Book Title : The Origin of Capitalism

the origin of capitalism

Release Date : 2002
ISBN Code : 1859843921
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso
Total Pages : 213

Book Summary :

Contains extensive new material, especially on imperialism, anti Eurocentric history, capitalism and the nation-state, and the differences betwee ncapitalism and non-capitalist commerce. Traces the links between the origin of capitalism and globalization, ecological degradation and the current agricultural crisis.

Book Title : The Origin of Capitalism in England 1400 1600

the origin of capitalism in england 1400 1600

Release Date : 2014-06-06
ISBN Code : 9789004271104
Book Author : Spencer Dimmock
Book Publisher : BRILL
Total Pages : 408

Book Summary :

In The Origin of Capitalism in England, 1400-1600, Spencer Dimmock has produced a challenging and multi-layered account of a historical rupture in English feudal society which led to the first sustained transition to agrarian capitalism and consequent industrial revolution.

Book Title : The Pristine Culture of Capitalism

the pristine culture of capitalism

Release Date : 1991
ISBN Code : 0860915727
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso
Total Pages : 200

Book Summary :

A historical essay on old regimes and modern states In this lively and wide-ranging book, Ellen Meiksins Wood argues that what is supposed to have epitomized bourgeois modernity, especially the emergence of a "modern" state and political culture in Continental Europe, signaled the persistence of pre-capitalist social property relations. Conversely, the absence of a "modern" state and political discourse in England testified to the presence of a well-developed capitalism. The fundamental flaws in the British economy are not just the symptoms of arrested development but the contradictions of the capitalist system itself. Britain today, Wood maintains, is the most thoroughly capitalist culture in Europe.

Book Title : Empire of Capital

empire of capital

Release Date : 2005-01
ISBN Code : 1844675181
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso
Total Pages : 182

Book Summary :

Capitalism makes possible a new form of domination by purely economic means, argues Ellen Meiksins Wood. So, surely, even the most seasoned White House hawk would prefer to exercise global hegemony in this way, without costly colonial entanglements. Yet, as Wood powerfully demonstrates, the economic empire of capital has also created a new unlimited militarism. By contrasting the new imperialism to historical forms such as the Roman and Spanish empire, and by tracing the development of capitalist imperialism back to the English domination of Ireland and on the British Empire in America and India, Wood shows how today's capitalist empire, a global economy administered by local states, has come tom spawn a new military doctrine of war without end, in purpose or time.

Book Title : Democracy Against Capitalism

democracy against capitalism

Release Date : 2016-03-01
ISBN Code : 9781786630179
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso Books
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Historian and political thinker Ellen Meiksins Wood argues that theories of “postmodern” fragmentation, “difference,” and con-tingency can barely accommodate the idea of capitalism, let alone subject it to critique. In this book she sets out to renew the critical program of historical materialism by redefining its basic concepts and its theory of history in original and imaginative ways, using them to identify the specificity of capitalism as a system of social relations and political power. She goes on to explore the concept of democracy in both the ancient and modern world, examining its relation to capitalism, and raising questions about how democracy might go beyond the limits imposed on it.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 5382011095
Book Author : Владимир Ильич Ленин
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 119

Book Summary :

Книга предназначена для профессиональных историков, педагогов, философов, а также для широкого круга читателей

Book Title : The Origins of Nonliberal Capitalism

the origins of nonliberal capitalism

Release Date : 2005
ISBN Code : 0801489830
Book Author : Wolfgang Streeck
Book Publisher : Cornell University Press
Total Pages : 261

Book Summary :

In this book, German sociologists and American and Japanese political scientists draw extensively on the work of economists and historians from their home countries, as well as from the United Kingdom and France.

Book Title : The Origins of Industrial Capitalism in India

the origins of industrial capitalism in india

Release Date : 2002
ISBN Code : 0521525950
Book Author : Rajnarayan Chandavarkar
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 492

Book Summary :

The first major study of the relationship between labour and capital in India's economic development in the early twentieth-century. The author considers the spread of capitalism and the growth of the cotton textile industry.

Book Title : The Ellen Meiksins Wood Reader

the ellen meiksins wood reader

Release Date : 2012-10-12
ISBN Code : 9789004230088
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : BRILL
Total Pages : 336

Book Summary :

This Reader includes selections from Ellen Meiksins Wood’s groundbreaking scholarship, providing an overview of her original interpretations of capitalism, precapitalist societies, the state, political theory, democracy, citizenship, liberalism, civil society, the Enlightenment, globalization, imperialism, and socialism.

Book Title : Both Marx and Weber articulated theories of social change and advanced explanations for the origin of capitalism Who was right Or can the two be synthesised

both marx and weber articulated theories of social change and advanced explanations for the origin of capitalism who was right or can the two be synthesised

Release Date : 2003-06-07
ISBN Code : 9783638195232
Book Author : Christine Langhoff
Book Publisher : GRIN Verlag
Total Pages : 6

Book Summary :

Essay from the year 2003 in the subject Sociology - Classics and Theoretical Directions, grade: 2.1 (B), Oxford University (New College), 5 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The study of capitalism is a predominant theme in both Marx’s and Weber’s writings. In conjunction with Marx’s “Capital”, “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by Weber constitutes one of the two great theories of capitalism. However, one has to note that both have written a great deal on the theories of capitalism. Both writers focus on the historical and causal forces shaping capitalist society, but where Marx believed in “economic determinism”, Weber also believed in so-called “non-economic” factors of capitalism. He based his analysis on a number of interconnections he saw between capitalist development and the influences of various spheres of society such as religion, law and political institutions. I am going to give an overview of the two different explanations for the origin of capitalism by Marx and Weber. Further I am going to investigate who of the two was right or whether the two theories can be synthesised. [...]

Book Title : The Retreat from Class

the retreat from class

Release Date : 1998
ISBN Code : 1859842704
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso
Total Pages : 202

Book Summary :

In this classic study, which won the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize, Ellen Wood provides a survey of influential trends in contemporary Marxist theory. Identifying a common trend to dissociate political analysis from class interest, she pursues her own conception of the complex but undeniable relations between class, politics and ideology. In a new introduction, Wood discusses the relevance of The Retreat From Class in a post-Soviet world. She locates post-Marxism as a predecessor to current academic trends such as postmodernism, and argues that a re-examination of class politics by academia is one way out of the current, cynical acceptance of capitalism.

Book Title : The History of Capitalism in Mexico

the history of capitalism in mexico

Release Date : 2014-07-03
ISBN Code : 9780292766112
Book Author : Enrique Semo
Book Publisher : University of Texas Press
Total Pages : 231

Book Summary :

What lies at the center of the Mexican colonial experience? Should Mexican colonial society be construed as a theoretical monolith, capitalist from its inception, or was it essentially feudal, as traditional historiography viewed it? In this pathfinding study, Enrique Semo offers a fresh vision: that the conflicting social formations of capitalism, feudalism, and tributary despotism provided the basic dynamic of Mexico's social and economic development. Responding to questions raised by contemporary Mexican society, Semo sees the origin of both backwardness and development not in climate, race, or a heterogeneous set of unrelated traits, but rather in the historical interaction of each social formation. In his analysis, Mexico's history is conceived as a succession of socioeconomic formations, each growing within the "womb" of its predecessor. Semo sees the task of economic history to analyze each of these formations and to construct models that will help us understand the laws of its evolution. His premise is that economic history contributes to our understanding of the present not by formulating universal laws, but by studying the laws of development and progression of concrete economic systems. The History of Capitalism in Mexico opens with the Conquest and concludes with the onset of the profound socioeconomic transformation of the last fifty years of the colony, a period clearly representing the precapitalist phase of Mexican development. In the course of his discussion, Semo addresses the role of dependency—an important theoretical innovation—and introduces the concept of tributary despotism, relating it to the problems of Indian society and economy. He also provides a novel examination of the changing role of the church throughout Mexican colonial history. The result is a comprehensive picture, which offers a provocative alternative to the increasingly detailed and monographic approach that currently dominates the writing of history. Originally published as Historia del capitalismo en México in 1973, this classic work is now available for the first time in English. It will be of interest to specialists in Mexican colonial history, as well as to general readers.

Book Title : Liberty and Property A Social History of Western Political Thought from the Renaissance to Enlightenment

liberty and property a social history of western political thought from the renaissance to enlightenment

Release Date : 2012-02-01
ISBN Code : 9781844677528
Book Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
Book Publisher : Verso Books
Total Pages : 325

Book Summary :

From Machiavelli, Luther and Calvin to Spinoza, the Levellers and Rousseau, the author takes readers through the formation of the modern state all the way to the Age of Enlightenment, revealing the ideas of liberty, equality, human rights and revolution that emerged from those turbulent times. Original.

Book Title : Capitalism


Release Date : 2011-10-02
ISBN Code : 1461418798
Book Author : Bruce R. Scott
Book Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages : 672

Book Summary :

Two systems of governance, capitalism and democracy, prevail in the world today. Operating simultaneously in partially distinct domains, these systems rely on indirect governance through regulated competition to coordinate actors; inevitably, these systems influence and transform each other. This book rejects the simple equation of capitalism with markets in favor of a three-level system, a model which recognizes that markets are administered by regulators through institutions and governed by a political authority with the power to regulate behavior, punish transgressors, and redesign institutions. This system's emergence required the sovereign to relinquish some power in order to release the energies of economic actors. Rather than spreading through an unguided natural process like trade, capitalism emerged where competitive pressures forced political authorities to take risks in order to achieve increased revenues by permitting markets for land, labor, and capital.

Book Title : Capitalism A Very Short Introduction

capitalism a very short introduction

Release Date : 2004-05-13
ISBN Code : 9780191577611
Book Author : James Fulcher
Book Publisher : OUP Oxford
Total Pages : 160

Book Summary :

What is capitalism? Is capitalism the same everywhere? Is there an alternative? The word 'capitalism' is one that is heard and used frequently, but what is capitalism really all about, and what does it mean? The book begins by addressing basic issues such as 'what is capital?' before discussing the history and development of capitalism through three detailed and absorbing case studies ranging from the tulipomania of seventeenth-century Holland to the recent Enron crisis in America. Fulcher addresses important present day issues, such as New Labour's relationship with capitalism, the significance of global capitalism, and distinctive national models of capitalism. He also explores whether capital has escaped the nation-state by going global, emphasizing that globalizing processes are not new. He discusses the crisis tendencies of capitalism, such as the Southeast Asian banking crisis, the collapse of the Russian economy, and the 1997- 1998 global financial crisis, and asks whether capitalism is doomed. The book ends by asking whether there is an alternative to capitalism, discussing socialism, communal and cooperative experiments, and the alternatives proposed by environmentalists. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2017-09-05
ISBN Code : 9785040307043
Book Author : Милтон Фридман
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Как должны быть устроены институты свободного общества – финансы, образование, социальная помощь, армия, налоговая система и многое другое? Книга нобелевского лауреата Милтона Фридмана «Капитализм и свобода» – один из самых популярных и влиятельных либеральных манифестов послевоенной эпохи, переложивший абстрактные идеалы свободы на язык практической политики.

Book Title : Making the Market

making the market

Release Date : 2010-03-04
ISBN Code : 9781139487054
Book Author : Paul Johnson
Book Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Corporate capitalism was invented in nineteenth-century Britain; most of the market institutions that we take for granted today - limited companies, shares, stock markets, accountants, financial newspapers - were Victorian creations. So were the moral codes, the behavioural assumptions, the rules of thumb and the unspoken agreements that made this market structure work. This innovative study provides the first integrated analysis of the origin of these formative capitalist institutions, and reveals why they were conceived and how they were constructed. It explores the moral, economic and legal assumptions that supported this formal institutional structure, and which continue to shape the corporate economy of today. Tracing the institutional growth of the corporate economy in Victorian Britain and demonstrating that many of the perceived problems of modern capitalism - financial fraud, reckless speculation, excessive remuneration - have clear historical precedents, this is a major contribution to the economic history of modern Britain.

Book Title : Weber Schumpeter and Modern Capitalism

weber schumpeter and modern capitalism

Release Date : 2017-07-20
ISBN Code : 9781315278391
Book Author : John Love
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 262

Book Summary :

This book provides the groundwork for a general theory of modern capitalism by reinterpreting Max Weber’s work on the origins and institutional underpinnings of modern capitalism, and Joseph Schumpeter’s thought on the mechanisms and functioning of the capitalist economy. Focusing on the lesser-known works of both figures, particularly in the case of Weber, whose writings on economics and economic history are frequently overlooked, the author contends that a combination of Schumpeter’s and Weber’s theoretical schemas, incorporating their many valuable insights, provides the basis of a unified, overall theory of modern capitalism that is comprehensive, coherent and persuasive. With attention to the important theoretical connections between Weber and Schumpeter and the respective contributions of both with regard to the nature and workings of capitalism, the author explores the compatibility of the two approaches, arguing that the full significance of the contributions of the two writers has not been adequately appreciated. A systematic and sympathetic comparison and synthesis of the contributions of two of the central figures in social and economic theory, which highlights the enduring relevance of their work in times of political and economic crisis, Weber, Schumpeter and Modern Capitalism will appeal to scholars across the social sciences with interests in social and economic theory, classical sociology and economic history.

Book Title : Time Capitalism and Alienation

time capitalism and alienation

Release Date : 2015-04-28
ISBN Code : 9789004249745
Book Author : Jonathan Martineau
Book Publisher : BRILL
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

In Time, Capitalism and Alienation, Jonathan Martineau provides a socio-historical analysis of the modern temporal regime and its relationship to capitalist development, from the innovation of the clock until the advent of World Standard Time.