Book Title : Latin Palaeography

latin palaeography

Release Date : 1990-04-12
ISBN Code : 0521367263
Book Author : Bernhard Bischoff
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 291

Book Summary :

First published in 1979, this work, by the greatest living authority on medieval palaeography, offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date account in any language of the history of Latin script. It contains a detailed account of the role of the book in cultural history from antiquity to the Renaissance and outlines the history of book illumination. By setting the development of Latin script in its cultural context, it provides an unrivalled introduction to the nature of medieval Latin culture.

Book Title : Music and Medieval Manuscripts

music and medieval manuscripts

Release Date : 2017-07-05
ISBN Code : 9781351557689
Book Author : Randall Rosenfeld
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 472

Book Summary :

The interdisciplinary approach of Music and Medieval Manuscripts is modeled on the work of the scholar to whom the book is dedicated. Professor Andrew Hughes is recognized internationally for his work on medieval manuscripts, combining the areas of paleography, performance, liturgy and music. All these areas of research are represented in this collection with an emphasis on the continuity between the physical characteristics of medieval manuscripts and their different uses. Albert Derolez provides a landmark and controversial essay on the origins of pre-humanistic script, while Margaret Bent proposes a new interpretation of a famous passage from a fifteenth-century poem by Martin Le Franc. Timothy McGee contributes an innovative essay on late-medieval music, text and rhetoric. David Hiley discusses musical changes and variation in the offices of a major saint?s feast, and Craig Wright presents an original study of Guillaume Dufay. Jan Ziolkowski treats the topic of neumed classics, an under-explored aspect of the history of medieval pedagogy and the transmission of texts. The essays that comprise this volume offer a unique focus on medieval manuscripts from a wide range of perspectives, and will appeal to musicologists and medievalists alike.

Book Title : Islands and Military Orders C 1291 c 1798

islands and military orders c 1291 c 1798

Release Date : 2016-05-06
ISBN Code : 9781317111979
Book Author : Emanuel Buttigieg
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 302

Book Summary :

At the heart of this volume is a concern with exploring levels of interaction between two particular objects of study, islands on the one hand, and military orders on the other. According to Fernand Braudel, islands are, ’often brutally’, caught ’between the two opposite poles of archaism and innovation.’ What happened when these particular environments interacted with the Military Orders? The various contributions in this volume address this question from a variety of angles. 1291 was a significant year for the main military orders: uprooted from their foundations in the Holy Land, they took refuge on Cyprus and in the following years found themselves vulnerable to those who questioned the validity of their continued existence. The Teutonic Order negated this by successfully transferring their headquarters to Prussia; the Knights Templar, however, faced suppression. Meanwhile, the Knights Hospitaller conquest of Rhodes assured both their survival and independence. Islands are often, by definition, seen to be embodiments of 'insularity', of an effort to be separate, distinct, cut-off. Military Orders are, conversely, international in scope, nature and personnel, the 'first international orders of the Church', as they have often been described. Therein lies the crux of the matter: how did insular outposts and international institutions come together to forge distinct and often successful experiments? Hospitaller Rhodes and Malta still impress with their magnificent architectural heritage, but their success went beyond stone and mortar and the story of islands and military orders, as will be clearly shown in this volume, also goes beyond these two small islands. The interaction between the two levels - insulation and internationalisation - and the interstices therein, created spaces conducive to both dynamism and stability as military orders and islands adapted to each other's demands, limitations and opportunities.

Book Title : Philosophy and Humanism

philosophy and humanism

Release Date : 1976
ISBN Code : 9004043780
Book Author : Edward Patrick Mahoney
Book Publisher : Brill Archive
Total Pages : 624

Book Summary :

This volume of essays has been prepared as a tribute to honor a great scholar, Paul Oskar Kristeller. Its genesis dates back to a meeting of several members of the Columbia university seminar on the Renaissance in the Spring of 1969. They resolved to undertake the preparation of a Festschrift with initial intention of presenting it to Professor Kristeller on the occasion of his retirement as a full-time faculty member in the Spring of 1973. -- From Preface (p. [xxi]).

Book Title : Handbook of Medieval Studies

handbook of medieval studies

Release Date : 2011-01-01
ISBN Code : 9783110215588
Book Author : Albrecht Classen
Book Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Total Pages : 2849

Book Summary :

This interdisciplinary handbook provides extensive information about research in medieval studies and its most important results over the last decades. The handbook is a reference work which enables the readers to quickly and purposely gain insight into the important research discussions and to inform themselves about the current status of research in the field. The handbook consists of four parts. The first, large section offers articles on all of the main disciplines and discussions of the field. The second section presents articles on the key concepts of modern medieval studies and the debates therein. The third section is a lexicon of the most important text genres of the Middle Ages. The fourth section provides an international bio-bibliographical lexicon of the most prominent medievalists in all disciplines. A comprehensive bibliography rounds off the compendium. The result is a reference work which exhaustively documents the current status of research in medieval studies and brings the disciplines and experts of the field together.

Book Title : Renaissance Education Between Religion and Politics

renaissance education between religion and politics

Release Date : 2006-01-01
ISBN Code : 0860789896
Book Author : Paul F. Grendler
Book Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Total Pages : 328

Book Summary :

This third volume of articles by Paul F. Grendler explores the connections between education, religion, and politics. It combines detailed research, such as on Erasmus's doctorate and the new schools of the Jesuits and Piarists, with broad overviews of European and especially Italian education. Two of the studies appear here for the first time in English.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2015-10-28
ISBN Code : 9785457556331
Book Author : Стивен Гринблатт
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages : 609

Book Summary :

Ренессанса могло бы и не существовать.Не было бы ни шедевров Леонардо да Винчи и Микеланджело, ни блистательного политического цинизма Макиавелли, ни всей эпохи расцвета наук и искусств, времени создания гениальных произведений живописи, литературы и философии.Не было бы, если бы однажды собиратель старинных рукописей Поджо Браччолини не натолкнулся в монастырской библиотеке на некий старинный манускрипт...Так была обнаружена считавшаяся доселе утраченной поэма Лукреция «О природе вещей», пролежавшая в забвении сотни лет.Рукопись проповедовала крайне «опасные» идеи гуманизма и материализма, учила радоваться жизни, отрицала религиозное ханжество и мракобесие. Она повлияла на формирование мировоззрения Галилея и Фрейда, Томаса Джефферсона, Дарвина и ЭйнштейнаВозрождение поэмы из небытия изменило ход европейской истории.Но как это произошло?..

Book Title : The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism

the cambridge companion to renaissance humanism

Release Date : 1996-02-23
ISBN Code : 0521436249
Book Author : Jill Kraye
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

From the fourteenth to the seventeenth century, humanism played a key role in European culture. Beginning as a movement based on the recovery, interpretation and imitation of ancient Greek and Roman texts and the archaeological study of the physical remains of antiquity, humanism turned into a dynamic cultural programme, influencing almost every facet of Renaissance intellectual life. The fourteen essays in this 1996 volume deal with all aspects of the movement, from language learning to the development of science, from the effect of humanism on biblical study to its influence on art, from its Italian origins to its manifestations in the literature of More, Sidney and Shakespeare. A detailed biographical index, and a guide to further reading, are provided. Overall, The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism provides a comprehensive introduction to a major movement in the culture of early modern Europe.

Book Title : The Book Trade in the Italian Renaissance

the book trade in the italian renaissance

Release Date : 2013-06-21
ISBN Code : 9789004208490
Book Author : Angela Nuovo
Book Publisher : BRILL
Total Pages : 492

Book Summary :

This pioneering study approaches the new printed-book industry in Renaissance Italy from the perspective of its publishers and booksellers, analyzing their responses to the challenges of production and their creative approaches to the distribution and sale of their merchandise.

Book Title : Princely Education in Early Modern Britain

princely education in early modern britain

Release Date : 2015-05-19
ISBN Code : 9781107039520
Book Author : Aysha Pollnitz
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 460

Book Summary :

Liberal education taught Tudor and Stuart monarchs to wield pens like swords and transformed political culture in early modern Britain.

Book Title : The Earthly Republic

the earthly republic

Release Date : 1978-11-01
ISBN Code : 0812210972
Book Author : Benjamin G. Kohl
Book Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
Total Pages : 337

Book Summary :

Italian humanism - Documents written by Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) "How a ruler ought to govern his State"--Coluccio Salutati "Letter to Peregrino Zambeccari" - Leonardo Bruni "Panegyric to the City of Florence" - Francesco Barbaro "On wifely duties" - Poggio Bracciolini "On avarice" - Angelo Poliziano "The Pazzi conspiracy."

Book Title : The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature

the new cambridge bibliography of english literature

Release Date : 1974-08-29
ISBN Code : 0521200040
Book Author : George Watson
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 1282

Book Summary :

More than fifty specialists have contributed to this new edition of volume 1 of The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. The design of the original work has established itself so firmly as a workable solution to the immense problems of analysis, articulation and coordination that it has been retained in all its essentials for the new edition. The task of the new contributors has been to revise and integrate the lists of 1940 and 1957, to add materials of the following decade, to correct and refine the bibliographical details already available, and to re-shape the whole according to a new series of conventions devised to give greater clarity and consistency to the entries.

Book Title : History of Writing

history of writing

Release Date : 2004-04-04
ISBN Code : 9781861895882
Book Author : Steven Roger Fischer
Book Publisher : Reaktion Books
Total Pages : 352

Book Summary :

From the earliest scratches on stone and bone to the languages of computers and the internet, A History of Writing offers a fascinating investigation into the origin and development of writing throughout the world. Commencing with the first stages of information storage, Fischer focuses on the emergence of complete writing systems in Mesopotamia in the fourth millennium BC. He documents the rise of Phoenician and its effect on the Greek alphabet, generating the many alphabetic scripts of the West. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese writing systems are dealt with in depth, as is writing in pre-Columbian America. Also explored are Western Europe's medieval manuscripts and the history of printing, leading to the innovations in technology and spelling rules of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Book Title : Routledge Revivals

routledge revivals

Release Date : 2017-07-05
ISBN Code : 9781351664431
Book Author : Christopher Kleinhenz
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

First published in 2004, Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia provides an introduction to the many and diverse facets of Italian civilization from the late Roman empire to the end of the fourteenth century. It presents in two volumes articles on a wide range of topics including history, literature, art, music, urban development, commerce and economics, social and political institutions, religion and hagiography, philosophy and science. This illustrated, A-Z reference is a cross-disciplinary resource and will be of key interest not only to students and scholars of history but also to those studying a range of subjects, as well as the general reader.

Book Title : Letter Perfect

letter perfect

Release Date : 2007-12-18
ISBN Code : 9780307419088
Book Author : David Sacks
Book Publisher : Broadway Books
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

David Sacks has embarked on a fun, lively, and learned excursion into the alphabet–and into cultural history–in Letter Perfect. Clearly explaining the letters as symbols of precise sounds of speech, the book begins with the earliest known alphabetic inscriptions (circa 1800 b.c.), recently discovered by archaeologists in Egypt, and traces the history of our alphabet through the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans and up through medieval Europe to the present day. But the heart of the book is the twenty-six fact-filled “biographies” of letters A through Z, each one identifying the letter’s particular significance for modern readers, tracing its development from ancient forms, and discussing its noteworthy role in literature and other media. We learn, for example, why letter X may have a sinister and sexual aura, how B came to signify second best, why the word mother in many languages starts with M. Combining facts both odd and essential, Letter Perfect is cultural history at its most accessible and enjoyable. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Book Title : Bartolomeo Scala 1430 1497 Chancellor of Florence

bartolomeo scala 1430 1497 chancellor of florence

Release Date : 2015-03-08
ISBN Code : 9781400867530
Book Author : Alison Brown
Book Publisher : Princeton University Press
Total Pages : 380

Book Summary :

Though Bartolomeo Scala has long intrigued historians, he is a figure whose importance has only recently been appreciated. In Alison Brown's biography Scala emerges as a man of more ability and character than anyone has imagined him to be. We begin to understand why he was employed as chancellor for the almost unrivaled period of thirty-two years. Ms. Brown's study is not only the first extensive treatment of Scala's life but also a significant contribution to our knowledge of Italian Renaissance history and of the contrast between theory and practice in Medicean government. Originally published in 1979. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.