Book Title : The Irregulars

the irregulars

Release Date : 2009-09-08
ISBN Code : 9780743294591
Book Author : Jennet Conant
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

A best-selling account describes the intelligence operations of allied forces during World War II as experienced by wounded RAF pilot Roald Dahl, a patriot who infiltrated the upper reaches of Georgetown society and worked with such figures as Churchill, Roosevelt, and spy chief William Stephenson to influence U.S. policy in favor of England. Reprint.

Book Title : With the Irregulars in the Transvaal and Zululand

with the irregulars in the transvaal and zululand

Release Date : 2013-09
ISBN Code : 1230364560
Book Author : W. H. Tomasson
Book Publisher : Theclassics.Us
Total Pages : 42

Book Summary :

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1881 edition. Excerpt: ... availed themselves; it required all your energies to keep them at their work. The Captain of Infantry who commanded the united party had orders to report any officer, sitting down even, to General Wood; and however much the General was liked, no one desired a personal interview with him when he had to speak about a neglect of duty. The wood was principally used in the bakery which was always kept going. The daily ration of wood per man was only three pounds, which was afterwards reduced to one pound, this to cook everything but bread; the men, however, managed to make out with cowdung, which they collected, dried, and used as fuel. On the 16th of April, while escorting waggons to Balte Spruit, a survivor of Zlobane was discovered, a trooper, Grandier of Weatherley's Border Horse; he had been captured on the 28th of March and taken to Ulundi, as he said, though it must have been some other Kraal as his description did not tally with that of Ulundi. He had been sent back to Umbeline's people for torture, but had managed to kill one of his guards, the other running away. Grandier was in a fearful state when found, naked, thin, and almost dying of exhaustion. He said that a day or two before the whole Zulu Army had passed within a short distance on their return march to the Royal Kraal. They had evidently recruited at Zlobane after their defeat. He was promptly cared for. Umbeline had been shot some few days previous by the hand of Captain Prior of the 80th regiment, after a long chase. of some twelve miles; Umbeline who was certainly one of the most dashing of all the Zulu generals, was a Swazi by birth; he was the very man to carry out those guerilla tactics that the Zulus ought to have relied on for success. The kits of the officers who...

Book Title : Ireland


Release Date : 2014-03-06
ISBN Code : 9781780745367
Book Author : Joseph Coohill
Book Publisher : Oneworld Publications
Total Pages : 264

Book Summary :

This fourth edition of Joseph Coohill’s best-selling book has been fully updated to include the latest political, economic, and social developments in Ireland. Starting with the first prehistoric inhabitants of the island, Ireland takes readers right up to the present day through the Great Famine, Home Rule, the Good Friday Agreement, and the economic struggles of the 21st century, covering the major events that have shaped the country. Clear and lucid, Coohill’s writing paints an engaging picture of a people for whom history is a key part of present-day reality. Highly accessible, yet demonstrating a sophisticated level of analysis, this book provides a valuable resource to students and all those wishing to acquaint themselves further with the complex identity of the Irish people.

Book Title : The Code

the code

Release Date : 2012-01-10
ISBN Code : 9780143183440
Book Author : G B Joyce
Book Publisher : Penguin Canada
Total Pages : 352

Book Summary :

For fans of Elmore Leonard and Robert B. Parker, meet hockey scout turned private detective Brad Shade, from “one of the best sports writers on the continent” Brad Shade has been just about everywhere hockey is played. He has ridden the buses in the minors, shared dressing rooms with the legends of the game, closed bars with guys destined for the Hall of Fame, and dropped the gloves with journeymen like himself who’ll never get near it. And even though he’s retired after fourteen years of bouncing around the league with more losses than wins and his net worth eroding, he’s still living out of a suitcase and still taking numbers. That’s his day job—scout for LA, where someone in management owes him a favour from his playing days. But when the brutally murdered body of coaching legend Red Hanratty turns up in the parking lot after an old-timers charity game (Shade goes scoreless, again), Shade’s job of scouting the local phenom starts to overlap with investigating the killing of the kid’s grizzled old coach. When the killer goes after Shade’s girlfriend, he finds out that guys don’t stay in the league because they’re good—they stick around because they’re smart enough to know what needs to get done, and just ornery enough to actually do it. From small-town rinks to the draft tables in the big league, G.B. Joyce introduces us to a character Canadians already love—the fourth-liner with a self-deprecating sense of humour and an oversized will to win—and weaves a story out of strands of resentment, greed, and fear that span generations and build to a surprising, thrilling conclusion.

Book Title : The Civil War in the West

the civil war in the west

Release Date : 2012-03-12
ISBN Code : 9780807869840
Book Author : Earl J. Hess
Book Publisher : UNC Press Books
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

The Western theater of the Civil War, rich in agricultural resources and manpower and home to a large number of slaves, stretched 600 miles north to south and 450 miles east to west from the Appalachians to the Mississippi. If the South lost the West, there would be little hope of preserving the Confederacy. Earl J. Hess's comprehensive study of how Federal forces conquered and held the West examines the geographical difficulties of conducting campaigns in a vast land, as well as the toll irregular warfare took on soldiers and civilians alike. Hess balances a thorough knowledge of the battle lines with a deep understanding of what was happening within the occupied territories. In addition to a mastery of logistics, Union victory hinged on making use of black manpower and developing policies for controlling constant unrest while winning campaigns. Effective use of technology, superior resource management, and an aggressive confidence went hand in hand with Federal success on the battlefield. In the end, Confederates did not have the manpower, supplies, transportation potential, or leadership to counter Union initiatives in this critical arena.

Book Title : Fallen from Grace

fallen from grace

Release Date : 2011-03-15
ISBN Code : 9781429996488
Book Author : M. J. Putney
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Total Pages : 32

Book Summary :

"Fallen from Grace" is a bonus Dark Mirror short story, from author M.J. Putney. Allarde, a gorgeous, wealthy noble, has hidden his true nature. In "Fallen from Grace," delve into Allarde's diary and read about his life at the exclusive school Eton, the discovery of his magic, and his sudden fall from grace. Will Allarde be disinherited from his family estate? How will he survive life at the dreary Lackland Abbey—the reform school for children with shameful magical abilities? But soon Allarde discovers an exciting secret within the grounds of Lackland. Also included is a preview of M.J. Putney's novel Dark Mirror.

Book Title : The Soldier s Farewell

the soldier s farewell

Release Date : 2012-05-10
ISBN Code : 9780230763166
Book Author : Alan Monaghan
Book Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Total Pages : 208

Book Summary :

Dublin, 1921. The Irish War of Independence comes to a head, in a conflict that will pit Irishman against Irishman, brother against brother . . . Stephen Ryan, an Irishman who fought for the British in the trenches, is sent to London where negotiations are beginning. He leaves behind his brother, Joe, who has been jailed for his actions in the IRA. There are those on both sides who would see the Treaty fail and Stephen soon finds himself beset by problems – a legal dispute, a blackmail attempt, even a plot to assassinate Winston Churchill. This is a story about two brothers, played out against the political and military upheavals that racked Ireland in the 1920s. The Anglo–Irish Treaty brings the war with the British to a close, but a new war is emerging and Stephen finds himself once more called upon as a soldier. Assassinations and guerrilla warfare are the backdrop to the call to arms, as both sides attempt to force a new order.

Book Title : The Final Meeting

the final meeting

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9780439836722
Book Author : Tracy Mack
Book Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Total Pages : 248

Book Summary :

Master detective Sherlock Holmes sets an elaborate trap to capture the wicked Professor Moriarty and dismantle his criminal organization, but Moriarty has his own plans.

Book Title : Crossing the Buffalo

crossing the buffalo

Release Date : 2012-06-28
ISBN Code : 9781409125723
Book Author : Adrian Greaves
Book Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 384

Book Summary :

A new and complete history of Zululand, and its destruction at the hands of the British in 1879. This book is not only a complete history of the Zulus but also an account of the way the British won absolute rule in South Africa. In the early decades of the nineteenth century, Shaka Zulu established a nation in south-east Africa which was to become the most politically sophisticated and militarily powerful black nation in the entire area. Although the Zulus never had any quarrel with their British neighbours, the rulers of the Cape Colony could not conceive of them as anything but a threat. In 1879, under dubious pretences, the British finally crossed the Buffalo River, and embarked on a bloody war that was to rock the very foundations of the British Empire. The story is studded with tales of incredible heroism, drama and atrocity on both sides: the Battle of Isandlwana, where the Zulus inflicted on the British the worst defeat a modern army has ever suffered at the hands of men without guns; Rorke's Drift, where a handful of British troops beat off thousands of Zulu warriors and won a record 11 VCs; and Ulundi, where the Zulus were finally crushed in a battle that was to herald some of the most shameful episodes in British Colonial history. Comprehensive, vast in scope, and filled with original and up-to-date research, this is a book that is set to replace all standard works on the subject.

Book Title : Epic of Evolution

epic of evolution

Release Date : 2005-12-22
ISBN Code : 9780231509602
Book Author : Lola Judith Chaisson
Book Publisher : Columbia University Press
Total Pages : 504

Book Summary :

In this enthralling and illuminating book, Eric Chaisson, author of the classic work Cosmic Dawn, synthesizes current scientific thinking regarding the origin and evolution of the universe. How did everything around us-the air, the land, the sea, and the stars-come to be? What is the source of order, form, and structure characterizing all material things? Drawing on recent breakthroughs in astrophysics and biochemistry, Chaisson explores the development of the most microscopic and the most immense aspects of our universe, including the idea that all objects-from quarks and quasars to microbes and minds-are interrelated. Epic of Evolution is a stunning view of how various changes, operating across almost incomprehensible domains of space and nearly inconceivable stretches of time-all by means of the cosmic evolutionary combination of chance and necessity-have given rise to our galaxy, our star, our planet, and ourselves.

Book Title : Von Weizsacker s Diary

von weizsacker s diary

Release Date : 2009-10-06
ISBN Code : 9781452307220
Book Author : Jacques Evans
Book Publisher : Jacques Evans
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

In the last days of World War II, an American bomber sinks a German submarine in the West Indies. The crew manages to board life rafts but a squall approaches and the weather turns deadly. Weeks later, off the Florida coast, a fishing boat recovers a life raft with two dead men aboard. One of the men is the submarine's captain, Oberleutnant von Weizsacker. The fishing boat captain finds a diary in a waterproof pouch sewn into von Weizsacker's jacket. He scans a few pages but is unable to read German. The captain tosses the diary and other personal effects into a shoe box. He turns the corpses and their identification tags over to the coast guard but neglects to mention he retrieved some personal effects. Twenty-eight years later, the diary turns up at a Florida flea market.

Book Title : Rebels in the Rockies

rebels in the rockies

Release Date : 2014-07-16
ISBN Code : 9781476614380
Book Author : Walter Earl Pittman
Book Publisher : McFarland
Total Pages : 260

Book Summary :

The Civil War in 1861 found Southerners a minority throughout the West. Early efforts to create military forces were quickly suppressed. Many returned to the South to fight while others remained where they were, forming a potentially disloyal population. Underground movements existed throughout the war in Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and even Idaho. Repeatedly betrayed and overwhelmed by Union forces and without communications with the South, these groups were ineffective. In southern New Mexico, Southerners, who were the majority, aligned themselves with the Confederacy. Four small companies of irregulars, one Hispanic, fought (effectively) as part of the abortive Confederate invasion force of 1861-2. The most famous of these, the "Brigands," were close in function to a modern special forces unit. In 1862 the Brigands were sent into Colorado to join up with a secret army of 600-1,000 men massing there, but were betrayed. Returning to Texas, the Brigands and the other irregulars were used for special operations in the West throughout the War; they also fought in the Louisiana-Arkansas campaigns of 1863-4.

Book Title : Irregular Lives

irregular lives

Release Date : 2016-11-29
ISBN Code : 9781787050341
Book Author : Kim Krisco
Book Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
Total Pages : 292

Book Summary :

Sherlock Holmes's relationship with the band of street Arabs known at the Baker Street Irregulars has largely been untold ... until now. Holmes sometimes relied upon a gang of adolescent boys and girls who he recruited from the slums of London. Indeed, some of Sherlock Holmes's most bizarre cases involved the irregulars: a hideous execution of a man who had been strapped to the barrel of cannon, a fiend who hoped he could live forever on the blood of others, and the largest jewel robbery in Britain. Irregular Lives begins in post WWI London, when Holmes visits a mysterious photography exhibit that has him recall adventures with Wiggins, Ugly, Kate, and other members of his urban army. But, his reminiscences are merely a prelude to a thrilling adventure that begins when a jolly reunion with the irregulars abruptly erupts in a terrible tragedy. If you were ever curious about how Holmes shaped and changed the lives of the irregulars, and how they transformed his life ... then, this is the book for you.

Book Title : Dark Passage

dark passage

Release Date : 2011-09-13
ISBN Code : 9781429984423
Book Author : M. J. Putney
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

The Irregulars return home to 1803 England safely, but their worldview has changed. Not only have their heroic efforts at Dunkirk given them pride and confidence but their dangerous mission has increased their magical powers. Tory delights in the ever deepening bond she shares with Allarde until she discovers how powerfully he is connected to his ancient family estate—the lands he will not inherit unless he denies his magical powers and chooses a nonmagical mate. If Tory really loves him, she must walk away—but does she have the strength to leave the love of her life? Cynthia's heroic efforts at Dunkirk have won her the respect of the Irregulars, but her sharp tongue keeps everyone at a distance. Isolated and very alone at Lackland Abbey over the Christmas holidays, she reluctantly agrees to join Jack Rainford and his family for their celebration even though they're commoners, far below her own noble rank. The warm welcome of the Rainfords makes her feel happier and more accepted than she has ever been. But she can't possibly be falling in love with flirtatious Jack! Can she? Then the Irregulars are drawn into a dangerous attempt to rescue a vitally important French scientist from Nazi-occupied France. Tory and Allarde must work together because countless lives are at stake. Disaster strikes and not only is their mission threatened, but their very lives. Can magic and their loyalty to each other help them survive to return home? Find out in Dark Passage--M.J. Putney's thrilling follow-up to Dark Mirror.

Book Title : The Codification of Medical Morality

the codification of medical morality

Release Date : 2007-08-26
ISBN Code : 9780585274447
Book Author : R.B. Baker
Book Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages : 241

Book Summary :

Like many novel ideas, the idea for this volume and its predecessor arose over lunch in the cafeteria of the old Wellcome Institute. On an atternoon in Sept- ber 1988, Dorothy and Roy Porter, and I, sketched out a plan for a set of conf- ences in which scholars from a variety of disciplines would explore the emergence of modern medical ethics in the English-speaking world: from its pre-history in the quarrels that arose as gentlemanly codes of etiquette and honor broke down under the pressure of the eighteenth-century "sick trade," to the Enlightenment ethics of John Gregory and Thomas Percival, to the American appropriation process that culminated in the American Medical Association's 1847 Code of Ethics, and to the British turn to medical jurisprudence in the 1858 Medical Act. Roy Porter formally presented our idea as a plan for two back-to-back c- ferences to the Wellcome Trust, and I presented it to the editors of the PHI- LOSOPHY AND MEDICINE series, H. Tristram Engeihardt, Jr. and Stuart Spicker. The reception from both parties was enthusiastic and so, with the financial backing of the former and a commitment to publication from the latter, Roy Porter, ably assisted by Frieda Hauser and Steven Emberton, - ganized two conferences. The first was held at the Wellcome Institute in - cember 1989; the second was sponsored by the Wellcome, but was actually held in the National Hospital, in December 1990.

Book Title : Death Is a Two Stroke Penalty

death is a two stroke penalty

Release Date : 2007-04-01
ISBN Code : 9780975467602
Book Author : James Y. Bartlett
Book Publisher : Yeoman House
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

Death Stalks The Fairways! Behind the scenes of the Carolinas Open, golf writer Pete Hacker is confronted with the death of an up-and-coming star. Was his death an accident? Or was it murder? A drug-dealing caddie, a desperate golf groupie and a strange, Bible-thumping chaplain are just some of the characters Hacker encounters as he tries to sort out the truth. The story turns deadly when Hacker's own life is threatened. From the first tee to the last putt, this debut Hacker golf mystery (slightly updated and revised from the original published in 1991) is an exciting trip behind the ropes of professional golf.

Book Title : Opium Wars

opium wars

Release Date : 2004-02-01
ISBN Code : 1402229690
Book Author : W. Travis Hanes III
Book Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Total Pages : 352

Book Summary :

In this tragic and powerful story, the two Opium Wars of 1839 1842 and 1856 1860 between Britain and China are recounted for the first time through the eyes of the Chinese as well as the Imperial West. Opium entered China during the Middle Ages when Arab traders brought it into China for medicinal purposes. As it took hold as a recreational drug, opium wrought havoc on Chinese society. By the early nineteenth century, 90 percent of the Emperor's court and the majority of the army were opium addicts. Britain was also a nation addicted-to tea, grown in China, and paid for with profits made from the opium trade. When China tried to ban the use of the drug and bar its Western smugglers from it gates, England decided to fight to keep open China's ports for its importation. England, the superpower of its time, managed to do so in two wars, resulting in a drug-induced devastation of the Chinese people that would last 150 years. In this page-turning, dramatic and colorful history, The Opium Wars responds to past, biased Western accounts by representing the neglected Chinese version of the story and showing how the wars stand as one of the monumental clashes between the cultures of East and West. "A fine popular account."-Publishers Weekly "Their account of the causes, military campaigns and tragic effects of these wars is absorbing, frequently macabre and deeply unsettling."-Booklist