Book Title : Make Me a Star

make me a star

Release Date : 2008-04-08
ISBN Code : 9781418589844
Book Author : Anastasia Brown
Book Publisher : Thomas Nelson Inc
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

Talent is not enough to make it in the music business, and the insights, tips, and techniques in Make Me A Star will give readers the edge they need to stand out to even the toughest judges - on television or anywhere in the music business. Anastasia Brown, music producer and judge of Nashville Star, provides the insight anyone wanting to make it in the music business needs to know, whether through music contests or going the traditional route. From creating a memorable first impression to planning a winning strategy for sustained success, every step of the process is addressed. Behind the scenes stories of what worked (and what didn't) from such performers as Keith Urban, Reba McIntire, Carrie Underwood, and many more show the human side of the journey. Make Me a Star helps the reader determine his or her strengths and gives advice based on those strengths. Each chapter will also include insight from top producers, agents, publicists, and stylists. "They say a smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from another's mistakes. Some pitfalls are necessary for an artist's development, but not all. The stories and advice within these pages are not merely rhetoric or theory - they are hard-fought and hard-won experiences from those who've been in the trenches." ---Keith Urban

Book Title : Make Me a Star

make me a star

Release Date : 1981
ISBN Code : 0441516033
Book Author : Chet Hagan
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 431

Book Summary :

Marcia Caldwell, a beautiful Tennessee singer, is determined to do anything she has to to become a country and western star and sing at the Grand Ole Opry

Book Title : To Grasp at a Star

to grasp at a star

Release Date : 2005
ISBN Code : 9966254110
Book Author :
Book Publisher : East African Publishers
Total Pages : 114

Book Summary :

Novella containing two stories, both focusing on adolescent rebelliousness.

Book Title : Up Till Now

up till now

Release Date : 2009-05-01
ISBN Code : 9780330508506
Book Author : William Shatner
Book Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

William Shatner gets the joke about William Shatner. In fact, most of the time he's the one telling it. His self-effacing attitude, so perfectly parodied in the bombastic character he now plays on Boston Legal, Denny Crane, is one of the reasons for his huge popularity. While best known for his creation of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the starship Enterprise on Star Trek, William Shatner has been a working actor for more than half a century. He has experienced all the ups (the awards and acclaim) and the down (having to live for a time in the truck bed of his camper when he couldn't get work) that are a part of the actor's world. In Up Till Now he tells us about his remarkable life, from training as a Shakespearan actor under Sir Tyrone Guthrie to his time on Broadway, his movie career and, of course, his successful tv series. He has worked with an extraordinary range of actors, among them Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Walter Matthau, Sandra Bullock, Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. He also writes, with glee, about some of his less successful ventures, including Incubus , the only feature ever made entirely in Esperanto. As funny, charming and self-deprecating as the man himself, this book will delight his many fans of all ages.

Book Title : Secret Power to Joy Becoming a Star and Great Hair Days

secret power to joy becoming a star and great hair days

Release Date : 2010-05-11
ISBN Code : 9780310863977
Book Author : Susie Shellenberger
Book Publisher : Zondervan
Total Pages : 128

Book Summary :

It sounds like the headline from a teen magazine! I mean, why would God care about how you feel about your hair? Well, he doesn’t necessarily care about your hair, but he cares a lot about how you feel and act. If you get into what God says in the Bible, you can learn to be like a star and feel like every day is the best hair day of your life.Secret Power to Joy, Becoming a Star, and Great Hair Days is a Bible study in the book of Philippians. Don’t worry, it’s not like school. You can do as much or as little at a time as you want, and you can do the study with a friend. You don’t even need a Bible (all the verses are included).The best part is that reading this book will change your life in big ways. You’ll learn to be content regardless of what’s going on around you, and you’ll learn how God can help you stay focused on the most important thing: Him.So, if you’re ready to start feeling better about your life, regardless of what your hair has in mind, grab this book and discover your secret power to joy.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2017-09-05
ISBN Code : 9785040450473
Book Author : Ли Чайлд
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

У Джека Ричера нет дома, ему некуда спешить – зато в его распоряжении все время мира. Для такого перекати-поля, как он, однодневная остановка в маленьком пристанционном городке с необычным названием Материнский Приют – отличное времяпрепровождение. К примеру, для того чтобы узнать, откуда взялось это название. Ричер уже представлял себе одинокую могильную плиту, затерявшуюся среди бескрайнего моря пшеницы, или трогательное предание о внезапных родах во время переселения на Дикий Запад... Но вместо этого на станции его ждали испуганная женщина, спутавшая Джека со своим коллегой-детективом, загадочная записка о двухстах смертях и городишко, полный молчаливых и крайне наблюдательных жителей. А заурядная однодневная остановка превратилась в длинное путешествие прямо к сердцу тьмы...

Book Title : Reaching for a Star

reaching for a star

Release Date : 2005-04-12
ISBN Code : 1468566539
Book Author : Craig Cronbaugh
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 240

Book Summary :

Whenever I mention my Frankie Laine association to someone for the first time, two questions always come up: Why are you interested in Frankie Laine and his music? and How did you meet Frankie? I suppose the first question relates to my age. I was born a decade after Frankie had recorded Thats My Desire in 1946. That record became Frankies first to sell a million copies in 1947. Furthermore, Frankie was already internationally famous by 1954, the year my parents were married. Why did I become interested in Frankie Laine and his music? I can sum it up in one wordemotion. Frankie, now retired, is an expressive person. As a true song stylist, Frankie shaped and phrased the words in a melody, thus creating a style that was all his own. Indeed, all Frankie Laine fans treasure Frankies great ability as a vocalist. However, as far as I am concerned, the allure of Frankie Laine goes beyond his musical voice. I think Frankies immense emotion and profound appreciation for what he sang, regardless of whether it was a jazzy, up-tempo song or a slow ballad (or any other type of song), were what always captivated me. This book answers the second question detailing the story associated with the first time I met Frankie Laine. Nonetheless, when I met Frankie in 1985, our time together was notable in an unexpected way. I experienced another aspect of Frankie Laine, which had absolutely nothing to do with musichis kindness. Although I had read stories about what a nice person Frankie always was, I witnessed, firsthand, how much he truly cherishes his fans. Primarily, I had two goals in writing this book. First, I needed to assemble all my wonderful Frankie Laine adventures and put them down on paper in an organized fashion before my memories of the events faded. Therefore, I searched through numerous videotapes, audiotapes, newspaper articles, letters, photographs, and e-mail notes within my prized Laine library. Of course, I also relied on my personal recollections. Second, I aspired to relate to readers how an ordinary person (me), by sheer determination and action, had succeeded in his initial questI did meet Frankie Laine. Additionally, I developed a friendship with this amazing, famous singer. Each person has a special dream. Some dreams do come true. Craig Cronbaugh, 2005

Book Title : Shattered Star

shattered star

Release Date : 2014-08-01
ISBN Code : 9781467773720
Book Author : Charnan Simon
Book Publisher : Darby Creek
Total Pages : 104

Book Summary :

What's the price of fame? Cassie is the best singer in Southside High's Glee Club and dreams of being famous. She skips school to try out for a national talent competition. But her hopes sink when she sees the line. Then a talent agent shows up out of nowhere. Cassie is flattered to hear she has "the look" he wants. Soon, she is lying and missing rehearsal to meet with him. And he's asking her for more each time. How far will Cassie go for her shot at fame?

Book Title : A Star s a Dreaming Medals of Denunciation

a star s a dreaming medals of denunciation

Release Date : 2012-10-12
ISBN Code : 9781479730360
Book Author : Lovell Belton
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

True-tales, are... All about us,... Of,... Today,... Yesturday and even,... What may be, brought-past,.. Tomorrow,,, such as our novel, due-'ye!.. It can tell-of, dark-past-tales,... Some, or,,, just-one.. Exsisting, right-at and,... Presently now,.. This novel will always be found, and... Well-after... All.. Or most of.. The Love-Stores. .. Close,... When!... That.. Is,,, everyone of which doesn't live with you,. Has gone domicile, or just at that absence,.. When,... You are left with your mate and yourself,.. To stand alone,... All alone!?,.. Choice?.. Decision's a- --nother thing that can as-the-well,... Come-to-past?!.. A written-voice!... All may be also,... Found, here-to place,.. Or more-too,.. I guess that!.. You are just,... Gonna-have-to-read!?.. Assuredly then,... You-too,!... Will know 'lol'!!..

Book Title : Faggots


Release Date : 2007-12-01
ISBN Code : 155584667X
Book Author : Larry Kramer
Book Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

Larry Kramer's Faggots has been in print since its original publication in 1978 and has become one of the best-selling novels about gay life ever written. The book is a fierce satire of the gay ghetto and a touching story of one man's desperate search for love there, and reading it today is a fascinating look at how much, and how little, has changed.

Book Title : I m Your Man

i m your man

Release Date : 2004-12-01
ISBN Code : 9780758216137
Book Author : Timothy James Beck
Book Publisher : Kensington
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

Tuesday, 9:35 a.m. To do list: 1.Try to smile when people mention my backstabbing, lying, ex-boyfriend, Daniel. 2.Ply my ugly cat, Dexter, with some catnip--the good stuff--to keep him away from my last fur-free Hugo Boss suit. 3.Decide whether or not having a baby with my best friend Gretchen is the craziest, stupidest, most insane, incredible thing I will ever do. At thirtysomething, Blaine Dunhill has a great career in fashion advertising, a fab NYC apartment, and some loyal friends that he's trying to share amicably with his ex, a famous soap star. Working in the big-time cosmetics world is all about glamour and artifice ("Like Barbies that can talk"), but what the self-professed nice guy from Wisconsin really wants is something and someone real to come home to. And then his best friend Gretchen makes him a really tempting offer: Since neither one of them has found the real thing yet, why don't they start a family together? Suddenly, as life becomes a whirl of ultrasounds, online baby registries, baby names (Civil Liberty, anyone?), and other adjustments, Blaine discovers something surprising: No one is more attractive than an expectant father. Now, in the wacky, gossipy world of fashion and celebrity, where coming out has never been more "in," and the words "gay dad" are synonymous with "way hot," Blaine is in for the wildest ride of his life...and a shock that will change everything...

Book Title : Total Recall

total recall

Release Date : 2012-10-01
ISBN Code : 9781849839747
Book Author : Arnold Schwarzenegger
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 656

Book Summary :

Total Recall is the unbelievably true story of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. Born in the small city of Thal, Austria, in 1947, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21. Within ten years, he was a millionaire business man. After twenty years, he was the world's biggest movie star. In 2003, he was Governor of California and a household name around the world.

Book Title : Tell Me Tomorrow

tell me tomorrow

Release Date : 2013-08-29
ISBN Code : 9781471102820
Book Author : Lynda Bellingham
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 480

Book Summary :

Meredith Lee is one of the most successful women in television. She has a daytime show that has an audience of millions. She seems to have it all. But behind the tirelessly successful facade lies the story of a woman who nearly lost everything. This is the story of a woman who could not keep love in her life. The love of neither her father nor her mother. Who lost the love of her life the first time around, then lost the love of her own child. She could not even find love in herself. This is a story about women, about their sugar and spice, about the deep natural instincts that drive women through whatever society is trying to pin on them at the time. It is also about love, where to look for it and how to hold on to it when it is found.

Book Title : e Write Your Way To An A Star Advanced

e write your way to an a star advanced

Release Date : 2013-05-29
ISBN Code : 9789814387170
Book Author : Angeline Tan
Book Publisher : Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

The learning and teaching of composition at Primary Five and Primary Six is similar. How well a student writes a composition is dependent primarily on his or her exposure to the English Language. Language skills are not acquired overnight but can be gradually enhanced through intensive exposure, a voracious appetite for reading and constant practice. Many students who are able to breeze through Paper 2 of their English Language examination find it difficult to score well for Paper 1 – Composition and Situation Writing. Given that Paper 1 takes about 30% of the entire PSLE English examination, it is essential for students to develop their writing skills to score in this area. Unfortunately, many students do not get sufficient opportunities to write compositions in school and have them graded by their teachers. Practice makes perfect. It is beneficial for students to get regular practice in writing their own compositions. This book has been specially designed to be a valuable educational aid for students of all ability levels. Whether your child is facing difficulties in writing compositions or is already a prolific young writer seeking to up his or her writing skills a notch, this book will provide the stimulus for your child to take his or her writing skills to new heights. The model compositions are of a high standard to serve as a reference for students and inspire them to further develop their writing skills. Ample guidance is provided for every composition exercise to help students to pen down terrific compositions they never thought they were capable of. By faithfully going through every composition and situational writing exercise, your child will be embarking on a fruitful journey towards becoming a more confident and creative writer.

Book Title : Dancing with Shadows

dancing with shadows

Release Date : 2014-09-30
ISBN Code : 9781482835953
Book Author : Shiraz Pradhan
Book Publisher : Partridge Publishing
Total Pages : 342

Book Summary :

From East Africa of 1950s/60s comes this cleverly crafted story set against the backdrop of Hollywood and Bollywood films. Pictures that had the dances of Helen, the dance queen of Bollywood were box office hits. We fought to get the closest seat to the screen in the third class . . . because our eternal hope was that when Helen did her dance whirls and her umbrella skirt fanned out we would be able to see her naked legs. Alas, Indian heroines wore baggy pantaloons underneath, unlike Marilyn Monroe in Some like it Hot. Dancing with Shadows will touch every heart that has tasted the elixir of love and faced its challenges. The weekly visits to local cinemas to watch the latest releases of romantic pictures satiated the emotional highs of love often denied in real life by restrictive social norms. Where are the narrators escapades to the cinema and his recurring dreams leading him to? His journey will bring into sharp focus the alchemy of love that is at work in every heart.

Book Title : Cool Calm Parent

cool calm parent

Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 9781905410323
Book Author : Hollie Smith
Book Publisher : Crimson Publishing
Total Pages : 117

Book Summary :

When you are pushed to the limit and have reached boiling point, it is hard to remain calm in front of your children. Many books focus on how to deal with our children’s tantrums, but what about our own? This book addresses the need for parents to learn how to stay cool, calm and collected with their children, no matter how infuriated they may be! Author, Hollie Smith, who is mum to Lily (four) and Isabel (two), provides useful advice on how to behave around our children, and set them a good example when it comes to controlling our anger. The book includes ideas from parenting experts, anger management consultants and psychologist on how to keep our emotions in check. Packed with case studies and quotes from everyday parents (who want to be calm, but don’t quite manage it all the time) this guide installs hope that remaining cool is possible.

Book Title : Tribute


Release Date : 2008-07-08
ISBN Code : 1440638918
Book Author : Nora Roberts
Book Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 464

Book Summary :

A young woman gets caught up in the secrets and shadows of a big-screen legend and a small-town scandal in this #1 New York Times bestseller from Nora Roberts. Cilla McGowan, a former child star, has found a more satisfying life restoring homes. So she comes to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to save the dilapidated farmhouse of her grandmother—a legendary actress who died of an overdose there more than thirty years ago. Plunging into the project with gusto, Cilla’s almost too busy and exhausted to notice her neighbor, graphic novelist Ford Sawyer. Determined not to carry on the family tradition of ill-fated romances, Cilla steels herself against Ford’s quirky charm, though she can’t help indulging in a little fantasy. But it’s reality that holds its share of dangers for Cilla. A cache of unsigned letters found in the attic points to a mysterious romance in her grandmother’s life, and may be what sparks a frightening, violent assault. Now, if Cilla and Ford are unable to sort out who is targeting her and why, she may, just like her world-famous grandmother, be cut down in the prime of her life. From the Paperback edition.

Book Title : Sissy


Release Date : 2009-05
ISBN Code : 9781440140839
Book Author : Kerista Sanpietro
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

I was in a struggle to find who I was. My whole life left me searching for a reason to hold on. My Neurological disorder sheltered me from school and friends and the insults and ridicules left me vulnerable and unable to accept I was different. I did the impossible trying to fit in and lacked morals just to make a friend. I masked my true Identity fighting the urge for popularity that I forgot what was more important in life. The desire to fit in and be accepted led to my suicide and the abuse from daily peers and family was leading to my death. Life was just a constant battle and waking up was a reminder of why I wanted so much not to. My boyfriend bruised my pride and dignity and left me insecure and weak, thus the battle remains.

Book Title : Raising a Star

raising a star

Release Date : 2013-07-30
ISBN Code : 9781466851313
Book Author : Nancy Carson
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Total Pages : 240

Book Summary :

So your child wants to be a star? But what does it really take? Money? Looks? Tons of time? Not necessarily. Nancy Carson, a children's agent who has worked in the industry for more than twenty-five years and has guided the careers of such celebrities as Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, and even a young Cynthia Nixon, dishes the facts on what it takes to break your child into the entertainment industry. The first parents' guide to getting kids into the business written by one of the industry's top children's agents, Raising a Star is a complete step-by-step guide that will help parents navigate the murky waters of show business. From how to find the right representative to what producers and directors are really looking for in children today, Nancy Carson offers practical advice and anecdotes culled from her years of experience. Raising a Star is the most candid and informative guide for parents who want to help make their child a star.

Book Title : Hollywood on Stage

hollywood on stage

Release Date : 2013-07-04
ISBN Code : 9781136525674
Book Author : Kimball King
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.