 AS specifications for OCR and Edexcel. It examines the background to the German Reformation and the factors which led to it. It then goes on to analyse the ideas and influence of Luther, how his ideas spread within and beyond Germany, and the political and religious context in which these changes took place. Throughout the book key dates, terms and issues are highlighted, and historical interpretations of key debates are outlined. Summary diagrams are included to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the period, and exam-style questions and tips written by examiners for the OCR and Edexcel exam specifications provide the opportunity to develop exam skills.

Book Title : The Politics of Economic Decline in East Germany 1945 1989

the politics of economic decline in east germany 1945 1989

Release Date : 2000-11-09
ISBN Code : 9780807862599
Book Author : Jeffrey Kopstein
Book Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press
Total Pages : 258

Book Summary :

Jeffrey Kopstein offers the first comprehensive study of East German economic policy over the course of the state's forty-year history. Analyzing both the making of economic policy at the national level and the implementation of specific policies on the shop floor, he provides new and essential background to the revolution of 1989. In particular, he shows how decisions made at critical junctures in East Germany's history led to a pattern of economic decline and worker dissatisfaction that contributed to eventual political collapse. East Germany was generally considered to have the most successful economy in the Eastern Bloc, but Kopstein explores what prevented the country's leaders from responding effectively to pressing economic problems. He depicts a regime caught between the demands of a disaffected working class whose support was crucial to continued political stability, an intractable bureaucracy, an intolerant but surprisingly weak Soviet patron state, and a harsh international economic climate. Rather than pushing for genuine economic change, the East German Communist Party retreated into what Kopstein calls a 'campaign economy' in which an endless series of production campaigns was used to squeeze greater output from an inherently inefficient economic system. Originally published in 1996. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

Book Title : Christianity Through the Centuries

christianity through the centuries

Release Date : 2009-09-13
ISBN Code : 9780310829300
Book Author : Earle E. Cairns
Book Publisher : Zondervan
Total Pages : 560

Book Summary :

The third edition of Christianity Through the Centuries brings the reader up-to-date by discussing events and developments in the church into the 1990s. This edition has been redesigned with new typography and greatly improved graphics to increase clarity, accessibility, and usefulness. - New chapters examine recent trends and developments (expanding the last section from 2 chapters to 5) - New photos. Over 100 photos in all -- more than twice the number in the previous edition - Single-column format for greater readability and a contemporary look - Improved maps (21) and charts (39) Building on the features that have made Christianity Through the Centuries an indispensable text, the author not only explains the development of doctrines, movements, and institutions, but also gives attention to "the impact of Christianity on its times and to the mark of the times on Christianity."

Book Title : The End of the World

the end of the world

Release Date : 1982
ISBN Code : WISC:89083436683
Book Author : Otto Friedrich
Book Publisher : Fromm International
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

Accounts of the apocalyptic endings of previous civilizations, cultures, and peoples--from the sack of Rome to Auschwitz--form an inquiry into disaster, atrocity and resilience

Book Title : Martin Luther

martin luther

Release Date : 1962-12-12
ISBN Code : 0570037271
Book Author : Frederick Nohl
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 150

Book Summary :

Describes Luther as he battled endowments. Student book for Grades 7-9.