Book Title : The Mountain of the Women

the mountain of the women

Release Date : 2002-04-30
ISBN Code : 9780385505345
Book Author : Liam Clancy
Book Publisher : Doubleday
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

In an irresistible tale of a life lived fully, if not always wisely, Liam Clancy, of the legendary Irish group the Clancy Brothers, describes his eventful journey from a small town in Ireland in the 1930s into the heart of the New York music scene in the 1950s and ’60s. Following in the grand tradition of such Irish memoirs as Angela’s Ashes and Are You Somebody?, Liam Clancy relates his life’s story in a raucously funny and star-studded account of moving from provincial Ireland to the bars and clubs of New York City, to the cusp of fame as a member of Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers. Born in 1935, the eleventh out of as many children, young Liam was a naive and innocent lad of the Old Country. His memories of childhood include bounding over hills, streams, and the occasional mountain, getting lost, and eventually found, and making mischief in the way of a typical Irish boy. As an aimless nineteen-year-old, Clancy met a strange and wonderfully energetic lover of music, Ms. Diane Guggenheim, an American heiress. She and a colleague from America had set out to record regional Irish folk music, and their undertaking led them to Carrick-on-Suir in the shadow of Slievenamon, "The Mountain of the Women," where Mammie Clancy had been known to carry a tune or two in her kitchen. Guggenheim fell for young Liam and swept him along on her travels through the British Isles, the American Appalachians, and finally Greenwich Village, the undisputed Mecca for aspiring artists of every ilk in the late 1950s. Clancy was in New York to become an actor. But on the side, he played and sang with his brothers, Paddy and Tom, and fellow countryman Tommy Makem, in pubs like the legendary White Horse Tavern. In the heady atmosphere of the Village, Clancy’s life was a party filled with music, sex, and McSorley’s. His friendships with then-unknown artists such as Bob Dylan, Maya Angelou, Robert Redford, Lenny Bruce, Pete Seeger and Barbra Streisand form the backdrop of the charming adventures of a small-town boy making it big in the biggest of cities. In music circles, the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are known as the Beatles of Irish music. The band’s music continues to play on jukeboxes in pubs and bars, in living rooms of folk music fans, and in Irish American homes throughout the country. Liam Clancy’s lively memoir captures their wild adventures on the road to fame and fortune, and brings to life a man who never lets himself off the hook for his sins, and happily views his success as a blessing. From the Hardcover edition.

Book Title : Moving the Mountain

moving the mountain

Release Date : 1980
ISBN Code : 0912670614
Book Author : Ellen Cantarow
Book Publisher : Feminist Press at CUNY
Total Pages : 166

Book Summary :

The role of women in creating social change is illuminated in the stories of Florence Luscomb, Ella Baker, and Jessie Lopez De La Cruz

Book Title : Daughters of the Mountain

daughters of the mountain

Release Date : 2010-11-01
ISBN Code : 0271045183
Book Author : Suzanne E. Tallichet
Book Publisher : Penn State Press
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Much has been written over the years about life in the coal mines of Appalachia. Not surprisingly, attention has focused mainly on the experiences of male miners. In Daughters of the Mountain, Suzanne Tallichet introduces us to a cohort of women miners at a large underground coal mine in southern West Virginia, where women entered the workforce in the late 1970s after mining jobs began opening up for women throughout the Appalachian coalfields. Tallichet's work goes beyond anecdotal evidence to provide complex and penetrating analyses of qualitative data. Based on in-depth interviews with female miners, Tallichet explores several key topics, including social relations among men and women, professional advancement, and union participation. She also explores the ways in which women adapt to mining culture, developing strategies for both resistance and accommodation to an overwhelmingly male-dominated world.

Book Title : The Magnificent Mountain Women

the magnificent mountain women

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : 0803289952
Book Author : Janet Robertson
Book Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Total Pages : 220

Book Summary :

Since the Pikes Peak gold rush in the mid?nineteenth century, women have gone into the mountains of Colorado to hike, climb, ski, homestead, botanize, act as guides, practice medicine, and meet a variety of other challenges, whether for sport or for livelihood. Janet Robertson recounts their exploits in a lively, well-illustrated book that measures up to its title, The Magnificent Mountain Women. Arlene Blum provides a new introduction to this edition.

Book Title : Moving the Mountain

moving the mountain

Release Date : 1999
ISBN Code : 0252067827
Book Author : Flora Davis
Book Publisher : University of Illinois Press
Total Pages : 628

Book Summary :

Presents the story of the struggles and triumphs of thousands of activists who achieved 'half a revolution' between 1960 and 1990. This book presents a grass-roots view of the small steps and giant leaps that have changed laws and institutions as well as the prejudices and unspoken rules governing a woman's place in American society.

Book Title : Women of the Mountain South

women of the mountain south

Release Date : 2015-03-15
ISBN Code : 9780821445228
Book Author : Connie Park Rice
Book Publisher : Ohio University Press
Total Pages : 504

Book Summary :

Scholars of southern Appalachia have tended to focus their research on men, particularly white men. While there have been a few important studies of Appalachian women, no one book has offered a broad overview across time and place. With this collection, editors Connie Park Rice and Marie Tedesco redress this imbalance, telling the stories of these women and calling attention to the varied demographics of those who call the mountains home. The essays that make up Women of the Mountain South contradict and debunk entrenched stereotypes of Appalachian women as poor and white, and they bring to life women too often neglected in the history of the region. Each focuses on a particular individual or a particular group, but taken as a whole, they illustrate the diversity of women who live in the region and the richness of their life experiences. The Mountain South has been home to Cherokee, African American, Latina, and white women, both rich and poor. Civil rights and gay rights advocates, environmental and labor activists, prostitutes, and coal miners — all have worked, played, and loved in the place called the Mountain South and added to the fullness of its history and culture. The collection is supplemented with key documents that make the volume ideal for the classroom. Contributors: H. Adam Ackley, Katherine Lane Antolini, Joyce M. Barry, Deborah L. Blackwell, Carletta A. Bush, Wilma A. Dunaway, Barbara J. Howe, John C. Inscoe, Lois Lucas, Penny Messinger, Louis C. Martin, Evelyn Ashley Sorrell, Connie Park Rice, Marie Tedesco, Karen W. Tice, and Jan Voogd.

Book Title : Circles on the Mountain

circles on the mountain

Release Date : 2016-07-25
ISBN Code : 9781498535311
Book Author : Janet M. Powers
Book Publisher : Lexington Books
Total Pages : 244

Book Summary :

This book combines scholarly research with first-person interviews to examine the current state of women in Bosnia twenty years after the Balkan War—their emotional recovery, their economic situation, and their prospects for the future. It describes how two of the worst issues affecting Bosnian women today are domestic violence and trafficking. Both are being addressed successfully by Bosnian women’s organizations applying skills developed earlier in coping with rape and war trauma. It demonstrates how these organizations shoulder a societal load that various levels of government have no will or budget to address, and shows that in parts of central Bosnia feelings still run high between Christians and Muslims. The authors argue that where ethnic hostility persists in rural areas, successful peace building should include ethnic song and dance as well as dialog groups.

Book Title : Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoonboxes of Daghestan

tattooed mountain women and spoonboxes of daghestan

Release Date : 2006
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105122716306
Book Author : Robert Chenciner
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 95

Book Summary :

Beneath the rural Islamic society in ancient villages perched among the Great Causasus Mountains, animist tattoos on women and decorations on ritual spoon boxes share symbols that are believed to protect the heart and the family. Three experts have recorded this system of folk medicine.

Book Title : Women Middlehood Halfway Up the Mountain

women middlehood halfway up the mountain

Release Date : 2013-07
ISBN Code : 9781452577135
Book Author : Jane Treat
Book Publisher : Balboa Press
Total Pages : 294

Book Summary :

Middlehood women--from forty to sixty-five--are in a rich and challenging time of life, full of contradictory feelings brought on by our growing strengths and the waning of familiar ways of life. It often feels like a mountain climb, full of glorious vistas, sudden storms, and winding trails. Women and Middlehood: Halfway Up the Mountain is an exploration and celebration of how women journey through this unique time of our lives. It draws upon one of the most powerful methods that women often use for negotiating change in our lives: we talk to other women. Each of us has a wealth of experience, and when that is joined with the experiences of other women, we create a veritable well of wisdom for ourselves and others. In that spirit, many women contributed stories, experiences and insights to this book.

Book Title : The Mountain is Moving

the mountain is moving

Release Date : 1999-01-01
ISBN Code : 0774806753
Book Author : Patricia Morley
Book Publisher : UBC Press
Total Pages : 226

Book Summary :

The Mountain Is Moving describes postwar Japanese society andthe roles that women are expected to play within it. Based oninterviews with hundreds of women, the book examines the education ofwomen, marriage and child rearing, work outside the house, caring forthe elderly, political power or lack of it, and volunteerism. Morleyalso examines a diverse and compelling range of stories and novels byand about Japanese women, revealing both patterns and exceptions.

Book Title : Wingless Flights

wingless flights

Release Date : 1996-01-01
ISBN Code : 0879727187
Book Author : Danny Miller
Book Publisher : Popular Press
Total Pages : 187

Book Summary :

In this innovative work, Danny L. Miller surveys some of the depictions of mountain women from the 1880s to the 1950s, in the writings of Mary Noailles Murfree, Edith Summers Kelley, Anne W. Armstrong, Emma Bell Miles, Jesse Stuart, James Still, and Harriette Arnow. The major aims of the study are to show changes in the descriptions of mountain women—from non-native to native portrayals; from romantic to realistic presentations; and from an emphasis on victimization and drudgery to an emphasis on strength and endurance. Miller identifies qualities that have consistently characterized mountain women in literature.

Book Title : The Mountain

the mountain

Release Date : 2015-09-10
ISBN Code : 9780226031118
Book Author : Bernard Debarbieux
Book Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Total Pages : 352

Book Summary :

Usually defined in terms of their physical characteristics, mountains can also be seen through a social and cultural lens as national emblems, political boundaries, obstacles to be conquered and climbed, objects of conservation, and regional homes to often marginalized groups of people. This book, translated from the French, traces the history of such social constructions of mountains from Enlightenment Europe to the present. From Reims Mountain to the Sierra Nevada, by way of Fouta Djallon, the Andes of Patagonia, the Yukon, Mount Royal, the Naga Hills, and the center of Sulawesi, it also surveys the implications of globalization on mountain spaces and the people who inhabit them. A prominent theme is the role of individuals--from Alexander von Humboldt to John Muir to Dian Fossey, along with many lesser-known figures--in shaping and promoting western understandings of mountains, although, as the authors note, mountains have yet to find their own Jacques Cousteau.

Book Title : Mountain to Mountain

mountain to mountain

Release Date : 2014-09-16
ISBN Code : 9781466847057
Book Author : Shannon Galpin
Book Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Being inspired to act can take many forms. For some it's taking a weekend to volunteer, but for Shannon Galpin, it meant leaving her career, selling her house, launching a nonprofit and committing her life to advancing education and opportunity for women and girls. Focusing on the war-torn country of Afghanistan, Galpin and her organization, Mountain2Mountain, have touched the lives of hundreds of men, women and children. As if launching a nonprofit wasn't enough, in 2009 Galpin became the first woman to ride a mountain bike in Afghanistan. Now she's using that initial bike ride to gain awareness around the country, encouraging people to use their bikes "as a vehicle for social change and justice to support a country where women don't have the right to ride a bike." In Mountain to Mountain, her lyric and honest memoir, Galpin describes her first forays into fundraising, her deep desire to help women and girls halfway across the world, her love for adventure and sports, and her own inspiration to be so much more than just another rape victim. During her numerous trips to Afghanistan, Shannon reaches out to politicians and journalists as well as everyday Afghans — teachers, prison inmates, mothers, daughters — to cross a cultural divide and find common ground. She narrates harrowing encounters, exhilarating bike rides, humorous episodes, and the heartbreak inherent in a country that is still recovering from decades of war and occupation.

Book Title : Women Explorers of the Mountains

women explorers of the mountains

Release Date : 1999-08
ISBN Code : 0736803114
Book Author : Margo McLoone
Book Publisher : Capstone
Total Pages : 48

Book Summary :

Discusses the lives and accomplishments of five women who traveled and explored the mountainous regions of the world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Book Title : Spirit Aflame Heartbeats From The Mountain

spirit aflame heartbeats from the mountain

Release Date : 2012-10-20
ISBN Code : 9780985912710
Book Author : Women of Grace Writers
Book Publisher : BookBaby
Total Pages : 212

Book Summary :

Everything in life seems to have an impetus, a pivotal thought or focus, a “charge,” if you will. Our Women of Grace Writers knew we were being led by God to write a devotional, but some of our thoughts seemed to sound so superficial. However, after much prayer we found our motivation in the addendum to the book “Max on Life,” by the renowned Christian author Max Lucado. Max says: “...John was God’s revealer. So John wrote. So did Paul...Titus needed direction; the Ephesians needed assurance. Timothy struggled; the Corinthians squabbled...So Paul wrote them. How he made music with his words. He turned epistles into concert hall sheet music...Paul didn’t write for the ages; he wrote for the churches. He wrote for souls. So did Luke...What prompted Dr. Luke to exchange his scalpel for the pen, the crowds for the quiet corner? When did he perceive his assignment as a kingdom scribe? We wondered because we’ve wondered if God would use us to do the same...Well-written words can change a life...Written words go to places you’ll never go...and descend to depths you’ll never know...So accept the invitation...Pick up the pens left by Paul, John, and Luke, and write for the souls...They show us how...”* Accordingly, it is our prayer that we have faithfully taken Max’s words to heart and that you, our readers, will be blessed by our obedience. Lifting as we climb, The Women of Grace Writers *Reprinted by permission. “Max on Life,” Max Lucado, 2010 Thomas Nelson Inc. Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved.

Book Title : The Woman on the Mountain

the woman on the mountain

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9781921497605
Book Author : Sharyn Munro
Book Publisher : Exisle Publishing
Total Pages : 270

Book Summary :

Living alone on a remote mountain in the harsh Australian bush would not be every woman’s choice. In fact, Sharyn Munro has so often been asked,‘Why do you live there?’ that she decided to write a book as her answer. The Woman on the Mountain is the resulting lyrically written account of her journey towards a sustainable and truly rewarding lifestyle in her beloved mountain forests, where she has ‘only’ the abundant wildlife for company. That decades-long journey was no smooth, planned passage, but a stumble over setbacks, propelled by almost accidental decisions. After the ups and downs of relationships, single parenting, and an unlikely variety of jobs, at 55 she found herself alone — in the bush. Unsure whether she could manage the hard work and mechanical demands of a self-sufficient lifestyle, she nevertheless gave it a go — and mostly succeeded. She has also learnt to live in tune with nature on her wildlife refuge, despite the occasional discordant note, helping to repair past damage and trying to do no more. ‘Civilised conservation’ she calls it, ‘having your cake and eating it too — before the wallabies do.’ With increasing numbers of people longing for a simpler life, The Woman on the Mountain reveals what can be achieved when vision and passion are combined with a little hard work, a lot of adaptability — and a dash of humour. Often humorous, always candid, sometimes heart-wrenching, The Woman on the Mountain will charm and inform, and inspire all those who have unfulfilled dreams. Sharyn's is also a passionate cry to us to tread more lightly on our planet so that we can leave a better world for future generations. Visit Sharyn's website

Book Title : Woman of the Mountain Warriors of the Town

woman of the mountain warriors of the town

Release Date : 2000-04-20
ISBN Code : 156201174X
Book Author : Akahige Namban
Book Publisher : Blue Moon Books
Total Pages : 234

Book Summary :

Warrior fanatics kidnap Satsuki, a sophisticated courtesan of 17th-century Japan. Saved by the erotic wiles of samurai, peasants, a sumo wrestler, and the beautiful blonde prisoner Rosamund - Satsuki perseveres through adventures sensuous and bloody to a wild climax before the natural splendor of Nachi Falls.

Book Title : The Mountain Arapesh

the mountain arapesh

Release Date : 1938
ISBN Code : 1412837871
Book Author : Margaret Mead
Book Publisher : Transaction Publishers
Total Pages : 697

Book Summary :

For approximately eight months during 1931-1932, anthropologist Margaret Mead lived with and studied the Mountain Arapesh-a segment of the population of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. She found a culture based on simplicity, sensitivity, and cooperation. In contrast to the aggressive Arapesh who lived on the plains, both the men and the women of the mountain settlements were found to be, in Mead's word, maternal. The Mountain Arapesh exhibited qualities that many might consider feminine: they were, in general, passive, affectionate, and peaceloving. Though Mead partially explains the male's "femininity" as being due to the type of nourishment available to the Arapesh, she maintains social conditioning to be a factor in the type of lifestyle led by both sexes. Mead's study encapsulates all aspects of the Arapesh culture. She discusses betrothal and marriage customs, sexuality, gender roles, diet, religion, arts, agriculture, and rites of passage. In possibly a portent for the breakdown of traditional roles and beliefs in the latter part of the twentieth century, Mead discusses the purpose of rites of passage in maintaining societal values and social control. Mead also discovered that both male and female parents took an active role in raising their children. Furthermore, it was found that there were few conflicts over property: the Arapesh, having no concept of land ownership, maintained a peaceful existence with each other. In his new introduction to The Mountain Arapesh, Paul B. Roscoe assesses the importance of Mead's work in light of modern anthropological and ethnographic research, as well as how it fits into her own canon of writings. Roscoe discusses findings he culled from a trip to Papua New Guinea in 1991 to clarify some ambiguities in Mead's work. His travels also served to help reconstruct what had happened to the Arapesh since Mead's historic visit in the early 1930s. Margaret Mead (1901-1978) was associated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York for over fifty years, becoming Curator of Ethnology in 1964. She taught at Columbia University and the New School for Social Research as well as a number of other universities. Among her many books is Continuities in Cultural Evolution, available from Transaction Publishers. Paul B. Roscoe is professor of anthropology at the University of Maine. He is a frequent contributor to anthropology journals, including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, and Current Anthropology, and is co-editor (with Nancy Lutkehaus) of Gender Rituals: Female Initiation in Melanesia. The 1992 recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Curl Essay Prize, he has an archival specialization in ancient Polynesia.