Book Title : The Music Business for Artist Managers Self managed Artists

the music business for artist managers self managed artists

Release Date : 2016-04-07
ISBN Code : 1537119907
Book Author : Jamie Johnson
Book Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages : 112

Book Summary :

Find out all you need to know to get started, get noticed, and get signed in the music business from the advice of over 30 music industry experts spanning from radio promoters to A&R reps to tour managers. Artists & Managers, are you... Wishing to get your music heard by booking agents, record labels, music supervisors, and radio programmers but have no idea how? Wondering what the heck it is that they look for in the artists they sign and/or work with? Tired of feeling like everyone in the music business is ignoring you? Not sure how to contact music business people? Worried that you'll make a bad first impression? Stressed out over trying to book shows with no clue how to negotiate fees? Sick of music business people telling you to do the work on your own first, without giving advice on HOW? Feel like you're not learning fast enough about the music business in general? Get overwhelmed at the thought of releasing your album because you have no idea how? Wow, talk about someone doing all the work for you! Jamie has done some amazing research of all facets of the music industry. Radio is only part of the equation and I was grateful to read about some areas of the music business I was unfamiliar with! - Peter Michael, On-Air Talent and Program Director, 106.7 The Drive This book is a thorough look at the players involved in todays music industry and offers managers and self-managed artists the information they will need to establish and expand their career. A must for anyone looking to build a career in the music industry! - Tim Des Islets, Noisemaker Management Jamie has spent the past 5 years of her career working in the artist management world through managing artists, working with music associations, and working with artist managers of Juno and Grammy Award winning artists. She has independently co-managed internationally touring artists as well as launched a Canadian female pop artist into national success resulting in a Gold single and radio chart-topping single in Canada. Who are the music business expert contributors? Adam Kreeft, United Talent Agency Adam Oppenheim, Stampede Entertainment Alexa Shoenfeld, Live Nation Entertainment Chris McCrone, Partner Craig Laskey, The Horseshoe Tavern Denny Carr, Open Road Recordings Dondrea Erauw, Instinct Entertainment Geoff Clodd, Editor Graham Tait, 93 The Peak Grant Paley, Paquin Artists Agency Janet Trecarten, 101 The Farm Jason Manning, Z95 Jesse Mitchell, Kim Mitchell Tour Manager Jodi Ferneyhough, CCS Rights Management Joel Baskin, The Feldman Agency Mallory Boutilier, Editor Michael Donley, Streaming Caf� Mike Campbell, The Carlton Mike Rice, RPM Promotion Paul Hinrichs, Spirit Bar Paul Parhar, Flow 93.5 Peter Michael, 106 The Drive Rob Murray, Jack FM Ron Lopata, Warner Music Canada Sam Pickard, Strut Entertainment Sari Delmar, AB Co. Stephanie Mudgett, Editor Steve, The Railway Club Tim Des Islet, Noisemaker Management Troy Arseneault, Talent Buyer Along with a handful of contributors who chose to remain nameless from additional booking agencies, Universal, Sony, radio stations, and venues. Thanks to the help of the above music business experts this book will show you how to: **Develop your craft into a commercially viable business **Start earning money from your music **Get signed by a booking agent **Get a record label deal **Get your music placed in television and film **Get your music on the radio **Book on profitable tours And MUCH, much more

Book Title : Artist Management for the Music Business

artist management for the music business

Release Date : 2014-07-17
ISBN Code : 9781134640669
Book Author : Paul Allen
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 318

Book Summary :

With the evolution of the music business and the shifting influence of large record labels, the artist manager is now – more than ever – at the center of an artist’s career. Artist managers are tasked with keeping abreast of the music industry and supporting the artists under their management while simultaneously managing their own careers. Including key industry insights, exclusive planning guidance, management tools, and strategies for a successful career, Artist Management for the Music Business has the tools to support any new or experienced artist manager. Through its analysis of over a dozen case studies, lessons, and contract examples, author Paul Allen provides a focused look at managing artists’ careers. This follow-up to the best-selling second edition features a new chapter on entrepreneurship including detailed information on how to run an artist management enterprise as a business and includes coverage of anticipating risks, reacting to challenges, and basic money management. The chapter also contains additional sections on the effective use of social media, the Web, and handling online promotion. For additional resources, visit the book’s website at

Book Title : Understanding the Music Business

understanding the music business

Release Date : 2017-05-12
ISBN Code : 9781317192640
Book Author : Dick Weissman
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages : 428

Book Summary :

In today’s fast-moving music industry, what does it take to build a life-long career? Now more than ever, all those working in music need to be aware of many aspects of the business, and take control of their own careers. Understanding the Music Business offers students a concise yet comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving music industry, rooted in real-world experiences. Anchored by a wealth of career profiles and case studies, this second edition has been updated throughout to include the most important contemporary developments, including the advent of streaming and the shift to a DIY paradigm. A new "Both Sides Now" feature helps readers understand differing opinions on key issues. Highly readable, Understanding the Music Business is the perfect introduction for anyone seeking to understand how musical talents connect to making a living.

Book Title : Artist and Band Management

artist and band management

Release Date : 2011
ISBN Code : 0949785024
Book Author : Ben O'Hara
Book Publisher : Omnibus Press
Total Pages : 143

Book Summary :

Shane Simpson's Music Business is the seminal text for anyone studying the music industry in Australia and New Zealand. This Music Business Educational Supplement is a curriculum based supplement to Simpson's Music Business Book. This book is also a great starting point for the artist or aspiring band manager just starting out.

Book Title : Controversies of the Music Industry

controversies of the music industry

Release Date : 2001
ISBN Code : 0313310947
Book Author : Richard D. Barnet
Book Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages : 270

Book Summary :

Drawing on such primary sources as court cases and excerpts from speeches, examines twelve ethical controversies related to the music industry, including drug abuse references in music and the influence of violent lyrics on young listeners.

Book Title : The Music Industry Handbook

the music industry handbook

Release Date : 2011-05-20
ISBN Code : 9781136725074
Book Author : Paul Rutter
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 320

Book Summary :

Drawing on a range of music industry research sources, personal experience and consultation with key industry professionals, The Music Industry Handbook explains how the industry in its broadest sense is structured, and how its various elements work in practice.

Book Title : Getting Signed

getting signed

Release Date : 2004
ISBN Code : 0876390459
Book Author : George Howard
Book Publisher : Berklee Press
Total Pages : 213

Book Summary :

(Berklee Press). For unsigned musicians, it is vital to long-term success to sign a contract with a record label. However, preparing your music, targeting a label, and getting your demo into the hands of someone who will listen is challenging, if you don't know where to start. Getting Signed! , by record industry veteran George Howard, guides you through the maze of today's music industry, and will help you move your demo to the top of the stack. Even if you are not yet ready for a record deal, it will help you assemble a team that will make sure your music gets heard by as many people as possible. "The next time an aspiring recording artist comes to us for advice, we'll advise them to read this book first. George Howard really knows what he's talking about." Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth, members of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club

Book Title : Music Management for the Indie Artist

music management for the indie artist

Release Date : 2016-06-25
ISBN Code : 1533680884
Book Author : John Macallister
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 228

Book Summary :

Are you struggling to get your music heard? Have you ever felt lost or directionless on how to manage your career? Inside "Music Management for the Indie Artist", you'll discover: How to gain a crystal-clear vision of your future in music. The single most important thing you can do to start getting calls from music managers. Why you need a business and marketing plan and how to write it. How to protect yourself from falling victim to unscrupulous managers. What music management is all about and why it pays to self-manage your career. Whether you just released your first song or are a seasoned musician ready to take your music career to the next level, this book is for you. You should already know how to manage your music career before you decide to get a manager. Because only then will you be perceived as desirable to work with. But the sad thing is... most artists have no clue when it comes to the most important aspects of managing a music career. Many artists think they just have to get their music heard to be successful. Believe it or not, that's really just the tip of the iceberg. If you believe you can carve out a successful music career all on your own - without any help, you are basically committing career suicide. You need to find others who have made it and follow in their footsteps. But if you don't know how to get (and deal) with a manager, you might find yourself getting ripped off. Simply put... Most indie artists don't have a real strategy for building a successful music career. Many struggle for years going nowhere, achieving nothing... and end up returning to (or staying stuck at) an unfulfilling day job barely earning enough money to support themselves and their family living a life of quiet desperation with their hopes and dreams crushed. It's a terrible thing to see! But we've got good news for you... You do not have to end up like most struggling artists because for the first time ever, we've together the ultimate roadmap to help you take control of your own music career. And guess what? It's going to help you look INFINITELY more attractive to any potential manager. This is a complete, step-by-step 228 page blueprint which contains a "treasure trove" of the best kept marketing & business secrets for indie musicians, artists and bands who want to start managing their music career like a pro, become a music phenomenon and attract a top music manager.

Book Title : Billboard


Release Date : 2011-07-02
ISBN Code :
Book Author :
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 768

Book Summary :

In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Book Title : What They ll Never Tell You About the Music Business Revised and Updated Editio

what they ll never tell you about the music business revised and updated editio

Release Date : 2010-06-23
ISBN Code : 0307874958
Book Author : Peter M. Thall
Book Publisher : Billboard Books
Total Pages : 352

Book Summary :

Bad news: The music business is packed with hidden agendas. Good news: There’s one indispensable guide that helps songwriters, musicians, executives, lawyers, and managers understand the music business and travel its shark-infested waters safely and confidently. What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business sold more than 20,000 copies in its first edition. This new, fully revised edition presents even more priceless insider information, updated for today’s music scene, plus clear explanations and advice on the new transparency in agreements, the impact of agent-artist agreements, new webcasting opportunities, changes in copyright law, royalty limits, and all the other developments in law and technology, plus advice for songwriters, A&R people, and artists, and much, much more. Packed with real-world ideas and tips, What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business, Revised and Updated is the must-have guide for creative types and business types—everyone who works in the music industry. “Intelligent and accessible.” —David Geffen From the Hardcover edition.

Book Title : Get More Fans The DIY Guide to the New Music Business

get more fans the diy guide to the new music business

Release Date : 2012-11-25
ISBN Code : 9780988561311
Book Author : Jesse Cannon
Book Publisher : Jesse Cannon
Total Pages : 720

Book Summary :

How Do I Promote My Music On A Small Budget? How Do I Get My YouTube Videos to Spread? How Do I Turn Casual Fans Into One’s Who Buy From Me? How Do I Get Written About On Blogs? How Do I Increase Turnout At Shows? How Do I Make Fans Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr And SoundCloud? With every day that passes, the power the major labels once had dies a little more. The chance to get the same exposure as your favorite musicians gets easier and easier. The hurdles that would only allow you to get popular, if the right people said your music was good enough, are gone. You can now get exposed to thousands of potential fans without investing 1% of what musicians used to by building a fanbase based on listeners love for your music. No more writing letters hoping that A&R writes you back. This book explains how you do it. While many books will tell you obvious information, legal mumbo-jumbo and marketing catchphrases that don’t help you get more fans. Our experience working with real bands - from upstarts like Man Overboard and Transit to legends like The Cure, The Misfits and Animal Collective, has led us to understand the insider tricks and ideas that go into some of the most important groups of our time. We produce records, do licensing deals, negotiate record contracts and get the musicians we work with written about on websites like Pitchfork and Vice. We have worked with bands who started off as nothing and became something. Unlike any other book written on the subject we have compiled the knowledge no one else has been willing to print in fear of obsoleting their own career. We give you thousands of ideas on how to get people to hear your music and turn them into fans who pay to support your music. Whether you are a label owner, musician, manager, booking agent or publicist there is information in this book that will help you do what you do better. Enjoy! For more information see

Book Title : Breaking Into the Music Business as a Local Indie Artist Part One

breaking into the music business as a local indie artist part one

Release Date : 2016-10-08
ISBN Code : 1539485617
Book Author : MR Maurice Johnson
Book Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

BREAKING INTO THE MUSIC BUSINESS AS A LOCAL INDIE ARTIST speaks to developing and experienced music artists in an easily digestible three part format. From a virtual over-the-shoulder vantage point, readers gain insight on a wide range of music career development topics including, DEVELOPING A MARKETABLE ACT, FINDING YOUR MARKET, PRICING YOUR PERFORMANCES, LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTS, LOCAL ARTS AND TOURISM, SOCIAL MEDIA, DEVELOPING YOUR IMAGE AND BRAND and much more. WHAT'S INSIDE THIS BOOK! Section One: The Developing Local Indie Music Artist Section Two: Laying The Foundation For An Indie Music Career Section Three: Developing A Marketable Act AUTHOR QUOTE: As a musician and musician's advocate I know first-hand, life for the indie music artist isn't for the faint of heart. I've always been a firm believer in sharing knowledge, and very passionate when it comes to the woes and concerns of those who view music as a career objective. These are the very reasons I decided to develop the series. -Maurice Johnson - Musician / Author / Motivationalist"

Book Title : The Inside Track To Getting Started in Christian Music

the inside track to getting started in christian music

Release Date : 1999
ISBN Code : 0736902678
Book Author : Reed Arvin
Book Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Total Pages : 350

Book Summary :

Popular Christian artists and muscial producers offer an inside look at the growing world of Christian contemporary music and offer practical tips on music, Christian ministry, coping with fame, living a creative Christian life, building a successful career, and more. Original.

Book Title : Successful artist management

successful artist management

Release Date : 1990-04
ISBN Code : 082307689X
Book Author : Xavier M. Frascogna
Book Publisher : Bpi Communications
Total Pages : 280

Book Summary :

Offering parallel viewpoints of the manager and the entertainer, all aspects of career planning and development are examined from establishing the artist-manager relationship to coping with fame

Book Title : 100 Careers in the Music Business

100 careers in the music business

Release Date : 2009-10-15
ISBN Code : 1438081170
Book Author : Tanja L. Crouch
Book Publisher : Barron's Educational Series
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

The music industry has undergone radical changes in recent years, but abundant career opportunities still exist for beginners with talent, imagination, and a love of music. The record industry and its dealers have suffered recent setbacks, but most other aspects of the music business continue to flourish and this book tells beginners how and where to find rewarding jobs. Highly talented singers, song writers, and instrumentalists are always in demand, but many lesser known and rewarding career opportunities exist, with new avenues opening virtually every day. Among job opportunities described in this book are astists' agents and managers, talent agents, sound technicians, film and TV technicians, film and TV production managers, advertising illustrators and copywriters, publicists, and many others. The author tells beginners how to match their own qualifications with potential job openings, seek and find job interviews, and get into the music business. For each job designation, she lists the special skills needed, describes a typical workday, and presents actual case studies of men and women who have found music career openings, and have gone on to make the most of them. Sidebar features include at-a-glance career tips and describes the best and worst things about each job. New in this edition is information on how today's new technologies have influenced careers and created opportunities in the music business. The book's several appendices include lists of names, addresses, and web sites of music unions, organizations, directories, magazines, and schools offering degrees in music business management. There is also a glossary of music business and technical terms.

Book Title : The Art of Music Production

the art of music production

Release Date : 2013-09-19
ISBN Code : 9780199921744
Book Author : Richard James Burgess
Book Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 329

Book Summary :

In this book, veteran music producer Richard James Burgess gives readers the tools they need to understand the complex field of music production. He defines the many roles that fall to the music producer by focusing first on the underlying theory of music production, before offering a second section of practical aspects of the job.

Book Title : The Music Business

the music business

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : 0609810138
Book Author : Dick Weissman
Book Publisher : Random House LLC
Total Pages : 404

Book Summary :

Completely updated for the 21st century, "The Music Business" provides essential career advice and offers information on how to get started and advance in all areas of the music industry--from songwriting and performing to contracts, producing, criticism, commercials, concerts, engineering, and more.

Book Title : A Music Business Primer

a music business primer

Release Date : 2003
ISBN Code : UOM:39015010813601
Book Author : Diane Sward Rapaport
Book Publisher : Pearson P T R
Total Pages : 329

Book Summary :

Featuring articles written by music industry professionals, this comprehensive primer guides readers through every aspect of the music business.Covers all aspects of the music industry ranging from songwriting, recording, and performing, to copyright law, record labels, marketing and promotion, and more.For musicians and future music professionals who want a comprehensive overview of the music industry.