Book Title : Roosevelt and the Holocaust

roosevelt and the holocaust

Release Date : 2013-06-01
ISBN Code : 9781626363663
Book Author : Robert L. Beir
Book Publisher : Skyhorse
Total Pages : 368

Book Summary :

A thorough examination of FDR’s response to the rise of anti-Semitism and the genocidal Nazi regime. In the same year that Franklin Delano Roosevelt began his presidency, teenager Robert Beir experienced a shock when a classmate called him a “dirty Jew.” Over the next twelve years, FDR would restore optimism and help a suffering and fearful nation emerge from the Great Depression, saving the capitalist system from collapse and then defeating Hitler. The young Robert Beir, like countless other American Jews, revered him—but in looking back at history, questions haunted him: How much did the president know about what was going on in Germany? Could he have done more? Why wasn’t there a more urgent rescue effort? In this well-researched and provocative book, Bier paints an unvarnished portrait of a man caught in the confusion and chaos of global upheaval and war—celebrating his extraordinary leadership, while also exploring the whys and what-ifs to offer a thoughtful assessment of how America can exert moral authority in the most challenging times.

Book Title : FDR and the Holocaust

fdr and the holocaust

Release Date : 2016-04-30
ISBN Code : 9781137037640
Book Author : NA NA
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 278

Book Summary :

The contributors to this volume take a hard look at Roosevelt's reaction to the Holocaust.

Book Title : Saving the Jews

saving the jews

Release Date : 2007-04-16
ISBN Code : WISC:89082332065
Book Author : Robert N. Rosen
Book Publisher : Basic Books
Total Pages : 654

Book Summary :

A rigorously researched narrative of the record of the Roosevelt Administration.

Book Title : Accomplices


Release Date : 2011
ISBN Code : 1433114631
Book Author : Alexander J. Groth
Book Publisher : Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Total Pages : 293

Book Summary :

This volume asserts that there was tacit cooperation in the Nazi extermination of the Jewish population of Europe by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War. Although the Allies publicly recognized the Nazi massacre of the Jews in the London Declaration of December 17, 1942, the policies they pursued allowed the genocide to continue. They did so, the author claims, in three ways: (1) refusal to publicly and personally speak about and against the Nazi extermination of the Jews; (2) refusal to commit even one soldier, one plane, or one warship to any forcible opposition to the -Final Solution- throughout the Second World War; and (3) obstruction of Jewish escape from Hitler's Europe. This book explores the motivation for the policies Churchill and Roosevelt pursued."

Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy 1932 1945

franklin d roosevelt and american foreign policy 1932 1945

Release Date : 1995-05-25
ISBN Code : 0199826668
Book Author : Robert Dallek
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 688

Book Summary :

Since the original publication of this classic book in 1979, Roosevelt's foreign policy has come under attack on three main points: Was Roosevelt responsible for the confrontation with Japan that led to the attack at Pearl Harbor? Did Roosevelt "give away" Eastern Europe to Stalin and the U.S.S.R. at Yalta? And, most significantly, did Roosevelt abandon Europe's Jews to the Holocaust, making no direct effort to aid them? In a new Afterword to his definitive history, Dallek vigorously and brilliantly defends Roosevelt's policy. He emphasizes how Roosevelt operated as a master politician in maintaining a national consensus for his foreign policy throughout his presidency and how he brilliantly achieved his policy and military goals.

Book Title : The Holocaust Diaries

the holocaust diaries

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9781452057057
Book Author : Leo V. Kanawada
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 412

Book Summary :

Book One SOULS OF THE JUST The Holocaust in Rome, Italy, during World War II In his Map Room in the bowels of the basement of the White House, President Roosevelt meets surreptitiously in the early days of 1942 with a coterie of his close friends and associates, both Christians and Jews. All are intent on formulating and launching a comprehensive series of actions to save and rescue and preserve the Jews in Europe. Dubbed "The WEJ," they sit dumbfounded as smuggled report after report from inside Nazi-controlled Europe is placed in front of them. Each report details the horrors being inflicted upon European Jewry by Adolf Hitler's minions. The members marvel at the heroic escapades of an anti-Nazi Berlin businessman who risks his life on numerous occasions to bring these reports to neutral Switzerland. To authenticate these reports, Roosevelt enlarges the WEJ throughout Europe and initiates contacts with anti-German government leaders, with members of the Jewish underground, and particularly with Pope Pius XII and the Vatican. It's not until Roosevelt sends America's first ambassador to the Holy See that he learns of how Pius and the Vatican are thoroughly involved and committed to saving the Jews in Rome itself and in Italy, and how Pius agrees with Roosevelt and the WEJ to continue throughout the war and throughout all of Europe to not sit idly by while their brothers in the Jewish faith are in danger. Before and after the SS is ordered into Rome by Hitler in October of 1943 to round up the Jews, Pius and the Italian government and Roosevelt and the WEJ collaborate and secretly conspire, along with the German ambassador, to shelter the Jews and save them from complete and utter annihilation. Leo V. Kanawada, Jr.

Book Title : The Holocaust and Israel Reborn

the holocaust and israel reborn

Release Date : 1994
ISBN Code : 0252063783
Book Author : Monty Noam Penkower
Book Publisher : University of Illinois Press
Total Pages : 361

Book Summary :

In this vivid and persuasive collection, Penkower examines the crucial link between the Holocaust and the rise of the State of Israel, demonstrating how British and American indifference to one of history's greatest crimes confirmed Jewry's need for sovereignty in its historic homeland.

Book Title : FDR and the End of Empire

fdr and the end of empire

Release Date : 2012-09-25
ISBN Code : 9781137025258
Book Author : C. O'Sullivan
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 208

Book Summary :

Based upon extensive archival research in Great Britain, the United States, and the Middle East, including sources never previously utilized such as declassified intelligence records, postwar planning documents, and the personal papers of key officials, this is painstakingly researched account of the origins of American involvement in the Middle East during the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It explores the effort to challenge British and French power, and the building of new relationships with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Levant states. It also reveals new and controversial discoveries about Roosevelt's views on Palestine, his relations with Middle East leaders, and his often bitter conflicts with Churchill and de Gaulle over European imperialism. Modern-day parallels make this story compelling for followers of current events, World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, the Middle East, or British imperialism.

Book Title : Roosevelt s Secret War

roosevelt s secret war

Release Date : 2001-11-06
ISBN Code : 9781588361240
Book Author : Joseph E. Persico
Book Publisher : Random House
Total Pages : 592

Book Summary :

Despite all that has already been written on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Persico has uncovered a hitherto overlooked dimension of FDR's wartime leadership: his involvement in intelligence and espionage operations. Roosevelt's Secret War is crowded with remarkable revelations: -FDR wanted to bomb Tokyo before Pearl Harbor -A defector from Hitler's inner circle reported directly to the Oval Office -Roosevelt knew before any other world leader of Hitler's plan to invade Russia -Roosevelt and Churchill concealed a disaster costing hundreds of British soldiers' lives in order to protect Ultra, the British codebreaking secret -An unwitting Japanese diplomat provided the President with a direct pipeline into Hitler's councils Roosevelt's Secret War also describes how much FDR had been told--before the Holocaust--about the coming fate of Europe's Jews. And Persico also provides a definitive answer to the perennial question Did FDR know in advance about the attack on Pearl Harbor? By temperament and character, no American president was better suited for secret warfare than FDR. He manipulated, compartmentalized, dissembled, and misled, demonstrating a spymaster's talent for intrigue. He once remarked, "I never let my right hand know what my left hand does." Not only did Roosevelt create America's first central intelligence agency, the OSS, under "Wild Bill" Donovan, but he ran spy rings directly from the Oval Office, enlisting well-placed socialite friends. FDR was also spied against. Roosevelt's Secret War presents evidence that the Soviet Union had a source inside the Roosevelt White House; that British agents fed FDR total fabrications to draw the United States into war; and that Roosevelt, by yielding to Churchill's demand that British scientists be allowed to work on the Manhattan Project, enabled the secrets of the bomb to be stolen. And these are only a few of the scores of revelations in this constantly surprising story of Roosevelt's hidden role in World War II.

Book Title : A Companion to Franklin D Roosevelt

a companion to franklin d roosevelt

Release Date : 2011-03-21
ISBN Code : 9781444395174
Book Author : William D. Pederson
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 784

Book Summary :

A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt presents a collection of historiographical essays by leading scholars that provides a comprehensive review of the scholarship on the president who led the United States through the tumultuous period from the Great Depression to the waning days of World War II. Represents a state-of-the-art assessment of current scholarship on FDR, the only president elected to four terms of office and the central figure in key events of the first half of the 20th century Covers all aspects of FDR's life and times, from his health, relationships, and Supreme Court packing, to New Deal policies, institutional issues, and international relations Features 35 essays by leading FDR scholars

Book Title : Franklin D Roosevelt and the Formation of the Modern World

franklin d roosevelt and the formation of the modern world

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : 0765610302
Book Author : Thomas C. Howard
Book Publisher : M.E. Sharpe
Total Pages : 261

Book Summary :

Examines Roosevelt's role in the international arena, focusing on his diplomacy with Europe, Russia, the Baltic states, Canada, and the Caribbean; his relations with American Jews in the face of the Holocaust; his military appointments; and the operation of the Civilian War Services Division.

Book Title : Bearing Witness

bearing witness

Release Date : 1995
ISBN Code : 0815626703
Book Author : Henry L. Feingold
Book Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Total Pages : 322

Book Summary :

Suggest reasons why American efforts failed to stop the Holocaust

Book Title : The Holocaust Diaries Book II

the holocaust diaries book ii

Release Date : 2010-11
ISBN Code : 9781452057200
Book Author : Leo V. Kanawada
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 316

Book Summary :

Book Two THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE JUST The Holocaust in the Italian occupied zone in southern France during World War II Before an Allied military presence exists on the continent, Roosevelt sends Allen Dulles, the future head of America's CIA, to Berne, Switzerland. Through the American legation in Berne and his myriad financial and diplomatic associates in Europe, Dulles courts numerous liaisons to Heinrich Himmler and to the conspiracy groups inside of Germany, assists in the planning of several assassination plots on Hitler's life, and participates in the initial schemes to covertly transfer millions of US dollars from "the Joint" -- the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee -- to various outlets in Europe. Roosevelt and the WEJ back these transfers of "Joint" and US funds to Joint and WEJ contacts in Europe to save or ransom or assist Jews anywhere even if the funds fall into enemy hands as bribes or pad their bank accounts. And one such rescue attempt crops up almost immediately for Dulles and Roosevelt and the WEJ in southern France. In the summer of 1943 with Allied armies poised to invade the continent, Pius and the Vatican, the Italian government and its military, and Roosevelt and the WEJ combine and collaborate with a Jewish-Italian banker, Angelo Donati, and his personal and close confidant, a Capuchin monk, Pierre Marie Benoit, in a bold and courageous scheme to rescue fifty to one hundred thousand Jews trapped in Nice and along the Cote d'Azur of southern France and evacuate them to North Africa. Leo V. Kanawada, Jr.

Book Title : The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust

the columbia guide to the holocaust

Release Date : 2012-07-24
ISBN Code : 9780231528788
Book Author : Donald L. Niewyk
Book Publisher : Columbia University Press
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

Offering a multidimensional approach to one of the most important episodes of the twentieth century, The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust offers readers and researchers a general history of the Holocaust while delving into the core issues and debates in the study of the Holocaust today. Each of the book's five distinct parts stands on its own as valuable research aids; together, they constitute an integrated whole. Part I provides a narrative overview of the Holocaust, placing it within the larger context of Nazi Germany and World War II. Part II examines eight critical issues or controversies in the study of the Holocaust, including the following questions: Were the Jews the sole targets of Nazi genocide, or must other groups, such as homosexuals, the handicapped, Gypsies, and political dissenters, also be included? What are the historical roots of the Holocaust? How and why did the "Final Solution" come about? Why did bystanders extend or withhold aid? Part III consists of a concise chronology of major events and developments that took place surrounding the Holocaust, including the armistice ending World War I, the opening of the first major concentration camp at Dachau, Germany's invasion of Poland, the failed assassination attempt against Hitler, and the formation of Israel. Part IV contains short descriptive articles on more than two hundred key people, places, terms, and institutions central to a thorough understanding of the Holocaust. Entries include Adolf Eichmann, Anne Frank, the Warsaw Ghetto, Aryanization, the SS, Kristallnacht, and the Catholic Church. Part V presents an annotated guide to the best print, video, electronic, and institutional resources in English for further study. Armed with the tools contained in this volume, students or researchers investigating this vast and complicated topic will gain an informed understanding of one of the greatest tragedies in world history.

Book Title : Staging Holocaust Resistance

staging holocaust resistance

Release Date : 2012-04-24
ISBN Code : 9781137000613
Book Author : Gene A. Plunka
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 276

Book Summary :

Plunka argues that drama is the ideal art form to revitalize the collective memory of Holocaust resistance. This comparative drama study examines a variety of international plays - some quite well-known, others more obscure - that focus on collective or individual defiance of the Nazis.

Book Title : The innocence of the just Hungary and Slovakia

the innocence of the just hungary and slovakia

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9781452057859
Book Author : Leo V. Kanawada
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 728

Book Summary :

Book Five THE INNOCENCE OF THE JUST The Holocaust in Hungary and Slovakia during World War II In 1944, Hitler refuses to abandon his plans to deport the last remaining, huge concentration of Jews in Europe. Over one million Jews live relatively untouched in Hungary. He calls for the renovation and enlargement of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. It's only at this time that Roosevelt and the rest of the world learn the truth about Auschwitz and the extermination camps of Poland. To bomb the camps then becomes a grave issue. Discovering also from these covert reports that Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's second-in-command and head of the SS, is willing to secretly negotiate with Roosevelt to end the war, Roosevelt sees the opportunity to preserve even more of the Jews in Europe. He decides to use them as his bargaining chip and sole condition for opening negotiations with Himmler. In the meantime, under the guise of needing a hundred thousand able-bodied Hungarian laborers and their families for the war effort back in Germany, Hitler hoodwinks the elderly Regent of Hungary, Miklos Horthy, and overseas a swift occupation of Hungary in March of 1944 by his Wehrmacht. Over four hundred thousand Jews are deported to Auschwitz in less than two months time by Adolf Eichmann's SS and the newly-installed, pro-Nazi and pro-German quisling Hungarian government and its thousands of rightist police. When Horthy learns the truth about Auschwitz and receives pressure from Roosevelt and the Vatican, he re-exerts his authority and halts the deportations. After an assassination attempt on Hitler in July of 1944, Himmler is encouraged by his associates to also exert his authority and approach Roosevelt's representatives in Switzerland to initiate serious negotiations to bring about a separate peace and an end to the persecution of the Jews. Leo V. Kanawada, Jr.

Book Title : The United States and the Nazi Holocaust

the united states and the nazi holocaust

Release Date : 2018-02-08
ISBN Code : 9781472567208
Book Author : Barry Trachtenberg
Book Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

The United States and the Nazi Holocaust is an invaluable synthesis of United States policies and attitudes towards the Nazi persecution of European Jewry from 1933 right up to the modern day. The book, which includes 20 illustrations, weaves together a vast body of scholarly literature to bring students of the Holocaust a balanced, readable overview of this complex and often controversial topic. It demonstrates that the United States' response to the rise of Nazism, the refugee crisis it provoked, the Holocaust itself, and its aftermath were-and remain to this day-intricately linked to the ever-shifting racial, economic, and social status of American Jewry. Using a broad chronological framework, Barry Trachtenberg navigates us through the major themes and events of this period. He discusses the complicated history of the Roosevelt administration's response to the worsening situation of European Jewry in the context of the ambiguous racial status of Jews in Depression and World War II-era America. He examines the post-war decades in America, and discusses, over a series of chapters, how the Holocaust, like American Jewry itself, came to move from the margins to the very center of American awareness. The United States and the Nazi Holocaust considers the reception of Holocaust survivors, post-war trials, film, memoirs, memorials, and the growing field of Holocaust Studies. The reactions of the United States government, the general public, and the Jewish communities of America are all accounted for in this integrated, detailed survey.

Book Title : A homeland for the just Palestine an historical novel

a homeland for the just palestine an historical novel

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9781452057972
Book Author : Leo V. Kanawada
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

Book ThreeA HOMELAND FOR THE JUST The Holocaust concerning Palestine and the licensing problem and anti-Semitism in the State Department during World War II To assist in the rescuing of the Jews in Europe, Roosevelt and the WEJ see that the establishment of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine is a necessity. He not only condones the use of violence to attain this end, but also subscribes to elaborate schemes to bribe Arab leaders, specifically King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, in order to realize the formation of a Jewish State. Also in defiance of Assistant Secretary of State, Breckinridge Long, and his colleagues at the State Department who attempt to thwart Roosevelt's Palestine policies and European rescue plans, Roosevelt simultaneously initiates and supports the covert transfer of "Joint" and US funds to Joint and WEJ contacts in Europe to save, ransom, or assist Jews anywhere even if the funds fall into enemy hands as bribes or pad Nazi bank accounts. He agrees with the WEJ to violate US law and by-pass his anti-Semitic State Department. It is Henry Morgenthau and his boys at the Treasury Department who compile data and evidence that Long and his people are anti-Semitic and are intentionally blocking Roosevelt's Palestine policies and the licensing and transfer of funds to Europe. They submit a secret report to Roosevelt entitled PERSONAL REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT ON THE ACQUIESCENCE OF THIS GOVERNMENT IN THE MURDER OF THE JEWS, JANUARY 16, 1944, which documents State's anti-Semitic activities and, if made public, would inflict a severe blow to the Roosevelt administration particularly during a presidential election year. Within days of its presentation to Roosevelt, this report leads to the formation of Roosevelt's War Refugee Board and to its overt public mission to save European Jewry. -- Leo V. Kanawada, Jr.

Book Title : The Jewish Enemy

the jewish enemy

Release Date : 2009-06-30
ISBN Code : 0674038592
Book Author : Jeffrey HERF
Book Publisher : Harvard University Press
Total Pages : 400

Book Summary :

The sheer magnitude of the Holocaust has commanded our attention for the past sixty years. The extent of atrocities, however, has overshadowed the calculus Nazis used to justify their deeds. According to German wartime media, it was German citizens who were targeted for extinction by a vast international conspiracy. Leading the assault was an insidious, belligerent Jewish clique, so crafty and powerful that it managed to manipulate the actions of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Hitler portrayed the Holocaust as a defensive act, a necessary move to destroy the Jews before they destroyed Germany. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, and Otto Dietrich's Press Office translated this fanatical vision into a coherent cautionary narrative, which the Nazi propaganda machine disseminated into the recesses of everyday life. Calling on impressive archival research, Jeffrey Herf recreates the wall posters that Germans saw while waiting for the streetcar, the radio speeches they heard at home or on the street, the headlines that blared from newsstands. "The Jewish Enemy" is the first extensive study of how anti-Semitism pervaded and shaped Nazi propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust, and how it pulled together the diverse elements of a delusionary Nazi worldview. Here we find an original and haunting exposition of the ways in which Hitler legitimized war and genocide to his own people, as necessary to destroy an allegedly omnipotent Jewish foe. In an era when both anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories continue to influence world politics, Herf offers a timely reminder of their dangers along with a fresh interpretation of the paranoia underlying the ideology of the Third Reich.