Book Title : The Toyota Way in Sales and Marketing

the toyota way in sales and marketing

Release Date : 2009
ISBN Code : 1926537084
Book Author : Yoshio Ishizaka
Book Publisher : Enna
Total Pages : 184

Book Summary :

The Secretes of Toyota's application of the Toyota Production System in Sales and Marketing is revealed.This book highlights the adaptation of Lean manufacturing principles to a sales organization. It discusses how to use the principles of Lean and Kaizen within the structure and framework of customer service, dealer networks, sales experience concept, and feedback to the manufacturing arm of Toyota.Mr. Ishizaka helped bring Lexus to the United States and led its sales success in America.Many companies are trying to implement Lean in non-traditional environments like service centers, sales organizations, or transactional environments. Mr. Ishizaka provides insight of how to apply Lean operational principles in these dynamic and complicated environments.It is a GROUND BREAKING book that reveals Toyota's Way in Sales and Marketing! “Toyota's strength doesn't come from its production system alone. With this book, I hope people realize that there is also a Toyota Way that strengthens sales!” Fujio Cho, Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation “Putting customers first is more than a slogan at Toyota. They work hard to ingrain in every engineer, every person in a service parts warehouse, every sales associate who makes contact with customers, and every person building cars that the company exists to serve customers and society.” Jeffrey Liker, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Toyota Way.Content of the Book: Includes methods and best practice tools that created the legendary Sales and Marketing Team at Toyota Silver Book: Renowned book of wisdom from Toyota greats. Offsite Meeting: How this informal and candid forum generates dynamic impact. Best Practice Bulletin: The very best practices and solutions from Toyota's operations around the world. Global Knowledge Center: Purpose driven foundation where knowledge is collected and dispersed. Town Hall Meeting: Where opinions from the gemba are heard. Dealer Council: Acknowledging distributors and dealers as integral team members vital for success.

Book Title : The Lean Office

the lean office

Release Date : 2005-01-31
ISBN Code : 1563273160
Book Author : Productivity Press
Book Publisher : Productivity Press
Total Pages : 121

Book Summary :

The Lean Office: Collected Practices and Cases in a compilation of articles previously published in Lean Manufacturing Advisor: the monthly newsletter by Productivity Press. These articles discuss lean implementations in non-manufacturing operations, from design to processing invoices to customer service. Most articles are written in the form of case studies.

Book Title : Toyota Culture The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way

toyota culture the heart and soul of the toyota way

Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 9780071492171
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 562

Book Summary :

Goes behind the scenes to reveal the four key management principles for organizational excellence--Philosophy, People, Problem Solving, and Process--that have become the cornerstone of Toyota's successful business model and reveals how Toyota maintains a culture that insures consistent innovation, growth, profitability, and mutual prosperity.

Book Title : Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels

developing lean leaders at all levels

Release Date : 2016-03-17
ISBN Code : 0996771565
Book Author : Director of the Value Chain Analysis Program and the Japan Management Program Jeffrey K Liker
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

2016 winner of the SHINGO RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION AWARD, Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels: A Practical Guide is a management Must Read. The Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) presented in this book is intuitive and aligns well with accepted principles of operational excellence. It expands significantly on the elements of Lean, structuring them in a more specific way that can be operationalized by lean practitioners. You can learn everything you want about the Toyota Way; you can implement the tools they have created, but if you do not have the behaviors established within your culture, it will not be successful for long-term sustainment of operational excellence. Leadership must walk the talk of true north in every aspect of the Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) as conveyed in detail by Dr. Liker in this recent Shingo Award Winning Book. In Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels, we build on the theory in the original book, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, and answer the questions: How can I apply this in my organization? What concrete actions can I take to begin the journey of becoming a lean leader? How can I spread this learning to all parts of the organization? What critical tools are needed to turn the theory to practice? This book adds examples from over twenty years of experience by Dr. Liker in working with companies outside of Toyota. The book treats you as a student who will be actively engaged in developing lean leader skills as you read. It acts as a tutorial for beginning the journey.

Book Title : The Toyota Way to Service Excellence Lean Transformation in Service Organizations

the toyota way to service excellence lean transformation in service organizations

Release Date : 2016-09-23
ISBN Code : 9781259641114
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

The world’s bestselling Lean expert shows service-based organizations how to go Lean, gain value, and get results—The Toyota Way. A must-read for service professionals of every level, this essential book takes the proven Lean principles of the bestselling Toyota Way series and applies them directly to the industries where quality of service is crucial for success. Jeff Liker and Karyn Ross show you how to develop Lean practices throughout your organization using the famous 4P model. Whether you are an executive, manager, consultant, or frontline worker who deals with customers every day, you’ll learn how take advantage of all Lean has to offer. With this book as your guide, you’ll gain a clear understanding of Lean and discover the principles, practices and tools needed to develop people and processes that surprise and delight each of your customers. These ground-tested techniques are designed to help you make continuous improvements in your services, streamline your operations, and add ever-increasing value to your customers. Fascinating case studies of Lean-driven success in a range of service industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, and telecommunications, illustrate that Lean principles and practices work as well in services as they do in manufacturing. Drawn from original research and real-world examples, The Toyota Way to Service Excellence will help you make the leap to Lean.

Book Title : True Kaizen

true kaizen

Release Date : 2017-11-13
ISBN Code : 9781351719124
Book Author : Collin McLoughlin
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

What does it take to manage an organization to success? No matter what industry you are in, an organization is primarily a group of people. This book focuses on that ever-important human element. In the rush to get 'lean', many organizations focus solely on tools for increasing productivity, but where do these tools come from? In this book, Collin McLoughlin and Toshihiko Miura look back on their decades of international consulting experience to examine how organizations around the world have transformed on a cultural level by respecting the people who work within them and leveraging their creativity to solve problems. As our workforce becomes more knowledgeable, skillful, and more perceptive of their needs and wants as employees, the ability to reach the true potential of an organization becomes more and more difficult. Managers must look at each individual element of an equation like this in order to fully understand how to achieve an answer. They must begin to answer more focused questions, such as: 1. How productive is the existing work climate and culture? 2. How do employees, as individuals, navigate the existing work climate? (How do they deal with day-today issues with each other?) 3. Where and how are individuals and their work processes assessed? 4. What obstacles do employees face every day, and are they empowered to fix these obstacles? 5. What role does leadership play at each level of the organization? (Looking at the organization in layers of management.) To address these challenges, this book focuses on three main aspects of leadership and management: 1. Addressing and Improving the Perspective of Management -- The ideas presented in this book are not limited to a certain industry or field of work, but can be applied in any setting because they speak to a universal human element. 2. Exploring and Improving Work Climate -- Organizations are social entities, operating within their own controlled environment. This book will explore the factors that contribute to, and encourage, a positive work climate. 3. Observing and Eliminating Wasteful Work Processes -- Observing wasteful activities and work processes requires a refined perspective. The case studies presented illustrate the How and Why to help refine expertise. This will also lead to the joy and benefits

Book Title : Toyota s Global Marketing Strategy

toyota s global marketing strategy

Release Date : 2017-08-16
ISBN Code : 9781351671545
Book Author : Shozo Hibino
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages : 184

Book Summary :

There are many books on the market that discuss the Toyota Production System but few that insightfully analyze its marketing strategy. Authored by former Toyota marketing executives, this is the first book of its kind to detail how Toyota’s thinking habits go beyond the shop floor and influence and guide Toyota’s marketing function. Toyota has expanded from a venture enterprise to one of the biggest global enterprises because of its innovative mindset (Toyota thinking habits) using Breakthrough Thinking, which supports a new philosophical approach to problem solving, turning 180 degrees away from conventional thinking. Written by Toyota’s former executive managing director and founder of Breakthrough Thinking, Toyota’s Global Marketing Strategy: Innovation through Breakthrough Thinking and Kaizen: Explores Toyota’s "Breakthrough Thinking" Examines how Toyota conducts information gathering. Illustrates how Toyota builds and maintains its unique business culture Shows how Toyota "goes to the customer" and comprehensively studies how customers use their products Reveals Toyota’s cars have become some of the biggest selling models in the USA The authors of this book explore Toyota thinking habits as well as Toyota’s global marketing strategy, which, since the 1980sa, has been expanding exponentially. The reader will understand the importance of thinking habits in the workplace and will know how to apply them using Toyota as the prime case study.

Book Title : The Toyota Way

the toyota way

Release Date : 2003-12-22
ISBN Code : 0071435638
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 350

Book Summary :

How to speed up business processes, improve quality, and cut costs in any industry In factories around the world, Toyota consistently makes the highest-quality cars with the fewest defects of any competing manufacturer, while using fewer man-hours, less on-hand inventory, and half the floor space of its competitors. The Toyota Way is the first book for a general audience that explains the management principles and business philosophy behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. Complete with profiles of organizations that have successfully adopted Toyota's principles, this book shows managers in every industry how to improve business processes by: Eliminating wasted time and resources Building quality into workplace systems Finding low-cost but reliable alternatives to expensive new technology Producing in small quantities Turning every employee into a qualitycontrol inspector

Book Title : The Routledge Companion to Lean Management

the routledge companion to lean management

Release Date : 2016-12-08
ISBN Code : 9781317416500
Book Author : Torbjorn H. Netland
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 478

Book Summary :

Interest in the phenomenon known as "lean" has grown significantly in recent years. This is the first volume to provide an academically rigorous overview of the field of lean management, introducing the reader to the application of lean in diverse application areas, from the production floor to sales and marketing, from the automobile industry to academic institutions. The volume collects contributions from well-known lean experts and up-and-coming scholars from around the world. The chapters provide a detailed description of lean management across the manufacturing enterprise (supply chain, accounting, production, sales, IT etc.), and offer important perspectives for applying lean across different industries (construction, healthcare, logistics). The contributors address challenges and opportunities for future development in each of the lean application areas, concluding most chapters with a short case study to illustrate current best practice. The book is divided into three parts: The Lean Enterprise Lean across Industries A Lean World. This handbook is an excellent resource for business and management students as well as any academics, scholars, practitioners, and consultants interested in the "lean world."

Book Title :

Release Date :
ISBN Code : 9785961433913
Book Author : Эрик Рис
Book Publisher : Альпина Паблишер
Total Pages : 253

Book Summary :

Мы привыкли считать, что процессы и менеджмент — это что-то скучное и унылое, а стартапы — динамичное и увлекательное, где нет места никаким правилам. Однако верно как раз обратное: создание стартапа должно быть подчинено четкой методике, имеющей строго определенные шаги. Основная идея метода «экономичный стартап», разработанного Эриком Рисом, заключается в быстром тестировании идей новых продуктов на реальных потребителях и постоянной корректировке бизнес-модели, с тем чтобы начинать масштабные вложения только тогда, когда идея подтверждена фактами. Кто уже познакомился с этой книгой, говорит о ней так: если вы предприниматель, срочно бросайте все дела, садитесь и читайте! И пусть вас не смущают слова «бизнес с нуля» в названии. Предприниматели по духу есть в разных компаниях, а уметь постоянно анализировать бизнес-модель и вовремя вносить в нее коррективы нужно любому бизнесу — и малому, и большому.

Book Title : Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

information technology entrepreneurship and innovation

Release Date : 2008-05-31
ISBN Code : 9781599049021
Book Author : Zhao, Fang
Book Publisher : IGI Global
Total Pages : 530

Book Summary :

It has become a widely-recognized fact that entrepreneurs and information technology have become the backbone of the world economy. The increasing penetration of IT in society and in most of industries/businesses, as well as the joining forces of entrepreneurship and innovation in the economy, reinforce the need for a leading and authoritative research handbook to disseminate leading edge findings about entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of IT from an international perspective. Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation presents current studies on the nature, process and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation in the development, implementation, and application of information technology worldwide, as well as providing academics, entrepreneurs, managers, and practitioners with up-to-date, comprehensive, and rigorous research-based articles on the formation and implementation of effective strategies and business plans.

Book Title : The Toyota Way Management Principles and Fieldbook EBOOK BUNDLE

the toyota way management principles and fieldbook ebook bundle

Release Date : 2011-11-18
ISBN Code : 9780071796507
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional
Total Pages : 350

Book Summary :

Transform your company the Toyota way! Two essential guides streamlined into a SINGLE EBOOK PACKAGE Toyota. The name says it all: Innovation. Efficiency. Quality. Excellence. The Toyota Way—Management Principles and Fieldbook explains how the legendary automaker consistently achieves the highest levels of manufacturing and business success—and how you can achieve similar results with your own organization, regardless of your industry. Discover Toyota’s methods then learn how to put them to practical use with these groundbreaking books: The Toyota Way—INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! The Toyota Way reveals the management principles behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. Dr. Jeffrey Liker, the global expert on Toyota's Lean methods, explains how you can implement the company’s principles to: Double or triple the speed of any business process Build quality into workplace systems Eliminate the huge costs of hidden waste Turn every employee into a quality-control inspector Dramatically improve your products and services The Toyota Way Fieldbook Written as a companion volume to The Toyota Way, this hands-on guide takes the lessons of Toyota to the next level. Liker teams up with Toyota veteran David Meier to provide the diagnostic tools, worksheets, and exercises you need to craft the most effective approach for your organization. Learn how to: Develop leaders that “live” your system Transform your company into a true lean learning organization Create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation Meet all the needs of your customers Position your company for long-term success

Book Title :

Release Date : 1927
ISBN Code : 9785458636674
Book Author : Г. Форд
Book Publisher : Рипол Классик
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Эта книга обошла почти все государства. Она напечатана на многих языках. Везде ее издания расходились нарасхват. Выдержавшая около ста изданий (в том числе семь изданий в СССР в 1924-1927 гг. ) автобиографическая книга одного из выдающихся менеджеров XX века, организатора поточно-конвейерного производства и отца автомобильной промышленности США написана ярко, образно, энергично и вдохновенно. Жгучий интерес к ней создан не искусственной рекламной шумихой, а самим ее содержанием: за этой книгой - жизнь и деятельность очень большого человека, за ней - практический опыт создателя производства, небывалого по масштабам и организации. Она содержит богатейший материал, во многом представляющий исторический интерес, но в целом ряде случаев сохраняющий актуальность для экономистов, бизнесменов, руководителей и организаторов производства, чья деятельность нацелена на творческое осмысление и успешное решение хозяйственных задач.

Book Title : Toyota Culture Creare una cultura orientata all eccellenza

toyota culture creare una cultura orientata all eccellenza

Release Date : 2017-07-11
ISBN Code : 9788868961787
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : goWare & Guerini Next
Total Pages : 909

Book Summary :

Toyota Culture mostra la cura che questa straordinaria azienda mette per creare persone di elevata qualità e per accrescerne costantemente il valore. È questo uno degli aspetti meno conosciuti del Toyota Production System, ma al contempo il punto chiave per ottenere risultati duraturi nel tempo. Il libro descrive tutte le fasi di gestione del personale, dalla selezione allo sviluppo. Ma descrive anche i meccanismi gestionali quotidiani, attraverso i quali l'azienda ingaggia le persone, le coinvolge e instilla in loro l'«ossessione» per la qualità e la ricerca del miglioramento continuo. Quando Toyota aprì i suoi primi stabilimenti negli Stati Uniti, si trovò a dover creare una cultura orientata all’eccellenza, in un contesto profondamente diverso da quello giapponese. Questo costrinse l’azienda a dover rendere «esplicite» alcune pratiche relative alla gestione delle persone, che fino ad allora erano rimaste tacite. Toyota rispose con successo a questa sfida riuscendo a preservare i propri valori chiave, adattandoli con intelligenza alla situazione molto diversa del mercato del lavoro statunitense. Attraverso la descrizione di quest’esperienza, il libro riesce a svelare aspetti poco conosciuti di uno dei sistemi manageriali più studiati al mondo. La lettura di questo libro consente di comprendere come, per ottenere risultati di eccellenza, sia fondamentale acquisire una conoscenza dei principi del Toyota Production System, uniti ad un’immensa fiducia nelle infinite potenzialità di ogni essere umano.

Book Title : The Elegant Solution

the elegant solution

Release Date : 2008-09-04
ISBN Code : 9781847375131
Book Author : Matthew May
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

One million. That's how many new ideas the Toyota organization receives from its employees every year. These ideas come from every level of the organization - from the factory floors to the corporate suites. And organizations all over the world want to learn how they do it. Now Matthew May, Senior Advisor to the University of Toyota, reveals how any company can create an environment of every day innovation and achieve the elegant solutions found only on the far side of complexity. A tactical guide for team-based innovation, THE ELEGANT SOLUTION delivers the formula to the three principles and ten practices that drive business creativity. Innovation isn't just about technology - it's about value, opportunity and impact. When a company embeds a real discipline around the pursuit of perfection, the sky is the limit. Dozens of case studies (from Toyota and other companies) illustrate the power and universality of these concepts; a unique 'clamshell strategy' prepares managers to ensure organizational success. At once a thought-shaper, a playmaker, and a taskmaster, THE ELEGANT SOLUTION is a practical field manual for everyone in corporate life.

Book Title : Extreme Toyota

extreme toyota

Release Date : 2008-05-23
ISBN Code : NWU:35556038327268
Book Author : Emi Osono
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 306

Book Summary :

After six years of research, six case studies, and more than 220 interviews with Toyota employees, distributors, and dealers across the globe, the authors provide fascinating insights on the inner workings of the Toyota company and why it is so successful.

Book Title : Strategic Sales and Strategic Marketing

strategic sales and strategic marketing

Release Date : 2013-10-18
ISBN Code : 9781317982289
Book Author : Nikala Lane
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 152

Book Summary :

There is growing evidence that the traditional role of the sales organization in business-to-business marketing is quickly evolving from a tactical, operational function to a strategic capability concerned with the management of critical processes that support business strategy and deliver value to profitable customers. This topic is of major relevance to scholars in both the sales and marketing domains, and this relevance is underlined by the intense interest of managers and companies in how this field is changing. This collection is a unique gathering of views on the critical issues to be confronted in the strategizing of the sales function, from distinguished scholars from throughout the world. Their focus is on the linkages between strategic marketing and the corollary of strategic sales. This book was published as a special issue of Journal of Strategic Marketing.

Book Title : The Complete Business Process Handbook

the complete business process handbook

Release Date : 2014-12-06
ISBN Code : 9780128004722
Book Author : Mark von Rosing
Book Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann
Total Pages : 776

Book Summary :

The Complete Business Process Handbook is the most comprehensive body of knowledge on business processes with revealing new research. Written as a practical guide for Executives, Practitioners, Managers and Students by the authorities that have shaped the way we think and work with process today. It stands out as a masterpiece, being part of the BPM bachelor and master degree curriculum at universities around the world, with revealing academic research and insight from the leaders in the market. This book provides everything you need to know about the processes and frameworks, methods, and approaches to implement BPM. Through real-world examples, best practices, LEADing practices and advice from experts, readers will understand how BPM works and how to best use it to their advantage. Cases from industry leaders and innovators show how early adopters of LEADing Practices improved their businesses by using BPM technology and methodology. As the first of three volumes, this book represents the most comprehensive body of knowledge published on business process. Following closely behind, the second volume uniquely bridges theory with how BPM is applied today with the most extensive information on extended BPM. The third volume will explore award winning real-life examples of leading business process practices and how it can be replaced to your advantage. Learn what Business Process is and how to get started Comprehensive historical process evolution In-depth look at the Process Anatomy, Semantics and Ontology Find out how to link Strategy to Operation with value driven BPM Uncover how to establish a way of Thinking, Working, Modelling and Implementation Explore comprehensive Frameworks, Methods and Approaches How to build BPM competencies and establish a Center of Excellence Discover how to apply Social BPM, Sustainable and Evidence based BPM Learn how Value & Performance Measurement and Management Learn how to roll-out and deploy process Explore how to enable Process Owners, Roles and Knowledge Workers Discover how to Process and Application Modelling Uncover Process Lifecycle, Maturity, Alignment and Continuous Improvement Practical continuous improvement with the way of Governance Future BPM trends that will affect business Explore the BPM Body of Knowledge

Book Title : International Marketing

international marketing

Release Date : 2012-08-13
ISBN Code : 9781133627517
Book Author : Michael Czinkota
Book Publisher : Cengage Learning
Total Pages : 720

Book Summary :

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING is an innovative, up-to-date text ideal for anyone seeking success in this fast-paced field. You will discover topics ranging from beginning start-up operations to confronting giant global marketers. This in-depth text will prepare you to conquer the international business world! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Book Title : The Spartacus Factor

the spartacus factor

Release Date : 2005-05
ISBN Code : 9781411632547
Book Author : John Schuler
Book Publisher : John C Schuler
Total Pages : 222

Book Summary :

A Sales Handbook for Non-Sales Executives. How to dramatically improve revenue by giving all your people CREDIT* for success. *Communications, Rewards, Education, Discipline, Inclusiveness and Training.

Book Title : Understanding Business Strategy Concepts and Cases

understanding business strategy concepts and cases

Release Date : 2008-10-08
ISBN Code : 9780324578997
Book Author : R. Duane Ireland
Book Publisher : Cengage Learning
Total Pages : 528

Book Summary :

Discover the knowledge and tools that today’s most successful firms use to build business and consistently outperform the competition when you open the latest edition of Ireland/Hoskisson/Hitt’s UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS STRATEGY: CONCEPTS AND CASES, Second Edition. This concise, hands-on approach by recognized leaders in business strategy clearly demonstrates how solid management strategy equals the decisive, responsive action that prosperous firms use to create sustainable competitive advantage. This edition guides you, step-by-step, through creating strong strategy, planning for success, implementing responsive action, competing effectively with strategy, analyzing the environment and firm, and improving upon results. The authors clearly connect strategy concepts to the real business world, giving you the unique opportunity to examine and learn from strategy that has worked as well as strategy that has failed within familiar companies. The latest research and insights from global business leaders, extensive examples, and practical cases help equip you with the hands-on skills and career tools for your own superior performance and strategic management success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.