Book Title : Cultivated Vegetables of the World

cultivated vegetables of the world

Release Date : 2011-01-01
ISBN Code : 9789086867202
Book Author : Stanley J. Kays
Book Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages : 828

Book Summary :

Vegetables make up a major portion of the diet of humans and are critical for good health. With the world population predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, they will play an increasingly important role in food availability. The purpose of this book is to facilitate accuracy in communication among individuals working in agriculture and a better understand of the extent and diversity of vegetable production and utilization worldwide. Increasing global economic interdependence and trade in agricultural products makes precise communication among individuals utilizing different languages essential. There is currently a wide range of vegetables shipped around the world as seasonal, economic and other forces are shifting markets from exclusively local toward global. The text provides up-to-date scientific names, synonyms, and common names for the commercially cultivated vegetable crops grown worldwide (404 crops), in addition to information on the plant parts utilized and their method of preparation. Common names from 370 languages are presented along with information on each of the languages. The text represents an essential reference source with the information presented in a concise and readily accessible format. It allows indentifying a crop from the common name in a diverse cross-section of languages and is therefore of use to university and government researchers, libraries worldwide, agricultural organizations, agricultural scientists, embassies, international travelers, vegetable growers, shippers, packers, produce buyers, grocery store managers, gourmet restaurants, chefs, and gardeners.

Book Title : Cultivated Plants of Southern Africa

cultivated plants of southern africa

Release Date : 2002
ISBN Code : 1919931171
Book Author : H. F. Glen
Book Publisher : Jacana Media
Total Pages : 428

Book Summary :

A listing of almost 9000 kinds of plants known to be cultivated in Southern Africa, or to have been tried here. The information is derived from a database containing details mainly of specimens archived in the National Herbarium, Pretoria.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2009
ISBN Code : 517061456X
Book Author : Джаред Даймонд
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 718

Book Summary :

Эта книга американского орнитолога, физиолога и географа Д. Даймонда стала международным бестселлером и принесла своему создателю престижнейшую Пулитцеровскую премию

Book Title : Plant Breeding Past Present and Future

plant breeding past present and future

Release Date : 2016-03-08
ISBN Code : 9783319232850
Book Author : John E. Bradshaw
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 693

Book Summary :

This book aims to help plant breeders by reviewing past achievements, currently successful practices, and emerging methods and techniques. Theoretical considerations are also presented to strike the right balance between being as simple as possible but as complex as necessary. The United Nations predicts that the global human population will continue rising to 9.0 billion by 2050. World food production will need to increase between 70-100 per cent in just 40 years. First generation bio-fuels are also using crops and cropland to produce energy rather than food. In addition, land area used for agriculture may remain static or even decrease as a result of degradation and climate change, despite more land being theoretically available, unless crops can be bred which tolerate associated abiotic stresses. Lastly, it is unlikely that steps can be taken to mitigate all of the climate change predicted to occur by 2050, and beyond, and hence adaptation of farming systems and crop production will be required to reduce predicted negative effects on yields that will occur without crop adaptation. Substantial progress will therefore be required in bridging the yield gap between what is currently achieved per unit of land and what should be possible in future, with the best farming methods and best storage and transportation of food, given the availability of suitably adapted cultivars, including adaptation to climate change. My book is divided into four parts: Part I is an historical introduction; Part II deals with the origin of genetic variation by mutation and recombination of DNA; Part III explains how the mating system of a crop species determines the genetic structure of its landraces; Part IV considers the three complementary options for future progress: use of sexual reproduction in further conventional breeding, base broadening and introgression; mutation breeding; and genetically modified crops.

Book Title : Sapiens


Release Date : 2017-10-11
ISBN Code : 9785040357789
Book Author : Юваль Харари
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Сто тысяч лет назад Homo sapiens был одним из как минимум шести видов человека, живших на этой планете, – ничем не примечательным животным, которое играло в экосистеме роль не большую, чем гориллы, светлячки или медузы. Но около семидесяти тысяч лет назад загадочное изменение когнитивных способностей Homo sapiens превратило его в хозяина планеты и кошмар экосистемы. Как человек разумный сумел покорить мир? Что стало с другими видами человека? Когда и почему появились деньги, государства и религия? Как возникали и рушились империи? Почему почти все общества ставили женщин ниже мужчин? Как наука и капитализм стали господствующими вероучениями современной эры? Становились ли люди с течением времени счастливее? Какое будущее нас ожидает?Юваль Харари показывает, как ход истории формировал человеческое общество и действительность вокруг него. Его книга прослеживает связь между событиями прошлого и проблемами современности и заставляет читателя пересмотреть все устоявшиеся представления об окружающем мире.

Book Title : The Origin of Cultivated Plants

the origin of cultivated plants

Release Date : 2011-11-03
ISBN Code : 9781108038904
Book Author : Alphonse de Candolle
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 482

Book Summary :

An investigation tracing the origins of the plants cultivated by humans, published here in the second translated edition of 1886.

Book Title : Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants

encyclopedia of cultivated plants

Release Date : 2013-04-25
ISBN Code : 9781598847758
Book Author : Christopher Cumo
Book Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 1236

Book Summary :

Readers of this expansive, three-volume encyclopedia will gain scientific, sociological, and demographic insight into the complex relationship between plants and humans across history.

Book Title : Cipro all inizio dell Et del Bronzo

cipro all inizio dell et del bronzo

Release Date : 2011-11-10T00:00:00+01:00
ISBN Code : 9788849267211
Book Author : Aa.Vv.
Book Publisher : Gangemi Editore spa
Total Pages : 210

Book Summary :

"Questo volume è il prodotto del pregevole lavoro della Missione Archeologica Italiana di Pyrgos/Mavroraki a Cipro diretta dalla Dr.ssa Maria Rosaria Belgiorno dell'Istituto di Tecnologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) [...]. L'approccio multidisciplinare con cui è condotto lo scavo del sito di Pyrgos è, infatti, una testimonianza importante dello spirito che alimenta la ricerca promossa dal Dipartimento Patrimonio Culturale (DPC) del CNR [...] tra competenze, conoscenze e professionalità eterogenee che insieme condividono l'obiettivo non solo di far riemergere e portare alla luce i segni della vicenda storica di antiche civiltà,ma anche, attraverso di essi, di valorizzare, esaltare, consolidare, dare continuità, innovare l'identità dei luoghi che, nel proprio dinamico divenire, evolvono per lo sviluppo del territorio senza tuttavia tradire le proprie matrici di fondo. (dalla presentazione di Maria Mautone Direttore del Dipartimento Patrimonio Culturale del CNR)

Book Title :

Release Date : 1989
ISBN Code : UCAL:B3856440
Book Author : Карл Линней
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 451

Book Summary :

Book Title : Diversity in Barley Hordeum vulgare

diversity in barley hordeum vulgare

Release Date : 2003-07-03
ISBN Code : 0080530478
Book Author : R. von Bothmer
Book Publisher : Elsevier
Total Pages : 300

Book Summary :

Genetic diversity is one of the main resources sustaining human life. Food security largely depends on the availability and utilization of this diversity, which is of strategic importance for countries and companies. Conservation and utilization of biodiversity is thus currently an urgent area of global debate and concern. Barley is a major crop in the world used for food, feed and malt, and with a wide religious and ethnic importance. The crop was domesticated in Neolithic time in SW Asia and spread rapidly under cultivation to new areas. Nowadays it is one of the most widespread and widely adapted crops grown under contrasting edaphic conditions. Adaptations to new environments, different agricultural practices and selection for different uses have further added to the complex diversity pattern. Is it at all possible to give a complete picture of the diversity in a crop or wild species? Are we, by adding new technologies, only revealing parts of the diversity? Do different sets of data show similar or conflicting pictures of genetic diversity? Will the large genome size reduce the role of barley as a model organism in these current sequencing days? Or, are there still major reasons to continue to work with this beautiful crop? The aim of this book is to cover the complex issue of diversification in time and space in a single crop: barley. Leading scientists from various fields describe the entire variation pattern in different sets of characters and an attempt is made for a synthesis to a holistic picture. The book proposes ways to use the achievements of diversity studies in future research and breeding programmes.

Book Title : Maori Origins and Migrations

maori origins and migrations

Release Date : 2013-10-01
ISBN Code : 9781869407049
Book Author : M.P.K. Sorrenson
Book Publisher : Auckland University Press
Total Pages : 102

Book Summary :

Since Europeans first set foot in New Zealand they have speculated about where the Maori people came from, how they made their way to New Zealand and how they lived when they arrived here. Theories have abounded: some of them have hardened into accepted truth. The result has been an accumulation of Pakeha myths about Maori origins. The process of this mythmaking is the subject of Sorrenson's book: 'It is not an attempt to find an original or even a Pacific homeland for the Maori. I leave that task to the many others who are happily engaged on it.' But as a study of the development of ideas, this book is both fascinating and salutary.