Book Title : Real Estate Millions in Any Market

real estate millions in any market

Release Date : 2004-10-12
ISBN Code : 0471686999
Book Author : Terry Eilers
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

Real Estate Millions in Any Market will teach you the most innovative techniques you can use-in any market condition or geographic area-to create a fortune buying or selling real estate with little or no money down. Real Estate Millions in Any Market will show you how to: * Find bargain properties in any market * Develop instant equity with no cash out of pocket * Create instant cash flow with no-down purchases * Uncover the fallacies of low-down investments It will also give you the tools you need to succeed, including: * 12 fail-safe techniques for successful negotiating * 10 creative low- and no-down buying techniques * The letters and dialogues of no-down strategy buying * How to structure your own Success Strategy This book specifically identifies and explains the revolutionary resources that are available to assist buyers and sellers in obtaining substantial profits, while debunking many of the myths and schemes that have given low-down investing a questionable reputation. Filled with practical advice and proven techniques, Real Estate Millions in Any Market is critical reading for anyone interested in getting into real estate investing.

Book Title : The No BS In Making Millions In Real Estate

the no bs in making millions in real estate

Release Date : 2010-09-02
ISBN Code : 9781453557358
Book Author : George Almodovar
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 178

Book Summary :

Dear Reader: I am delighted you’re reading my book and life experiences. My mission is to show you how you can become a millionaire from beginning to end, only if you implement the secrets within and apply my formulas. I am not going to sugar coat it with non-sense, but I will take you through the path of less resistance. I will give you all the information needed to get started in your real-estate endeavors from using other people’s money, to removing derogatory information off your credit report, thus improving your Fico scores. By doing so, you will be able to realize “The American Dream of Home Ownership”. This book is not only for first time home buyers, but for those who want to expand their real estate knowledge, improve their financial and personal well being. The principles found in this book are those that were used by myself to obtain financial freedom, and they never change; they are self evident. I also intend to deviate individual’s preconceived notions and perceptions, and influence them to think in a positive state of mind which is key to success! And, I’ll begin with a quote in mind from Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: “If you think you are beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you like to win, but think you can’t It is almost certain you won’t. “If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost, For out in the world we find, Success begins with a fellow’s will—It’s all in the state of mind. “If you think you are outclassed, you are, You’ve got to think high to rise, You’ve got to be sure of yourself before You can ever win a prize. “Life’s battles don’t always go To the stronger or faster man, But soon or late the man who wins Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!” (38). Enjoy reading and I know you’ll be inspired! Best Wishes, George Almodovar CEO of Striving for Better Days, Inc.

Book Title : One in a Million

one in a million

Release Date : 2016-09-16
ISBN Code : 9781457549298
Book Author : Erik Brown
Book Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
Total Pages : 178

Book Summary :

How important is it to find a go-to professional in real estate? As a home buyer, seller, or investor, finding a real estate leader in the industry, community, or marketplace to assist you in your goals is the difference between success and failure. The right professional can help you buy the home of your dreams, sell quickly and for top dollar, or make millions via real estate investing. Inside you will learn: • What is an expert agent, and what differentiates them from the hundreds of thousands of other agents in the marketplace. • The Million Dollar Marketing systems that make home sellers the most money in the fastest amount of time. • The best secrets agents use to help home buyers find the perfect home for the best price • Preferred service experiences: The differences between a Realtor offering the basics vs. 5 star and white glove. • Practical strategies on how to find the best professional for your goals and needs. Arguably, the most influential book for those looking for a preferred Realtor explains how to exceed your goals and needs in any market, volatile or not. A must read for anyone with a home goal, now or in the future.

Book Title : Emerging Real Estate Markets

emerging real estate markets

Release Date : 2011-01-11
ISBN Code : 1118045238
Book Author : David Lindahl
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 240

Book Summary :

Praise for Emerging Real Estate Markets "In this book, you'll discover how to snatch real estate opportunities at low prices, before their value becomes common knowledge. Buy all the copies on the bookshelf before your competitor does!" --Frank McKinney, "The Maverick Daredevil Real Estate Entrepreneur" and author of Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success "I've never seen another real estate book even come close to laying out a profit road map the way this one does. If your local economy is too hot or too cold, Lindahl's guide will show you how to invest in the up-and-coming markets with the greatest profit potential." --Stacy Kellams, President, "Lindahl shows you how to look into the future and see where the next hot real estate markets will be. It's the closest thing I've found to a real estate crystal ball." --Jeff Adams, President, "The brilliant thing about this book is Lindahl's approach to investing by 'remote control.' He has a real-world system for living in one place and making money from investments in another." --William Bronchick, attorney and coauthor of Flipping Properties "In the crowded field of real estate gurus, Lindahl stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. This book is must reading for any serious investor--beginner or veteran." --Justin Ford, author of Seeds of Wealth and Main Street Millionaire

Book Title : Be a Real Estate Millionaire

be a real estate millionaire

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 9781593154462
Book Author : Dean Graziosi
Book Publisher : Dean Graziosi Inc
Total Pages : 280

Book Summary :

Teaches the author's strategies for creating wealth in real estate, including seven keys to identify hidden market values, the five types of real estate markets, and how to approach each one.

Book Title : Foundations of Real Estate Development Financing

foundations of real estate development financing

Release Date : 2014-11-25
ISBN Code : 9781610915632
Book Author : Arthur C. Nelson
Book Publisher : Island Press
Total Pages : 200

Book Summary :

America’s landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as demand grows for a different kind of American Dream--smaller homes on smaller lots, multifamily options, and walkable neighborhoods. This trend presents a tremendous opportunity to reinvent our urban and suburban areas. But in a time of fiscal austerity, how do we finance redevelopment needs? InFoundations of Real Estate Development Finance: A Guide for Public-Private Partnerships, urban scholar Arthur C. Nelson argues that efficient redevelopment depends on the ability to leverage resources through partnerships. Public-private partnerships are increasingly important in reducing the complexity and lowering the risk of redevelopment projects. Although planners are an integral part of creating these partnerships, their training does generally not include real-estate financing, which presents challenges and imbalances in public-private partnership. This is the first primer on financing urban redevelopment written for practicing planners and public administrators. In easy-to-understand language, it will inform readers of the natural cycle of urban development, explain how to overcome barriers to efficient redevelopment, what it takes for the private sector to justify its redevelopment investments, and the role of public and nonprofit sectors to leverage private sector redevelopment where the market does not generate sufficient rates of return. This is a must read for practicing planners and planning students, economic development officials, public administrators, and others who need to understand how to leverage public and non-profit resources to leverage private funds for redevelopment.

Book Title : International Real Estate

international real estate

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 9971693534
Book Author : David Kim Hin Ho
Book Publisher : NUS Press
Total Pages : 589

Book Summary :

International Real Estate: Asia's Potential from a Research Perspective considers real estate market analysis in the context of economic theory pertaining to market disequilibria, utilizing data from major cities in Asia as case studies. This framework makes it possible to determine what really defines an Asian real estate sector: What is being measured? How does it behave (in terms of price and non-price factors)? How it is structured? How effectively does it achieve sustainable total returns? And how does it manage real estate market uncertainty? Real estate market uncertainty originates from both the demand- and supply-side of the market. The market responds to structural macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that in turn are affected by related public policies. These elements interact to affect Asian real estate in unique ways since the Asian currency crisis in 1997. David Ho's analysis shows that while the details of real estate market analysis are different for the various Asian cities (and their real estate sectors) owing to their different stages of maturity, underlying principles nevertheless apply. He also looks at managing real estate market uncertainty at the portfolio level through the analytical techniques of real estate asset allocation, real estate value-at-risk(VaR), real option analysis and pricing.

Book Title : Real Estate Millionaire

real estate millionaire

Release Date : 2012
ISBN Code : 0980834058
Book Author : Fiona Jones
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 318

Book Summary :

Billions of dollar's worth of real estate is transacted in Australia every year. For most Aussies their home or business is their biggest asset. Learn how the top agents achieve the best results for their clients and how they keep motivated in any market.In this book you will discover:• The secrets to buying and selling real estate from the country's most successful agents• The best time to sell or buy a property or business• How to sell your property or business for top dollar in any market• How to position your property to stand out from the crowd• The qualities of the top real estate agents• How to have a successful career in real estate• Negotiation techniques only the experts know that could save you thousands

Book Title : Public Real Estate Markets and Investments

public real estate markets and investments

Release Date : 2014-08-07
ISBN Code : 9780199993291
Book Author : H. Kent Baker
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 672

Book Summary :

Real estate is typically classified as an alternative to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental, or sale of real estate for profit. Real estate investments can be both income producing and non-income producing. Although real estate can produce income like a bond and appreciate like a stock, this tangible asset has several unique characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages relative to other investment alternatives. Benefits of including real estate in a portfolio include diversification, yield enhancement, risk reduction, tax management, and inflation hedging. Unlike traditional investments, investors in real estate have the ability to influence performance. Real estate has drawbacks in that it requires management, is costly and difficult to buy, sell, and operate, and sometimes has lower liquidity. Additionally, measuring the relative performance of real estate can be challenging. The purpose of this 14-chapter book is to provide an overview and synthesis of public real estate markets and investments in a global context. The book discusses the major types and the latest trends within public real estate markets and presents the results of research studies in a straightforward manner. It has three sections: (1) foundations of public real estate, (2) public debt markets and investments, and (3) public equity markets and investments. The book should be interest to various groups including academics, practitioners, investors, and students. Readers should gain a greater appreciation of what is needed for success when investing in public real estate markets. For more information about private real estate, read Private Real Estate Markets and Investments.

Book Title : The Peebles Path to Real Estate Wealth

the peebles path to real estate wealth

Release Date : 2008-09-22
ISBN Code : 9780470432518
Book Author : R. Donahue Peebles
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 216

Book Summary :

You can still find plenty of good deals in a failing real estate market by applying the advice in The Peebles Path to Real Estate Wealth: How to Make Money in Any Market. Multimillionaire teal estate mogul R. Donahue Peebles makes it possible for you to always win in real estate, provided you have the right knowledge and exercise good judgment in the deals you make. Start with small investments and work up to bigger, more profitable properties; before you know it, you’ll be a smart investor earning large profits!

Book Title : Start Your Own Gift Basket Business and More

start your own gift basket business and more

Release Date : 2008-07-01
ISBN Code : 9781613080733
Book Author : Entrepreneur Press
Book Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
Total Pages : 126

Book Summary :

Do you have an eye for complementary colors and patterns? Are you known for your creative ideas or your unique way of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary? Your artistic eye and resourcefulness may be the perfect foundation for a very lucrative career in gift baskets! A booming market, gift baskets are the most convenient yet thoughtful way for busy corporations to thank clients, for on-the-go families to send holiday wishes, or for real estate agents welcoming new homeowners —the occasions are endless. This hands-on guide takes you step by step into the trendy world of specialty gifts and shows you how to establish and launch your own full- and part-time gift basket business right from your home. Plus, Entrepreneur has scoured the field to interview experts who provide from-the-trenches examples, advice and tips to help you avoid common mistakes and get on your way to success! Learn how to: • Set up your business with minimal startup investment • Buy low-cost materials and supplies • Develop your product list • Build valuable relationships with suppliers • Effectively market yourself and capture new clients • Price your product • Manage operations A world of possibilities and big profits awaits! Get started today!

Book Title : Frank McKinney s Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success

frank mckinney s maverick approach to real estate success

Release Date : 2006-03-27
ISBN Code : 9780471787181
Book Author : Frank E. McKinney
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 253

Book Summary :

Praise for Frank McKinney "My neighbor, Frank McKinney, is certainly a maverick and a spiritually grounded young man. The oceanfront homes he builds here in Florida are magnificent and unique. More important, Frank's life and the contributions he makes to his community and the world illustrate how a successful businessman can do well while doing good. The principles in Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success represent a road map of his achievements--a proven strategy for succeeding not just in real estate, but also in the business of life." --Rich DeVos, cofounder of Amway, owner of the Orlando Magic "If you're ready to make big profits in real estate, then read, absorb, and use the brilliance of Frank McKinney." --Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor of The One Minute Millionaire "Frank McKinney's book is an excellent how-to guide to earning real estate profits by using McKinney's maverick formulas to find undervalued real estate with profit potential. McKinney is different. This isn't another how-to-get-rich-in-real-estate book. Instead, it is the lively success story of a real estate maverick. McKinney reveals his simple strategies, with intriguing personal profit examples that explain how his repeatable techniques work over and over." --Robert J. Bruss, syndicated real estate columnist "If Hollywood were casting the role of a maverick who started with very little and went from a $50,000 fixer-upper to a $100 million mansion, they would choose Frank McKinney. Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success represents his approach to life. He decided to apply that approach to real estate and look what happened!" --Kendra Todd, winner of The Apprentice

Book Title : Wealth Building Strategies in Energy Metals and Other Markets

wealth building strategies in energy metals and other markets

Release Date : 2010-10-05
ISBN Code : 0470912677
Book Author : Chris Waltzek
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

How to find diverse investment opportunities in the emergent global economy This just-in-time book will help any investor find safe havens that will turn the economic downturn into a unique wealth-building experience. As long as stocks continue to post new highs and surprising lows, investors will need dynamic strategies to make a profit. Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals, and Other Markets explains that money management and long-term trend identification are the keys to investing success. This groundbreaking book includes a proprietary investing system that targets the widest possible array of global indexes with low correlations. Examines what's next for the housing and energy markets Breaks down major topics such as banking, credit, inflation and deflation, and the mortgage bubble, and shows investors what to expect Offers a key to turning finances around and a path for continued successful investing The author–host of the popular Goldseek Radio show–includes frequently asked questions and offers expert investing advice.

Book Title : Find It Fix It Flip It

find it fix it flip it

Release Date : 2006-01-31
ISBN Code : 9781101219409
Book Author : Michael Corbett
Book Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

“Shows us how to turn passion into profit."—Tony Robbins, bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within Michael Corbett—host of Extra’s Mansions and Millionaires—shares his strategies, tips, and never-before-revealed insider techniques that have helped him make a fortune in real estate. This book is for aspiring flippers, first-time home buyers, or any homeowner who wants to create big profits and own their ultimate dream home—mortgage free! Starting with the essentials, Corbett shares how to crunch the numbers to instantly determine a house’s profit potential. He then covers every step from purchase to sale: • Get the profit-making house at the price you can afford • Make the improvements that make you millions • Insider secrets that save you thousands • Take advantage of the market’s ups and downs • Sell your home tax free and pocket the profits Filled with practical tips, illustrated with before-and-after case studies and easy to use charts and worksheets, Find It, Fix It, Flip It! offers the insider expertise needed to tap into an exciting—and potentially limitless—new source of income and financial independence. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Book Title : Empire of Lies

empire of lies

Release Date : 2009-04-26
ISBN Code : 9781594032844
Book Author : Guy Sorman
Book Publisher : Encounter Books
Total Pages : 267

Book Summary :

Before the totalitarian reign of Mao Zedong and his immediate successors, never in human history had an entire nation been under such intense surveillance. The Chinese not only had to speak alike; they had to think alike. Traveling to China regularly since 1967, and spending all of 2005 and 2006 there, Guy Sorman saw it all, and in this jaw-dropping book, he documents the horrifying stories of China through the 21st century. He shows how the Party's primary concern is not improving the lives of the downtrodden; it seeks power more than it seeks social development. It expends extraordinary energy in suppressing Chinese freedoms-the media operate under suffocating censorship, and political opposition can result in expulsion or prison-even as it tries to seduce the West, which has conferred greater legitimacy on it than do the Chinese themselves.

Book Title : Another 4 Years

another 4 years

Release Date : 2012-08
ISBN Code : 9781477157794
Book Author : Emily Gaddi
Book Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 70

Book Summary :

Emily Gaddi is a doctoral student at Pepperdine University in their School of Education and Psychology. She is majoring in Organizational Leadership. She earned her Masters degree in 2009 at University of Redlands in Redlands, California. She completed her Bachelors degree with a major in Philosophy at University of Santo Tomas in 1987 Manila, Philippines. Majority of her background is retailing from the buying office and retail management. She is a people person. According to Emily, in order to be successful in your chosen career, you have to be happy and have the ability to make people happy, then excellent productivity will follow.

Book Title : Real Estate Presentations that Make Millions

real estate presentations that make millions

Release Date : 2007-01-01
ISBN Code : 0814474012
Book Author : Jim Remley
Book Publisher : Amacom Books
Total Pages : 251

Book Summary :

For real estate professionals, a great presentation is often what makes the difference when it comes to gaining a client or closing a sale. Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions gives readers the tools and advice they need to create and deliver the kind of powerful presentations that win important listings and show off property to greatest effect. This is an indispensable book for agents and brokers who want to increase their business and earnings, even in a heartlessly competitive market.

Book Title : Making Millions For Dummies

making millions for dummies

Release Date : 2009-01-06
ISBN Code : 0470464550
Book Author : Robert Doyen
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

The must-have guide to achieving great wealth Making Millions For Dummies lays out in simple, easy-to-understand steps the best ways to achieve wealth. Through a proven methodology of saving, building a successful business, smart investing, and carefully managing assets, this up-front, reliable guide shows readers how to achieve millionaire or multimillionaire status. It provides the lowdown on making wise financial decisions, with guidance on managing investments and inheritances, minimizing taxes, making money grow, and, most important, how to avoid common and costly financial mistakes. Millionaire wannabes will see how to maintain financial security throughout their life with this easy-to-follow road map to financial independence. For individuals who yearn to make millions but don't want to be restricted to owning or running a business, the book features other options, such as inventing and patenting the next big thing, consulting, selling high-value collectibles, and flipping or owning real estate.