Book Title : Prophecy Checklist

prophecy checklist

Release Date : 2001-01-01
ISBN Code : 1555175597
Book Author : Norma Pyper Mitchell
Book Publisher : Cedar Fort
Total Pages : 257

Book Summary :

At last comes an easy-to-follow checklist of prophecies found in the scriptures and given by modern-day prophets.# the prophetic statements are organized into chapters that deal with specific forthcoming events.# This book will help families become better prepared for the trials and miraculous incidents that will happen before the Second Coming.We know the Last Days are upon us, and the Savior's return is not far distant. But will it come next year, or is it still many decades away? Surely there must be a way to better follow the signs of the times and know where we fit in the midst of prophesied events.At last comes the Prophecy Checklist to help put together the pieces of the puzzle.You will learn in detail about upcoming events such as:# Forthcoming world wars# the gathering of the Jews to Palestine# the establishment of New Jerusalem# the grand meeting at Adam-ondi-Ahman# the Second Coming of Jesus Christ# the Lord's Millennial reign# AND MORE!

Book Title : Prophecy Checklist Over One Hundred Bible Prophecies Counting Down to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

prophecy checklist over one hundred bible prophecies counting down to the second coming of jesus christ

Release Date : 2008-02-12
ISBN Code : 9781463453749
Book Author : James H. Warden Jr.
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 164

Book Summary :

This millennial age opened with airwaves and newspapers filled with shocking events. Weather has become so tumultuous that flooding is commonplace, scores of tornadoes touching down in an evening, tsunamis and fierce hurricanes destroying coastal regions, and global record setting temperatures. Small nations defy powerful ones by detonating nuclear weapons against stern warnings. First world nations are threatened by the seepage of nuclear arms into the hands of terrorists. The atomic scientists’ Doomsday’s Clock inched to within five minutes of the midnight of humanity’s destruction. America experienced its first Mid-East terrorist attack, for her alliance with Israel. Afterwards, the U.S. initiated an unprovoked attack on Iraq perplexing world leaders. The Middle East is the epicenter of international turmoil with Israel’s very existence openly threatened by certain Arab states. The social landscape has changed with the gay rights movement international success with governments recognizing the rights of humans to live apart from the sexual mores of the Abrahamic based religions. With increasing frequency, terrorism toward Israelis in God's name turn peaceful shopping trips, wedding days, and ordinary bus rides in Israel into fearful sights of unspeakable carnage. CNN and The New York Times report that an asteroid is heading toward earth. Is all this coincidental? No. Thousands of years ago, Jewish prophets recorded that all these events, and more, would converge in the generation that would see Israel become a nation which occurred in May 1948. Prophecies heard in church are now seen on television, the west’s war with Iraq’s leader and its soon defeat of Iran’s leader was predicted thousands of years before Christ by the Jewish prophet Daniel famed for his lion’s den escape in Iraq. Using Jewish prophecies, this book is a barometer of world conditions countdown of this age. Foreword in honor of Larry King of CNN

Book Title : Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy

fast facts on bible prophecy

Release Date : 1997
ISBN Code : 1565076656
Book Author : Thomas Ice
Book Publisher : Harvest House Pub
Total Pages : 237

Book Summary :

With more than 175 in-depth definitions and explanations, Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy is the perfect reference for everyone who studies God's Word--especially those interested in God's plan for the future.

Book Title : A Checklist of American Imprints for 1820 1829

a checklist of american imprints for 1820 1829

Release Date : 1964
ISBN Code : 0810803771
Book Author : Richard H. Shoemaker
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 492

Book Summary :

Few countries of its size have attracted more attention, and aroused more controversy, than Israel. This book provides, in a single source, a comprehensive and up-to-date reference volume with detailed information about every aspect of the political life of contemporary Israel, as well as serving as a comprehensive guide to the complexities and nuances of contemporary Israeli politics. It fills a gap in the literature by providing comprehensive information about the various diplomatic and political personalities, institutions, organizations, events, concepts, and documents that together define the political life of the Jewish state.

Book Title : Ready for the Rapture

ready for the rapture

Release Date : 2011-11-01
ISBN Code : 9781467925464
Book Author : Benjamin L. Reynolds
Book Publisher : Benjamin L. Reynolds
Total Pages : 130

Book Summary :

No one knows the day or hour of the Rapture, but the Bible does provide specific details and instructions in the Old and New Testament about what will happen to prepare us for this event. This book takes an in-depth look at these events and instructions as well as: -The definition of the resurrection -The signs preceding the Second coming of Jesus Christ-14 specific events which occur before the Rapture -The relationship between the Tribulation Period and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ -Whether or not the Resurrection is different from the Second Coming of Jesus Christ -An examination of the "Resurrection Parables" -The current State of the Church in relation to the Rapture -A checklist to see if you are personally ready for the rapture This book will equip and motivate you to prepare for the rapture igniting a powerful passion to "know him and the power of his resurrection." -Philippians 3:10

Book Title : What in the World is Going On

what in the world is going on

Release Date : 2010-08-08
ISBN Code : 9781418569426
Book Author : David Jeremiah
Book Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

“A clear, compelling primer on God’s heart for Israel and the dramatic Bible prophecies that will unfold in these last days. What I loved most is that David Jeremiah unashamedly examines and explains the biggest global trends of our day through the Third Lens of Scripture. And his description of Jesus’ unconditional love and compassion for Jews and Muslims is alone worth the read!” —Joel C. Rosenberg, New York Times best-selling author, The Last Jihad and Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your World “This well researched and brilliantly written book is so fascinating you can hardly put it down. It has much to offer any reader interested in what is going on in our world and ties current events to important biblical prophecies. You will be convinced by reading this book that we are on the verge of the greatest event in human history. Everyone, both inside and outside the church, should read it!” —Tim LaHaye, Popular author, recognized prophecy scholar, and creator of the New York Times best-selling Left Behind® series. The Bible has plenty to say about end times. But until now, there has been no other book that—in straightforward prose that’s easy to understand —gathers ten scriptural prophecies, lays out a chronological checklist, and offers a guideline for sorting it all out. In What in the World Is Going On? Dr. David Jeremiah answers the hard questions, including these: "How is prophecy playing out in modern Europe?" "Why does Israel matter?" "How are oil reserves and Islamic terrorism related?" "Does the United States play a role in prophecy?" "How should we live in the end times?" Events unfolding in today’s world are certainly unsettling, but they need not be confusing or frightening. Now you can know the meaning behind what you see in the daily news—and understand what in the world is going on!

Book Title : A Checklist of American Imprints for 1836

a checklist of american imprints for 1836

Release Date : 1986
ISBN Code : 0810818396
Book Author : Carol Rinderknecht
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 617

Book Summary :

The purpose of the Checklist series is to make an initial identification of monographs; state and local documents; pamphlets; broadsides; and other materials published in America during a particular year. The bibliography is based upon the work of the American Imprints Inventory of the Depression era WPA, and when complete, will cover the period from 1820 to 1875. Beginning with this volume, the series will be typeset. The series provides admirably organized access to the record of the 19th century American essential work of reference

Book Title :

Release Date : 2017-12-30
ISBN Code : 9785457009448
Book Author : Священное Писание
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages : 2500

Book Summary :

Библия – вечная Книга и духовный спутник человечества, она не знает границ во времени и пространстве и обращается к сердцам людей, говорящих на сотнях языков. Перевод Библии на русский язык осуществлялся Санкт-Петербургской, Московской, Казанской и Киевской духовными академиями с 1856 по 1876 год. В основу перевода был положен русский текст Нового Завета, Псалтыри и Пятикнижия, появившийся в результате работы Российского Библейского Общества в 1816-1826 годах. Окончательная редакция осуществлялась Святейшим Синодом и лично митрополитом Московским Филаретом (Дроздовым). Полный текст перевода был опубликован в 1876 году. Синодальный перевод является основным текстом Библии для всех христиан России.

Book Title : Self fulfilling Prophecy

self fulfilling prophecy

Release Date : 1997-01-01
ISBN Code : 0275955028
Book Author : Robert T. Tauber
Book Publisher : Praeger Publishers
Total Pages : 184

Book Summary :

Explores the effects of self-fulfilling prophecy on students and teachers, with chapters on mechanisms of the self-fulfilling prophecy, and expectations linked to gender, race, name, appearance, and socioeconomic level. Testimonials by teachers at all levels relate their experiences. Useful for pre-

Book Title : Jeremiah Lamentations

jeremiah lamentations

Release Date : 2011-10-11
ISBN Code : 9780310872832
Book Author : J. Andrew Dearman
Book Publisher : Zondervan
Total Pages : 496

Book Summary :

The books of Jeremiah and Lamentations cannot be separated from the political conditions of ancient Judah. Beginning with the righteous king Josiah, who ushered in a time of glorious but brief religious reform, Jeremiah reflects the close tie between spiritual and political prosperity or disaster, between the actions and heart of Judah and her kings and their fortunes as a nation. While few of us today have any firsthand understanding of what it means to live in a theocracy, the central theme of Jeremiah and Lamentations remains clear and still holds true: God first, politics second. The words, prayers, and poems of "the weeping prophet" serve to realign us with God’s priorities, turning us from evil and encouraging us to pursue God and his ways. With emotion and spiritual depth, these prophetic writings beckon us toward a spiritual integrity that can still affect the course of individuals and nations today. Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from our world to the world of the Bible. But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own. They focus on the original meaning of the passage but don’t discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable--but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps bring both halves of the interpretive task together. This unique, award-winning series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into our postmodern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it speaks powerfully today.