Book Title : A Law Dictionary of Words Terms Abbreviations and Phrases which are Peculiar to the Law and of Those which Have a Peculiar Meaning in the Law Containing Latin Phrases and Maxims with Their Translations and a Table of the Names of the Reports and Their Abbreviations

a law dictionary of words terms abbreviations and phrases which are peculiar to the law and of those which have a peculiar meaning in the law containing latin phrases and maxims with their translations and a table of the names of the reports and their abbreviations

Release Date : 1916
ISBN Code : 9781584774907
Book Author : James Arthur Ballentine
Book Publisher : The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Total Pages : 632

Book Summary :

Ballentine, James A., Compiler. A Law Dictionary of Words, Terms, Abbreviations and Phrases Which are Peculiar to the Law and of Those Which Have a Peculiar Meaning in the Law. Containing Latin Phrases and Maxims With Their Translations and a Table of the Names of the Reports and Their Abbreviations. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1916]. [vi], 632 pp. Reprint available February, 2005 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-490-8. Cloth. $150. * Reprint of the uncommon first edition. Along with those of Black and Anderson, Ballentine's is one of the most important American dictionaries of the modern era. Containing over 18,000 entries and a 97-page index of American and English law and equity reports, it is renowned for its concision and accuracy. Immediately popular, it went through three editions by 1969 and served as the basis of the College Law Dictionary (First edition, 1931) and the Self-Pronouncing Law Dictionary (1948). The 1916 edition retains its value as a handy but thorough one-volume reference.

Book Title : A Law Dictionary

a law dictionary

Release Date : 1969
ISBN Code : 9785874728069
Book Author : J.A. Ballentine
Book Publisher : Рипол Классик
Total Pages : 1429

Book Summary :

Containing Latin Phrases and Maxims with Their Translations and a Table of the Names of the Reports and Their Abbreviations.

Book Title : Civil Liability for Accidents at Sea

civil liability for accidents at sea

Release Date : 2015-02-24
ISBN Code : 9783662455555
Book Author : Sarah Fiona Gahlen
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 434

Book Summary :

​This book presents a study on civil liability for accidents at sea, with a focus on the interests of parties that are not contractually participating in the maritime enterprise. Shipping and the maritime offshore industry are among the most international businesses in the world, and the operation of ships and facilities at sea can involve very different interests in a wide variety of relationships. Although there is an international legal framework that covers the most frequent types of cases, questions remain regarding the interplay of international and national legislation. Addressing those questions, the first part of this study analyses the rules and the limits of international regulation applicable at sea, namely regarding compensation for pollution damage. The second part focuses on the jurisdictional rules and conflict-of-law rules that may be used to deal with cases beyond the scope of international legislation, in accordance with the law of the sea.​

Book Title : Prince s Bieber Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations

prince s bieber dictionary of legal abbreviations

Release Date : 2008-01-01
ISBN Code : 9780837716251
Book Author : Mary Miles Prince
Book Publisher : William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
Total Pages : 1181

Book Summary :

Contains an extensive range of acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols found in reporters, legal treatises, law reviews, looseleaf services, legal encyclopedias, law dictionaries, legal reference books, and selected other documents. Enables users to identify the meaning of abbreviations and acronyms employed in American legal literature (Part I) and also to identify the abbreviations for titles, names, and terms used (Part II, the reversed portion). Includes abbreviations established by well-recognized authorities as well as abbreviations otherwise devised by authors in their efforts to shorten legal references and citations. This edition provides more than 1,500 new or expanded entries.

Book Title : Good Faith in European Contract Law

good faith in european contract law

Release Date : 2000-06-08
ISBN Code : 0521771900
Book Author : Simon Whittaker
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 720

Book Summary :

For some Western European legal systems the principle of good faith has proved central to the development of their law of contracts, while in others it has been marginalized or even rejected. This book starts by surveying the use or neglect of good faith in these legal systems and explaining its historical origins. The central part of the book takes thirty situations which would, in some legal systems, attract the application of good faith, analyses them according to fifteen national legal systems and assesses the practical significance of both the principle of good faith and its relationship to other contractual and non-contractual doctrines and forms of regulation in each situation. The book concludes by explaining how European lawyers, whether from a civil or common law background, may need to come to terms with the principle of good faith. This was the first completed project of The Common Core of European Private Law launched at the University of Trento.

Book Title : Commercial Law

commercial law

Release Date : 2016-06-03
ISBN Code : 9781483183251
Book Author : John Parris
Book Publisher : Elsevier
Total Pages : 318

Book Summary :

Commercial Law: Made Simple covers the basic principles and concepts of commercial law. The book starts by describing trading entities, such as trading by individuals; corporations; and unincorporated associations, partnerships, and agencies. The book discusses contractual obligations, including topics about the nature and the laws related to contractual obligations, unilateral contracts, and contracts of mutual obligations. The sale of goods is also considered with regard to transference of ownership, the terms of the contract of sale, the rights of an unpaid seller, international trade, and hire purchase and similar transactions. The book further tackles carriage and insurance, assignments, negotiable instruments, and securities. Students taking business studies and courses in law and accountancy and businessmen will find the book an invaluable source of reference and guidance.

Book Title : A Modern View of the Law of Torts

a modern view of the law of torts

Release Date : 2014-05-16
ISBN Code : 9781483156385
Book Author : J. S. Colyer
Book Publisher : Elsevier
Total Pages : 254

Book Summary :

A Modern View of the Law of Torts provides the important aspects of the law of torts, which is an area of law that covers the majority of all civil lawsuits. This book begins with a description of the civil rights of an individual who is wronged by another person, followed by a particular attention to the remedies that are available to people who are wronged by any of the standard torts. Chapters of this book are devoted to specific torts, such as negligence, defamation, and trespass. Specifically, the law of negligence has been fully dealt with, as more and more of the problems of the law of torts are being solved by the courts with reference to the developing principles of the law of negligence. This publication provides an interesting approach to the study of torts, which is equally useful to students and the lay person.

Book Title : The Division of Wrongs

the division of wrongs

Release Date : 2009-06-18
ISBN Code : 9780199562794
Book Author : Eric Descheemaeker
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 300

Book Summary :

Civilian law has typically split the law of wrongs in two: delicts and quasi-delicts. This book begins with an investigation of the origins of the division and its development in a modern civilian jurisdiction, France The work then considers the significance of the civilian division of wrongs according to degrees of blameworthiness (dolus, culpa, casus) for the common law It develops a rather provocative thesis suggesting that thereis a strong case for the adoption of a similar trichotomy for the first-level division of the English law of civil wrongs

Book Title : English Legal System Concentrate

english legal system concentrate

Release Date : 2017-08
ISBN Code : 9780199654239
Book Author : Mark Thomas
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 296

Book Summary :

If you're serious about exam success, it's time to Concentrate!English Legal System Concentrate is the essential study and revision guide for law students looking for extra marks. The clear, succinct coverage enables you to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of this area of law and helps you to succeed in exams.This guide has been rigorously reviewed and is endorsed by students and lecturers for level of coverage, accuracy, and exam advice.Packed with essential information, key cases, revision tips, exam q and as, and more, English Legal System Concentrate is also supported by extensive online resources to take your learning further (* Plan your revision using the printable topic overviews* Pinpoint which areas you need to concentrate on with the diagnostic test* Test your knowledge of the English Legal System with the multiple choice questions and receive feedback on your answers* Improve your essay skills using the outline answers for guidance on what to include and how to structure your answer* Revise the facts and discussions of key cases using the interactive flashcards* Learn the important terms and definitions using the interactive glossary* Check that you have covered the main points of a topic using the key facts lists* Achieve better marks following the advice on revision and exam technique by experienced examiner Nigel Foster, and coursework advice from the authors* Take your research deeper with the further reading suggestions for coursework assignments

Book Title : Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 2005 2008

oxford dictionary of national biography 2005 2008

Release Date : 2013-03-07
ISBN Code : 9780199671540
Book Author : Lawrence Goldman
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 1264

Book Summary :

This book, drawn from the award-winning online Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, tells the story of our recent past through the lives of those who shaped national life.

Book Title : Law


Release Date : 2014-05-15
ISBN Code : 9781483183787
Book Author : D. L. A. Barker
Book Publisher : Elsevier
Total Pages : 444

Book Summary :

Law: Made Simple, 8TH Edition focuses on the history, elements, and interpretation of English law. The publication first elaborates on the historical and legal sources of English law and courts. Discussions cover juries, arbitration, civil, criminal, and other courts, administrative tribunals, legislation, textbooks, local custom, equity, and canon law. The book then takes a look at the judiciary, law officers, and the legal profession, outline of the law of persons, and law of contract. Topics include discharge of contract, remedies for a breach of contract, interpretation of a contract, classification of contracts, essentials of a valid contract, marriage, divorce, corporations, adoption, legitimation, guardianship, solicitors, and barristers. The manuscript examines criminal law, law of succession, law of property, and trusts. Concerns include differences between private and charitable trusts, appointment of trustees, duties and powers of trustees, settlements and trusts for sale, personal representatives, and criminal liability. The text is a valuable source of information for legal experts and researchers interested in English law.