Book Title : The Darker Side of the Renaissance

the darker side of the renaissance

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : 0472089315
Book Author : Walter Mignolo
Book Publisher : University of Michigan Press
Total Pages : 463

Book Summary :

An exploration of the role of the book, the map, and the European concept of literacy in the conquest of the New World

Book Title : The Darker Side of Western Modernity

the darker side of western modernity

Release Date : 2011-12-16
ISBN Code : 9780822350781
Book Author : Walter Mignolo
Book Publisher : Duke University Press
Total Pages : 408

Book Summary :

DIVA new and more concrete understanding of the inseparability of colonialism and modernity that also explores how the rhetoric of modernity disguises the logic of coloniality and how this rhetoric has been instrumental in establishing capitalism as the econ/div

Book Title : Women in the Streets

women in the streets

Release Date : 1996-12-11
ISBN Code : 0801853095
Book Author : Samuel Kline Cohn
Book Publisher : JHU Press
Total Pages : 250

Book Summary :

"These seven essays on women, sex, violence, and piety in Renaissance Italy," writes historian Samuel Cohn Jr., "bespeak the darker side of the Renaissance and, in particular, the decline in Italian women's status from the late fourteenth century until the Counter Reformation visitations of the 1570s. In this sense, these essays run directly counter to Jacob Burckhardt's claim for Renaissance Italy, 'that women stood on a footing of perfect equality with men." Challenging conventional views of the history of women in the Italian Renaissance, Cohn examines the lives primarily of non-elite women and looks at their experiences in various city-states and regions, thus offering a different perspective from the history of aristocratic and well-to-do women in the large city-states. Drawing on a wide range of archival documentation, Cohn also relies on large sets of quantitative material to reveal a multifaceted view of women's social worlds not seen from the letters of patrician ladies or the prescriptive judgments of Renaissance moralists. Within the larger historical contexts of the Black Death, the growth of territorial states, and the Counter Reformation, Women in the Streets charts changes in law, the structure and accessibility of the criminal courts, and the customs and mentalities that shaped women's lot, from infanticide to the control of sexual mores. Ultimately, Cohn argues, women are the protagonists of this book, whether the issue is their support of other women or the resolution of conflict in the streets of Florence, the control of their own dowries or the salvation of their own souls.

Book Title : Renaissance and Reformation

renaissance and reformation

Release Date : 1986
ISBN Code : 0802800505
Book Author : William Roscoe Estep
Book Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Total Pages : 331

Book Summary :

Offers a brief overview of medieval Europe, discusses the Renaissance's influence on the Reformation, and looks at the lives and accomplishments of Luther, Wycliffe, Zwingli, and Calvin

Book Title : Local Histories Global Designs

local histories global designs

Release Date : 2012-08-26
ISBN Code : 9781400845064
Book Author : Walter D. Mignolo
Book Publisher : Princeton University Press
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

Local Histories/Global Designs is an extended argument about the "coloniality" of power by one of the most innovative Latin American and Latino scholars. In a shrinking world where sharp dichotomies, such as East/West and developing/developed, blur and shift, Walter Mignolo points to the inadequacy of current practices in the social sciences and area studies. He explores the crucial notion of "colonial difference" in the study of the modern colonial world and traces the emergence of an epistemic shift, which he calls "border thinking." Further, he expands the horizons of those debates already under way in postcolonial studies of Asia and Africa by dwelling in the genealogy of thoughts of South/Central America, the Caribbean, and Latino/as in the United States. His concept of "border gnosis," or sensing and knowing by dwelling in imperial/colonial borderlands, counters the tendency of occidentalist perspectives to manage, and thus limit, understanding. In a new preface that discusses Local Histories/Global Designs as a dialogue with Hegel's Philosophy of History, Mignolo connects his argument with the unfolding of history in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Book Title : Against War

against war

Release Date : 2008-03-19
ISBN Code : 9780822388999
Book Author : Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Book Publisher : Duke University Press
Total Pages : 360

Book Summary :

Nelson Maldonado-Torres argues that European modernity has become inextricable from the experience of the warrior and conqueror. In Against War, he develops a powerful critique of modernity, and he offers a critical response combining ethics, political theory, and ideas rooted in Christian and Jewish thought. Maldonado-Torres focuses on the perspectives of those who inhabit the underside of western modernity, particularly Jewish, black, and Latin American theorists. He analyzes the works of the Jewish Lithuanian-French philosopher and religious thinker Emmanuel Levinas, the Martiniquean psychiatrist and political thinker Frantz Fanon, and the Catholic Argentinean-Mexican philosopher, historian, and theologian Enrique Dussel. Considering Levinas’s critique of French liberalism and Nazi racial politics, and the links between them, Maldonado-Torres identifies a “master morality” of dominion and control at the heart of western modernity. This master morality constitutes the center of a warring paradigm that inspires and legitimizes racial policies, imperial projects, and wars of invasion. Maldonado-Torres refines the description of modernity’s war paradigm and the Levinasian critique through Fanon’s phenomenology of the colonized and racial self and the politics of decolonization, which he reinterprets in light of the Levinasian conception of ethics. Drawing on Dussel’s genealogy of the modern imperial and warring self, Maldonado-Torres theorizes race as the naturalization of war’s death ethic. He offers decolonial ethics and politics as an antidote to modernity’s master morality and the paradigm of war. Against War advances the de-colonial turn, showing how theory and ethics cannot be conceived without politics, and how they all need to be oriented by the imperative of decolonization in the modern/colonial and postmodern world.

Book Title : Renaissance Literatures and Postcolonial Studies

renaissance literatures and postcolonial studies

Release Date : 2011-06-13
ISBN Code : 9780748688692
Book Author : Shankar Raman
Book Publisher : Edinburgh University Press
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

Shows how Renaissance writers and artists struggled to reconcile past traditions with experiences of 'discovery.' In what ways have colonial and postcolonial studies transformed our perceptions of early modern European texts and images? How have those perceptions enriched our broader understanding of the colonial and the postcolonial? Focusing on English, Portuguese, Spanish and French colonial projects, Shankar Raman explains how encounters with new worlds and peoples irrevocably shaped both Europeans and their 'others'. There are in-depth case studies on: the Portuguese drama and epic of Gil Vicente and Luis Vaz de Camoes; travel narratives and exotic engravings from Theodore de Bry's influential compilations; and the English plays and verse of Christopher Marlowe, John Donne and Richard Brome.

Book Title : Un writing Empire

 un writing empire

Release Date : 1998
ISBN Code : 9042004711
Book Author : Theo d'. Haen
Book Publisher : Rodopi
Total Pages : 321

Book Summary :

The contributors to the present volume, in espousing and extending the programme of such writers as Edward Said, Benedict Anderson, Homi Bhabha, and Gayatri Spivak, lay bare the genealogy of 'writing' empire (thereby, in a sense, 'un-writing' it). One focus is the Caribbean: the retrograde agenda of francophone créolité; the re-writing of empire in the postmodern disengagement of Edouard Glissant; resistance to post-colonial allegiances, and the dissolving of binary categories, in contemporary West Indian writing. Essays on India, Malaysia, and Indonesia explore various aspects of cultural self-understanding in Asia: un-writing high culture through hybrid 'shopping' among Western styles; the use of indigenous oral forms to counter Western hegemony; romantic and anti-romantic attitudes towards empire and the land. A shift to Africa brings a study of Nadine Gordimer's feminist un-writing of Hemingway's masculinist colonising narrative, a searching analysis of Soyinka's restoration of ancient syncretic elements in his West African re-visions of Greek tragedy, changing evaluations of the validity of European civilization in André Gide's representations of Africa, and tensions of linguistic allegiance in Maghreb literature. North America, finally, is brought back into the imperial fold through discussions of Melville's re-writing of travel and captivity narratives to critique the mission of American empire, Leslie Marmon Silko's re-territorialization of expropriated Native American oral traditions, and Timothy Findley's representation of Canada's troubled involvement with its three shaping empires (French, British, American).

Book Title :

Release Date : 2013
ISBN Code : 9785864716922
Book Author : Дэйв Эггерс
Book Publisher : Phantom Press
Total Pages : 448

Book Summary :

Новый роман лидера новой волны американской литературы. Критики окрестили его хипстерским "1984". Начинающаяся как милая, полная всеобщей любви и дружбы, история о рае медиа-сетей, постепенно перерастает в тревожную, апокалиптическую антиутопию, пугающую и завораживающую своей неизбежностью. В этом мире все друг другу готовы помочь: стоит тебе чего-то пожелать, как тут же возникнет стартап, который осуществит твое желание. Мир прекрасен всюду, где его коснулась "Сфера" – могущественная компания, в которой собрались самые продвинутые, самые умные, самые доброжелательные люди со всего мира. "Сфера" творит новый мир – мир, где нет преступлений и преступности, где все друг о друге знают все, где твоя жизнь – открытая книга. Мир без секретов, без зависти и зла. Залогинься, ставь лайки, дружи – и будет тебе счастье навсегда... Мэй Холланд крупно повезло. Ее взяли на работу в идеальную компанию — самую передовую, самую гуманную, самую разумную на свете, средоточие всего мирового прогресса. «Сфера» — союз блистательных умов поколения. Здесь все прислушиваются ко всем и все вдохновенно совершенствуют мир. Здесь Мэй окружают единомышленники, все ее любят, ее труд ценят, начальство тревожится о ее личном благополучии и здоровье ее родных, а за просчеты критикуют мягко, потому что в Мэй верят. «Сфера» — технологический исполин, неуклонно шагающий по пути абсолютного добра. «Сфера» могущественнее «Гугла» и «Фейсбука», в «Сфере» разработаны самые популярные социальные медиа, самая эффективная система интернет-поиска, тысячи приложений, несказанно упрощающих людям жизнь. Что ни день, «Сфера» совершает ослепительные научные и технические прорывы; активно занимается благотворительностью; поощряет сотрудников мечтать и воплощать мечты в жизнь; добивается справедливости и комфорта для всего человечества. Посредством интернета (каким мы знаем его сегодня) «Сфера» (с которой мы пока не сталкивались, но имеем немало шансов столкнуться) строит общество, где власти стопроцентно подотчетны гражданам, а граждане сообща улучшают абсолютно прозрачный мир, где не осталось больше грязных тайн. И вообще никаких тайн не осталось. Ну в самом деле: если ты не делаешь ничего дурного, зачем тебе что-то скрывать? То, что начиналось как утопия наивных идеалистов — цифровое общество, «глобальная деревня», полная свобода информации, всеобщая открытость, готовность делиться, поддерживать, принимать, — стремительно превращается в эпоху кромешного света, где не бывает ночи и никто ни от кого не может спрятаться. В океане обесцененной информации люди тонут. Подлинное приятие, реальная поддержка, настоящее сострадание заменяются виртуальными суррогатами — нажать «мне нравится» под фоткой, поставить смайлик под чужим постом, написать ни к чему не обязывающий комментарий. И каждый постоянно на виду. Кого угодно можно отыскать. Все барахтаются в потоках чужих мнений, страхов, бед, предпочтений, догадок и слухов, потому что лучше захлебываться в социуме, чем оказаться изгоем и дышать разреженным воздухом одиночества. В обстановке всеобщей прозрачности все приглядывают за всеми — вроде бы любуются, но на самом деле следят. Оруэлловский Старший Брат тепло, искренне улыбается, и каждый узнал бы в нем себя, если бы вгляделся, но никто не вглядывается и не вдумывается. Миллионы людей по доброй воле отказываются от свободы, от тайны: боятся, что, исчезнув с глаз толпы, они исчезнут вовсе. И если ты просто хочешь побыть один — берегись. Человечество желает заключить тебя в объятия и не остановится ни перед чем. Будь «Сфера» просто антиутопией, или просто черной комедией, или просто корпоративным триллером, можно было бы не бояться. Однако Дэйв Эггерс написал остроумную, блистательную, отчаянно актуальную и страшную сатиру на наш сегодняшний день. «Корпорация добра», социальные медиа, девальвация общения, повальная и неукротимая жажда признания, готовность жертвовать приватностью ради иллюзии массовой любви и прислушиваться к коллективному разуму, чтобы не остаться наедине с собственным, — все это наша сетевая повседневность, и до реальности «Сферы» нам осталось каких-то полшага. Человечество уже вполне готово к «Сфере» и по большей части опасности не чует. Информация, как известно, хочет быть свободной; мало кто догадывается, что, освободившись, она способна пожрать своих прекраснодушных освободителей.

Book Title : Reading Kant s Geography

reading kant s geography

Release Date : 2011-09-01
ISBN Code : 9781438436067
Book Author : Stuart Elden
Book Publisher : SUNY Press
Total Pages : 392

Book Summary :

Perspectives on Kant's teachings on geography and how they relate his understanding of the world.

Book Title : The Renaissance of Empire in Early Modern Europe

the renaissance of empire in early modern europe

Release Date : 2014-04-14
ISBN Code : 9780521769938
Book Author : Thomas James Dandelet
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 311

Book Summary :

Examines the intellectual and artistic foundations of the Imperial Renaissance in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italy and traces its political realization in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2017-12-18
ISBN Code : 9785457866164
Book Author : Мари Кондо
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Она была странным ребенком и вместо детских игр занималась.... уборкой. В старших классах ее подружки искали идеальную любовь, а она – идеальный способ складывать и хранить носки. Родители думали, что из нее получится неплохая домохозяйка, а она заработала миллионы, помогая людям избавляться от хлама в своих домах.30-летняя Мари Кондо – самый востребованный в мире консультант по наведению порядка и автор революционного «МЕТОДА УБОРКИ КОНМАРИ». Следуя ее рекомендациям, вы наведете порядок дома и в жизни – один раз и навсегда.

Book Title : The Darker Side of Samuel Saul and David

the darker side of samuel saul and david

Release Date : 2008-07-01
ISBN Code : 9781606473290
Book Author : G. D. Vreeland
Book Publisher : Xulon Press
Total Pages : 392

Book Summary :

Now the sequel! Here we watch David become king over Israel. But the table is set for a rather unappetizing meal where brutality, intrigue and questionable morality and ethics are served. We see the turning point and the decline of David's power and possibly his virtue. Like so many in biblical narrative, he does not end well. Leaders take warning: integrity matters. How we respond to God's rules of engagement and how we treat others - especially the disenfranchised - will determine the difference between greatness and mediocrity and how our lives will be evaluated. As with the previous volume, this book can be utilized as a commentary and an aid to the student of Second Samuel, or each section can be read and reflected upon in isolation. I will continue my efforts to be personable but professional, playful but pointed, impassioned at times but always thought provoking. Dr. Vreeland received his Ph.D. from Trinity International University in Theological Studies (Old Testament) in 1994. He served for four academic years at the Nairobi International School of Theology. He then joined the faculty of Northwest Baptist Seminary (Tacoma, Washington) and has concluded eight years there (July '08) as Associate Professor of Semitic Languages and Biblical Literature. He teaches Hebrew, Aramaic and English Bible and related topics. So far as the Church is concerned, his love is serious biblical study as related to integrity and leadership - hence this work on Second Samuel and its prequel on First Samuel. Dr. Vreeland has been married for 27 years to the love of his life, Donna - who is still the finest English Bible scholar on the planet and to whom this volume is gratefully dedicated. They have three grown children.

Book Title : Western Art and the Wider World

western art and the wider world

Release Date : 2013-12-16
ISBN Code : 9781118598740
Book Author : Paul Wood
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Western Art and the Wider World explores the evolving relationship between the Western canon of art, as it has developed since the Renaissance, and the art and culture of the Islamic world, the Far East, Australasia, Africa and the Americas. Explores the origins, influences, and evolving relationship between the Western canon of art as it has developed since the Renaissance and the art and culture of the Islamic world, the Far East, Australasia, Africa and the Americas Makes the case for ‘world art’ long before the fashion of globalization Charts connections between areas of study in art that long were considered in isolation, such as the Renaissance encounter with the Ottoman Empire, the influence of Japanese art on the 19th-century French avant-garde and of African art on early modernism, as well as debates about the relation of ‘contemporary art’ to the past. Written by a well-known art historian and co-editor of the landmark Art in Theory volumes

Book Title : Early Modern Supernatural The Dark Side of European Culture 1400 1700

early modern supernatural the dark side of european culture 1400 1700

Release Date : 2012-01-06
ISBN Code : 9780313393440
Book Author : Jane P. Davidson
Book Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 248

Book Summary :

Devils, ghosts, poltergeists, werewolves, and witches are all covered in this book about the "dark side" of supernatural beliefs in early modern Europe, tapping period literature, folklore, art, and scholarly writings in its investigation. • Illustrations from rare books on witchcraft and demonology • An annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources • Appendices address early modern supernatural art and artists who depicted the dark side as well as important historical individuals

Book Title : The Calling of the Nations

the calling of the nations

Release Date : 2011
ISBN Code : 9780802092410
Book Author : Mark Vessey
Book Publisher : University of Toronto Press
Total Pages : 371

Book Summary :

This wide-ranging collection moves from the earliest Pauline and Rabbinic exegesis through Christian imperial and missionary narratives of the late Roman, medieval, and early modern periods to the entangled identity politics of 'mainstream' nineteenth- and twentieth-century North America.

Book Title : Design and the Question of History

design and the question of history

Release Date : 2015-02-26
ISBN Code : 9781472521606
Book Author : Tony Fry
Book Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Design and the Question of History is not a work of Design History. Rather, it is a mixture of mediation, advocacy and polemic that takes seriously the directive force of design as an historical actor in and upon the world. Understanding design as a shaper of worlds within which the political, ethical and historical character of human being is at stake, this text demands radically transformed notions of both design and history. Above all, the authors posit history as the generational site of the future. Blindness to history, it is suggested, blinds us both to possibility, and to the foreclosure of possibilities, enacted through our designing. The text is not a resolved, continuous work, presented through one voice. Rather, the three authors cut across each other, presenting readers with the task of disclosing, to themselves, the commonalities, repetitions and differences within the deployed arguments, issues, approaches and styles from which the text is constituted. This is a work of friendship, of solidarity in difference, an act of cultural politics. It invites the reader to take a position ? it seeks engagement over agreement.

Book Title : The Columbian Covenant Race and the Writing of American History

the columbian covenant race and the writing of american history

Release Date : 2014-12-18
ISBN Code : 9781137438638
Book Author : James Carson
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 127

Book Summary :

This provocative analysis of American historiography argues that when scholars use modern racial language to articulate past histories of race and society, they collapse different historical signs of skin color into a transhistorical and essentialist notion of race that implicates their work in the very racial categories they seek to transcend.

Book Title : SPQR


Release Date : 2016-11-28
ISBN Code : 9785961445169
Book Author : М.Бирд
Book Publisher : Альпина Паблишер
Total Pages : 696

Book Summary :

Древний Рим — тема всеобщего интереса, опыты знакомства с его образами и историей сопровождают нас в науках, литературе, искусстве. Но насколько близки к реальности наши представления о той эпохе? Книга Мэри Бирд, одного из ведущих мировых специалистов по древней истории, неизбежно изменит многие из них. Сенат и народ, Цицерон и Катилина, Ганнибал, Цезарь, Клеопатра, Август и Нерон... Описывая взаимоотношения власти и человека, политическое устройство и конфликты, становление государственности и империи, знаменитых и никому не известных римлян, автор обрушивает множество мифов, заставляет по иному взглянуть на многие события давней истории. Здесь есть все лучшее, что читатель может найти в научно-популярной литературе: глубокие и всесторонние знания о предмете, великолепный язык рассказчика, умение передать пульс повседневной жизни. Читая о далеком прошлом, мы сопереживаем ему так, словно читаем блог самого Цицерона, словно играем в кости в помпейском трактире.

Book Title : Religion and Ecology

religion and ecology

Release Date : 2014-03-11
ISBN Code : 9780231537100
Book Author : Whitney A. Bauman
Book Publisher : Columbia University Press
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

Moving beyond identity politics while continuing to respect diverse entities and concerns, Whitney A. Bauman builds a planetary politics that better responds to the realities of a pluralistic world. Calling attention to the historical, political, and ecological influences shaping our understanding of nature, religion, humanity, and identity, Bauman collapses the boundaries separating male from female, biology from machine, human from more than human, and religion from science, encouraging readers to embrace hybridity and the inherent fluctuations of an open, evolving global community. As he outlines his planetary ethic, Bauman concurrently develops an environmental ethic of movement that relies not on place but on the daily connections we make across the planet. He shows how both identity politics and environmental ethics fail to realize planetary politics and action, limited as they are by foundational modes of thought that create entire worlds out of their own logic. Introducing a postfoundational vision not rooted in the formal principles of “nature” or “God” and not based in the idea of human exceptionalism, Bauman draws on cutting-edge insights from queer, poststructural, and deconstructive theory and makes a major contribution to the study of religion, science, politics, and ecology.