Book Title : Minimum Wage to Millionaire

minimum wage to millionaire

Release Date : 2000-12-08
ISBN Code : 1469717832
Book Author : Lorianne Holt
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 108

Book Summary :

"Minimum Wage to Millionaire - How to Get Rich Cheap" will provide the right know-how and guidance to amass $1,000,000 by age 65, starting from a minimum wage income. This book is a must for anyone who realizes that there can be more that they can do personally to better their financial position, at any income level. This book can inform and encourage anyone to become financially independent from all walks of life, including high school students, college students, minimum wage earners, middle income earners, welfare recipients, persons with disabilities, and retired persons. You can use the information found in this book to literally change your life for the better! YOU can become financially successful, from any income level, too!

Book Title : The Minimum Wage Millionaire

the minimum wage millionaire

Release Date : 2016-04-13
ISBN Code : 1532731760
Book Author : Omar Lyons
Book Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages : 42

Book Summary :

...the chronicles of the man who became a millionaire while making only a minimum wage salary; the book takes you from rags to riches and from wisdom to wisdom and wealth (the life lessons are priceless!).

Book Title : Summary The Millionaire in You

summary the millionaire in you

Release Date : 2014-10-28
ISBN Code : 9782511020166
Book Author : BusinessNews Publishing
Book Publisher : Primento
Total Pages : 15

Book Summary :

Complete summary of Michael LeBoeuf's book: "The Millionaire in You: Ten Things You Need to Do Now to Have Money and the Time to Enjoy It". This summary of the ideas from Michael LeBoeuf's book "The Millionaire in You" shows that, for most people, the goal is not simply to achieve millionaire status, but to have sufficient time and money to do whatever they feel passionate about. In other words, true financial freedom means to have enough money and enough time to enjoy it. In his book, the author advises readers to master four different skills that will enable them to achieve this goal. This summary is a must-read for anyone who wants to release their inner millionaire and enjoy life. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "The Millionaire in You" and unlock your true wealth potential.

Book Title : Millionaire Republican

millionaire republican

Release Date : 2006-09-14
ISBN Code : 9781101143469
Book Author : Wayne Allyn Root
Book Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

America’s leading professional prognosticator and a successful Millionaire Republican himself reveals the eighteen keys to creating wealth in the GOP-dominated era.

Book Title : Millionaire


Release Date : 2001-01-13
ISBN Code : 1580631932
Book Author : Wayne Wagner
Book Publisher : Renaissance Books
Total Pages : 128

Book Summary :

There may be other books on index funds, but there has never been one as easy to read as Millionaire. Full of solid advice, anecdotes, and true stories, Millionaire is concrete information plus plenty of motivation all in one uncomplicated package. How to go from spender to saver. Two self-made millionaires, Wayne Wagner and Al Winnikoff have spent their professional lives making millions for their clients. Now they offer a simple strategy that shows how investing in index funds can make you a millionaire. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, anyone-- from a minimum-wage earner to a six-figure executive-- can follow this tried and true plan and make it work. How to go from saver to investor. Read Wagner and Winnikoff and you will be absolutely convinced that you can become a millionaire. And they'll show you exactly how to do it in a way that will make you want to get started immediately. How to go from investor to millionaire. "We tell our readers exactly what and how to save and invest, and prove why this strategy works with simple explanations and supporting documentation-- but without having to bog them down with weighty theories." Why the Millionaire plan? You don't need any prior knowledge about investing or money management. By following a simple formula based on the number of years to the target goal of a million dollars, you will know exactly how much money you need to save per month or per day. There's one simple set of rules of encouragement to keep you from doing the things that sabotage your goal. Why index funds? All you need to get started is the money you'd spend on lunch every day. You don't have to work long hours trying to keep on top of the market. You just sit back and let the economy work all 24 hours every day for you while you watch the returns compound and your money grow. There's no need to agonize over which strategy to follow or which stocks to pick. There are no brokerage fees. And, unlike mutual funds, with index funds there's no high-priced manager using your money to try to "beat the market," and losing most of the time. Index funds beat mutual funds for 14 out of the last 20 years. Wagner and Winnikoff show you step by step everything you'll need to know, from how to buy into an index fund in manageable bits and pieces, to what to do when it's time to start cashing in. But most importantly, Millionaire gives you the inspiration you need to get started and the motivation you need to stay the course.

Book Title : The Millionaire Manual

the millionaire manual

Release Date : 2011-11-04
ISBN Code : 9781463435899
Book Author : Randle L. Alford
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 228

Book Summary :

This book presents a refreshingly new method for coaching the individual on accumulating one millon dollars or more in the public markets. This uniqueness takes several forms. The first of these is the strucuture of the book itself. It is divided into four components. These components are Tools, Parts, Assembly and Warranty. In other words, it is set up as an Owners Manual for the individual. By analogy to other Owners Manuals which we have all seen and attempted to read, the Tools are generally things that are not included with a new item that we purchase and are required to assemble. We must either already have them or purchase them before we can begin the assembly process. The Tools section of this book is completely unlike other investment books. A reader can gain more from reading this section of the book than from most full texts on the subject. The Parts and Assembly sections of the book are in reality the how to of making money in the market. Although admittedly of little value without the first section,these areas combine academic theories with practical experience. Art and science are merged with real life examples of how you can make your money work for you. As a reader goes through these pages, his or her mind is transformed into new modes of thought. It is as if a light comes on and it all begins to make sense. The delivery is powerful and enlightening. The book concludes with a warranty section. It is of little value to accumulate assets if you are going to lose them. Insights are given on protecting not only your investment portfolio but other assets as well. There are full chapters on how to protect the home and auto as well as methods of getting maximum income while reducing taxes. The other area of uniqueness is the detail regarding how an investor must react to bull and bear markets and why they must act in a certain way. Making millions in the market is as much about being able to refrain from certain innate problems that we all possess as investors and converting our natures and subconscious minds in a way that allows us to be successful. Of particular interest are the stories which relate to everything from astro-physics to world history in teaching the reader about the investment world. This moves a rather bland subject from the area of boredom to very interesting reading. A reader will want to read this book again and again and keep it where it can be referred back to. It will be one Owners Manual that will not be locked away in a drawer.

Book Title : The Making of a Millionaire

the making of a millionaire

Release Date : 2007-07
ISBN Code : 9781434308528
Book Author : Noah P. Embree
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 108

Book Summary :

A story about a woman named Lucy, who lost her mother when she was a teen. She faced many problems throughout her life growing up, including the rape from a family member. As we go through her life with her blue peignoir at her side, there come many surprising twists and turns. She falls in love and marries Arthur Williams. They have two sons together, and then she becomes pregnant with her third son, Harry. He is everything to her, until one day her love turns to hate. Things get bad for her little Harry. She then gets pregnant with her daughter, whom she did now want, but to keep peace with her husband, decides to keep her with no emotional strings attached. Anyone who thought to get into Lucy Williams's way would have a force to reckon with. Some of them never living to tell what happened. This book will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2016-04-15
ISBN Code : 9789851525764
Book Author : Энтони Роббинс
Book Publisher : Digest Media, Попурри
Total Pages : 790

Book Summary :

Основываясь на обширных исследованиях и личных интервью с более чем 50 легендарными финансистами мира, знаменитый Тони Роббинс разработал простой план из 7 шагов, который любой человек может использовать для достижения материального благосостояния. Даже самые сложные финансовые концепции Тони излагает простым и понятным языком, сопровождая их реальными историями из жизни. Вместе с читателями самого разного уровня достатка он проходит все шаги, ведущие к финансовой свободе, попутно развенчивая мифы, мешающие людям стать богатыми. Эта книга поможет вам научиться мыслить как 50 самых успешных инвесторов мира, избавиться от материальных проблем и добиться финансовой безопасности, создать источники гарантированных доходов, которые не иссякнут, пока вы живы.

Book Title : Self Made What It Take To Become Millionaires

self made what it take to become millionaires

Release Date : 2016-07-17
ISBN Code : 9781329925571
Book Author : Khang Le
Book Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Becoming a millionaire is something most people dream about at some point. It is the Holy Grail for millions, and seems like an unattainable ambition for millions of others. But reaching that goal doesn’t have to be impossible. If your number one goal is to become a millionaire, not to hold a specific type of job, then college and graduate school are irrelevant. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have the financial freedom you desire.Having no formal qualifications or schooling doesn’t mean you can’t you can’t have the financial freedom you desire. Starting out from humble beginnings, living in a shack with nothing but rats for company, and with not much more than hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck, they worked and saved their way from nothing, to something they really wanted. Overcoming family disapproval, minimum wage employment, personal difficulties and occasional setbacks, the two never gave up and kept that focus on achieving their dream of becoming first generation millionaires.

Book Title : The Republican Con

the republican con

Release Date : 2012-01-08
ISBN Code : 9781465832764
Book Author : John Luke
Book Publisher : DH Roberts
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

"These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert to fleece the people, and now that they have got into a quarrel with themselves, we are called upon to appropriate the people's money to settle the quarrel." Abraham Lincoln "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist." Dwight Eisenhower

Book Title : Economic Apartheid In America

economic apartheid in america

Release Date : 2011-05-10
ISBN Code : 9781595587312
Book Author : Chuck Collins
Book Publisher : The New Press
Total Pages : 254

Book Summary :

This updated edition of the widely touted Economic Apartheid in America looks at the causes and manifestations of wealth disparities in the United States, including tax policy in light of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and recent corporate scandals. Published with two leading organizations dedicated to addressing economic inequality, the book looks at recent changes in income and wealth distribution and examines the economic policies and shifts in power that have fueled the growing divide. Praised by Sojurners as “a clear blueprint on how to combat growing inequality,” Economic Apartheid in America provides “much-needed groundwork for more democratic discussion and participation in economic life” (Tikkun). With “a wealth of eye-opening data” (The Beacon) focusing on the decline of organized labor and civic institutions, the battle over global trade, and the growing inequality of income and wages, it argues that most Americans are shut out of the discussion of the rules governing their economic lives. Accessible and engaging and illustrated throughout with charts, graphs, and political cartoons, the book lays out a comprehensive plan for action.

Book Title : For Children How to Become Rich

for children how to become rich

Release Date : 2012-12-16
ISBN Code : 9781481258203
Book Author : W. Medina
Book Publisher : KNI Publishing inc.
Total Pages : 94

Book Summary :

Success in School, life and Finances For Children 'How to Become' Rich, successful & do well in school was written with the title in mind. Children can be successful in life. Children can do so much more than what most people give them credit for. There was a young man who at the age of 12 years old, he made $50,000 dollars and at 15 he was the CEO of a company. His story is one of many stories of children who have become successful at very young ages. This book was written to encourage young people to do more, to make big dreams and to make those dreams come true. Yes it is possible to be a millionaire at the age of 19 years old; It is also possible to make a million dollars out of a bunch of coat hangers and a simple idea. This book starts with the idea that 'learning' is important, that it is the first step in becoming and being successful in life. As a parent the author brings to these pages the tools, the rules and the mindset that children need if they want to succeed; to achieve the dream they have. This book is not about only making money – it is about how to become successful. Success is not about money, about being 'Rich', but being successful does create opportunities for large sums of money.Success is about dreaming big and reaching your goals. Like one young man who started working out of his parent's kitchen when he was only 15 years old. With his success he has invested in various charitable projects, of which one runs tea parties for lonely elderly people who live alone or in care homes. The company reports to have run over 120 such events between March 2008 and March 2009, with the largest events attracting over 600 guests. The company organizes various 'knitathons', encouraging the public to knit for good causes. In 2008, several thousand knitted squares were collected, sewn into blankets and sent to orphanages in India.Children can be successful; all they need is the right mindset and the tools to achieve their dreams. This book helps them get started and it all starts with – seeking knowledge and doing well in school. Order your copy today: For Children 'How to Become' Rich, successful & do well in school

Book Title :

Release Date : 2007-01-01
ISBN Code : 9785457032576
Book Author : Джо Витале
Book Publisher : MintRight Inc
Total Pages : 367

Book Summary :

Почему более 1 миллиона человек по всему миру признательны Джо Витале за подаренную им новую жизненную энергию? Потому что он знает Секрет и готов им поделиться.Он способен запустить наши скрытые внутренние резервы и вдохнуть в нас удивительную силу притяжения. В него поверили скептики – ученые, ему внимают бизнесмены всего мира, его обожают домохозяйки.Пропитанные энергией его слов, мы излучаем магнетический свет, влекущий к нам любимых, успех, уважение. Наша жизнь наполняется новым смыслом, мы с легкостью поднимаемся к вершинам семейного счастья, бизнеса и добиваемся желаемого. Его книги делают теплее и светлее каждый дом, мы перечитываем их снова и снова и поднимаемся выше!Для широкого круга читателей.

Book Title : Patriotic Millionaires Present Renegotiating Power and Money in America

patriotic millionaires present renegotiating power and money in america

Release Date : 2015-11-29
ISBN Code : 9781519374653
Book Author : Erica Payne
Book Publisher : BookBaby
Total Pages : 58

Book Summary :

America is in transition. Similar to other transformative moments, this time is fraught with tension and conflict, angry rhetoric, and gridlock. But regardless of how contentious these renegotiations can seem at the time, in the past most have ultimately resulted in a stronger, more prosperous, and just nation. The Patriotic Millionaires believe that this challenging period of transition could be the beginning of America’s greatest era, one de ned by both prosperity and community. We must enter this renegotiation with a clear vision of the outcome we hope to achieve. In this volume, we explore some basic principles we hope will advise the next chapter of the American story. They are: All citizens enjoy access to political power equal to the power enjoyed by millionaires, lobbyists, and corporate CEOs. All citizens who work full time are guaranteed a wage sufficient to cover their basic needs. Tax receipts from millionaire/billionaire citizens and major corporations comprise a greater proportion of federal tax revenues. These terms enjoy broad support from Americans across the political spectrum, across geographical boundaries, and regardless of economic circumstance. They could form the basis for a powerful and prosperous new era in American history.

Book Title : French Business Dictionary

french business dictionary

Release Date : 2011-12-01
ISBN Code : 9781589797307
Book Author : Morry Sofer
Book Publisher : Taylor Trade Publications
Total Pages : 419

Book Summary :

This is the next generation of business dictionaries. Including modern banking, accounting, insurance, real estate, import-export, taxes, business law and computer terms, this is an essential resource for those working in multilingual, multicultural business fields.

Book Title : The Naked Truth

the naked truth

Release Date : 2008-12
ISBN Code : 9781607912057
Book Author : E. Marcel Jones
Book Publisher : Xulon Press
Total Pages : 216

Book Summary :

"E. Marcel Jones' new book The Naked Truth is a treasure chest full of wit and wisdom on the upheavals and struggles of 'living single.' Jones' real-life stories, his own struggles, and experiences are profound...yet revealing his skills as a prolific writer. This new and rising author is worth watching and his book a must read especially for singles and singles' ministry groups." Bonnie Oliver Brandon, M. DIV, M.A.R. Connecting Leader, National Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) Atlanta, GA Finally, a book intended for every SINGLE believer - engaged, widowed, divorced, or dating. No more dressed up lies about how to live successfully single. The time has come for Singles to know THE NAKED TRUTH! Christian writing phenomenon, E. Marcel Jones, addresses his personal struggles with relationships, sexual temptations, and a host of worldly issues while attempting to maintain his Christian values as a single man of God. He also captures the candid experiences and subsequent spiritual revelations of singles in search of purposeful living and healthy relationships. Readers will find his writing refreshing, innovative, and personable. E. Marcel Jones is an educator, minister, and inspirational speaker. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching, and will complete his Doctoral studies in 2009. Prior to completing this book, he published numerous magazine articles for single Christians and, for over 10 years, led his church's Singles Ministry. His testimony of devotion to God's service and personal declaration of an abstinent lifestyle have inspired many. He, his wife, and son reside in Memphis, Tennessee. To contact him, visit his website at

Book Title :

Release Date : 2014-07-10
ISBN Code : 9785457095625
Book Author : Артур Дойл
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages : 167

Book Summary :

«Айза Уитни, брат покойного Элиаса Уитни, доктора богословия, директора богословского колледжа св. Георгия, приучился курить опий. Еще в колледже, прочитав книгу де Куинси, в которой описываются сны и ощущения курильщика опия, он начал подмешивать опий к своему табаку, чтобы пережить то, что пережил этот писатель. Как и многие другие, он скоро убедился, что начать курить гораздо легче, чем бросить, и в продолжение многих лет был рабом своей страсти, внушая сожаление и ужас всем своим друзьям. Я так и вижу перед собой его желтое, одутловатое лицо, его глаза с набрякшими веками и сузившимися зрачками, его тело, бессильно лежащее в кресле, – жалкие развалины человека...»

Book Title : The Wealth Choice

the wealth choice

Release Date : 2013-02-19
ISBN Code : 9781137324139
Book Author : Dennis Kimbro
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

It's no secret that these hard times have been even harder for the Black community. Approximately 35 percent of African Americans had no measurable assets in 2009, and 24 percent of these same households had only a motor vehicle. Dennis Kimbro, observing how the weight of the continuing housing and credit crises disproportionately impacts the African-American community, takes a sharp look at a carefully cultivated group of individuals who've scaled the heights of success and how others can emulate them. Based on a seven year study of 1,000 of the wealthiest African Americans, The Wealth Choice offers a trove of sound and surprising advice about climbing the economic ladder, even when the odds seem stacked against you. Readers will learn about how business leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities like Bob Johnson, Spike Lee, L. A. Reid, Herman Cain, T. D. Jakes and Tyrese Gibson found their paths to wealth; what they did or didn't learn about money early on; what they had to sacrifice to get to the top; and the role of discipline in managing their success. Through these stories, which include men and women at every stage of life and in every industry, Dennis Kimbro shows readers how to: · Develop a wealth-generating mindset and habits · Commit to lifelong learning · Craft goals that match your passion · Make short-term sacrifices for long-term gain · Take calculated risks when opportunity presents itself