Book Title : The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement Linking Strategy and Operational Excellence to Achieve Superior Performance

the toyota way to continuous improvement linking strategy and operational excellence to achieve superior performance

Release Date : 2011-04-15
ISBN Code : 0071762159
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 448

Book Summary :

Building upon the international bestselling Toyota Way series of books by Jeffrey Liker, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement looks critically at lean deployments and identifies the root causes of why most of them fail. The book is organized into three major sections outlining: Why it is critical to go beyond implementing lean tools and, instead, build a culture of continuous improvement that connects operational excellence to business strategy Case studies from seven unique industries written from the perspective of the sensei (teacher) who led the lean transformation Lessons about transforming your own vision of an ideal organization into reality Section One: Using the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) methodology, Liker and Franz contrast true PDCA thinking to that of the popular, superficial approach of copying "lean solutions." They describe the importance of developing people and show how the Toyota Way principles support and drive continuous improvement. Explaining how lean systems and processes start with a purpose that provides a true north direction for all activities, they wrap up this section by examining the glaring differences between building a system of people, processes, and problem- solving that is truly lean versus that of simply trying to "lean out" a process. Section Two: This section brings together seven case studies as told by the sensei who led the transformation efforts. The companies range from traditional manufacturers, overhaul and maintenance of submarines, nuclear fuel rod production, health care providers, pathology labs, and product development. Each of these industries is different but the approaches used were remarkably similar. Section Three: Beginning with a composite story describing a company in its early days of lean implementation, this section describes what went right and wrong during the initial implementation efforts. The authors bring to light some of the difficulties the sensei faces, such as bureaucracies, closed-minded mechanical thinking, and the challenges of developing lean coaches who can facilitate real change. They address the question: Which is better, slow and deep organic deployment or fast and broad mechanistic deployment? The answer may surprise you. The book ends with a discussion on how to make continuous improvement a way of life at your company and the role of leadership in any lean transformation. The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement is required reading for anyone seeking to transcend his or her tools-based approach and truly embrace a culture of continuous improvement.

Book Title : Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels

developing lean leaders at all levels

Release Date : 2016-03-17
ISBN Code : 0996771565
Book Author : Director of the Value Chain Analysis Program and the Japan Management Program Jeffrey K Liker
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

2016 winner of the SHINGO RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION AWARD, Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels: A Practical Guide is a management Must Read. The Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) presented in this book is intuitive and aligns well with accepted principles of operational excellence. It expands significantly on the elements of Lean, structuring them in a more specific way that can be operationalized by lean practitioners. You can learn everything you want about the Toyota Way; you can implement the tools they have created, but if you do not have the behaviors established within your culture, it will not be successful for long-term sustainment of operational excellence. Leadership must walk the talk of true north in every aspect of the Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) as conveyed in detail by Dr. Liker in this recent Shingo Award Winning Book. In Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels, we build on the theory in the original book, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, and answer the questions: How can I apply this in my organization? What concrete actions can I take to begin the journey of becoming a lean leader? How can I spread this learning to all parts of the organization? What critical tools are needed to turn the theory to practice? This book adds examples from over twenty years of experience by Dr. Liker in working with companies outside of Toyota. The book treats you as a student who will be actively engaged in developing lean leader skills as you read. It acts as a tutorial for beginning the journey.

Book Title : The Toyota Way to Success EBOOK BUNDLE

the toyota way to success ebook bundle

Release Date : 2013-09-20
ISBN Code : 9780071832595
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 1654

Book Summary :

Four E-Books in One The Toyota Way TOYOTA. The name signifies greatness— world-class cars and game-changing business thinking In factories around the world, Toyota consistently makes the highest-quality cars with the fewest defects of any competing manufacturer, while using fewer man-hours, less on-hand inventory, and half the floor space of its competitors. The international bestsellerThe Toyota Way written by Jeffrey Liker, is the first book for a general audience that explains the management principles and business philosophy behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. The Toyota Way Fieldbook The Toyota Way Fieldbook is a companion to the international bestseller The Toyota Way . The book builds on the philosophical aspects of Toyota's operating systems by detailing the concepts and providing practical examples for application that leaders need to bring Toyota's success-proven practices to life in any organization.. The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership In The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, Jeffrey Liker and Gary L. Convis present a four-step model top leaders can use to create a culture dedicated to continuous improvement. The authors provide the tools to getting employees to refocus their efforts—from simply performing their singular function to delivering value across all functions. Managers learn how to foster self-development in every employee, at every level; put each employee in the position to develop others; and remove obstacles and set the types of goals that ensure every team contributes to continuous improvement and the attainment of long-term goals. The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement In The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement, Jeffrey Liker, bestselling author, teams up with former Toyota production engineer James Franz to explain the underlying thinking behind continuous improvement and why any company needs a disciplined approach to process improvement in every part of the organization. Liker and Franz outline the common mistakes in thinking that limit results, and they reveal how Toyota achieves its dual objectives of improving business performance and developing its people through following Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s teachings of Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA).

Book Title : Complexity in Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology Research

complexity in entrepreneurship innovation and technology research

Release Date : 2016-02-25
ISBN Code : 9783319271088
Book Author : Elisabeth S.C. Berger
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 489

Book Summary :

This volume discusses the challenge of dealing with complexity in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology research. Businesses as well as entire economies are increasingly being confronted by widespread complex systems. Fields such as entrepreneurship and innovation cannot ignore this reality, especially with their inherent links to diverse research fields and interdisciplinary methods. However, most methods that allow more detailed analyses of complex problems are either neglected in mainstream research or are, at best, still emerging. Against this backdrop, this book provides a forum for the discussion of emergent and neglected methods in the context of complexity in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology research, and also acts as an inspiration for academics across related disciplines to engage more in complexity research.

Book Title : Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma

achieving hr excellence through six sigma

Release Date : 2016-04-19
ISBN Code : 9781466586482
Book Author : Daniel Bloom
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 215

Book Summary :

Although world-class firms like GE and Motorola have relied on Six Sigma to build their performance cultures, these processes are all too often left out of human resources (HR) functions. This lack of Six Sigma principles is even more surprising because preventing errors and improving productivity are so critical to the people management processes of hiring, retention, appraisal, and development. From the history and evolution of the Total Quality movement to initiatives for introducing a Six Sigma continuous process improvement strategy in your HR department, Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma introduces a new way to envision your role within the organization. It explains how this powerful methodology works and supplies a roadmap to help you find and eliminate waste in your HR processes. Describing exactly what HR excellence means, the book outlines dozens of proven approaches as well as a hierarchy of the exact steps required to achieve it. It illustrates the Six Sigma methodology from the creation of a project to its successful completion. At each stage, it describes the specific tools currently available and provides examples of organizations that have used Six Sigma within HR to improve their organizations. The text presents proven approaches that can help you solve and even eliminate people management problems altogether. Filled with real-world examples, it demonstrates how to implement six sigma into the transformational side of your organization. It also includes a listing of additional resources to help you along your Six Sigma journey. Explaining how to build a new business model for your HR organization, the book supplies the new perspective and broad view you will need to discover and recommend game-changing alternatives to traditional HR approaches in your organization.

Book Title : Permission to Forget Tenth Anniversary Edition

permission to forget tenth anniversary edition

Release Date : 2013-04-12
ISBN Code : 9780873898553
Book Author : Lee Jenkins
Book Publisher : ASQ Quality Press
Total Pages : 224

Book Summary :

This book describes 10 decades of wasteful practices buried deep within U.S. schools. Today’s educators did not invent these wasteful practices; they inherited them. Five of the root causes are wasting time and five are wasting student potential. Ten years ago the first edition of Permission to Forget was published, and now this landmark anniversary edition is available. Its legacy of improvement is report after report from educators describing what happens in schools when these root causes are removed. It should not go unnoticed that root cause removal is free, unlike legislated reforms. Think about it: free! But teachers, principals, and district superintendents must collaborate in order to remove these root causes. Teachers can not remove them by themselves. Principals can not remove them by themselves. Superintendents can not remove them by themselves. Only together can teams of educators lead the removal of these 10 wasteful practices and provide America the education it desires.

Book Title : The Excellent Education System

the excellent education system

Release Date : 2017-12-12
ISBN Code : 9781351356244
Book Author : Daniel Bloom
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages : 183

Book Summary :

The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools helps you discover and understand the technique of evidence-based learning and operations through which the modern school satisfies the need to increase the flow of successful students through the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This book explains, in clear terms, what educational excellence means and the principles of process improvement. In addition, it gives your an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology. Included in the discussion are case studies of educational professionals who have found a new world centered in the evidence-based educational processes. These processes lead to many examples of dramatic turnarounds in some failing schools. The author presents strategies and actions that you can use to improve schools such as those presented in the case studies. The Appendices provide a wide variety of tactical resources for implementation.

Book Title : The Field Guide to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma

the field guide to achieving hr excellence through six sigma

Release Date : 2016-03-30
ISBN Code : 9781498715683
Book Author : Daniel Bloom
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 148

Book Summary :

In an environment where many organizations think of human capital assets as little more than expense items that impact the bottom line, this book will help human resource (HR) professionals initiate a shift toward a new culture in which management views employees as true partners in achieving organizational success. The Field Guide to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma provides detailed guidance on how to utilize the Six Sigma methodology and the TLS Continuum to achieve the business model that is required to thrive in today’s business environment. The book demonstrates a clear path to continuous improvement that is based on the practice of spreading quality throughout the organization so that it becomes everyone’s responsibility. This book is the sequel to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma. In this book, Daniel Bloom provides a road map on how to implement the concepts found in the first book. The book begins by explaining how to create an HR Center of Excellence and then provides an understanding of the define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC) process and its implementation for HR. This road map will help you determine where your organization is failing to meet the voice of the customer. The book presents proven Six Sigma solutions for initiating and sustaining organizational change as well as strategies that allow leadership to make adjustments to processes if your organization falls short of meeting the need of the customer. It includes case studies of organizations that have successfully utilized the Six Sigma methodology to improve workflow and correct HR issues including the actual project documents used to implement the methodology. A word of caution: If the reason you are looking to improve work flow is to find ways to reduce headcount, then this is not the book for you. Instead, if you are looking for a guide that can help you become a strategic partner, administrative expert, employee champion, and change agent, then fasten your seat belts and begin this worthwhile journey.

Book Title : Healthcare Kaizen

healthcare kaizen

Release Date : 2012-06-21
ISBN Code : 9781439872963
Book Author : Mark Graban
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 408

Book Summary :

Healthcare Kaizen focuses on the principles and methods of daily continuous improvement, or Kaizen, for healthcare professionals and organizations. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means "change for the better," as popularized by Masaaki Imai in his 1986 book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success and through the books of Norman Bodek, both of whom contributed introductory material for this book. Winner of a 2013 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award! In 1989, Dr. Donald M. Berwick, founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and former administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, endorsed the principles of Kaizen in the New England Journal of Medicine, describing it as "the continuous search for opportunities for all processes to get better." This book shows how to make this goal a reality. Healthcare Kaizen shares some of the methods used by numerous hospitals around the world, including Franciscan St. Francis Health, where co-author Joe Swartz has led these efforts. Most importantly, the book covers the management mindsets and philosophies required to make Kaizen work effectively in a hospital department or as an organization-wide program. All of the examples in the book were shared by leading healthcare organizations, with over 200 full-color pictures and visual illustrations of Kaizen-based improvements that were initiated by nurses, physicians, housekeepers, senior executives and other staff members at all levels. Healthcare Kaizen will be helpful for organizations that have embraced weeklong improvement events, but now want to follow the lead of ThedaCare, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and others who have moved beyond just doing events into a more complete management system based on Lean or the Toyota Production System. It’s often said, without much reflection, that people hate change. The experiences shared in this book prove that people actually love change when they are fully engaged in the process, get to make improvements that improve patient care and make their day less frustrating, and when they don’t fear being laid off as a result of their improvements. Mark Graban explains why his new book Healthcare Kaizen is a great resource for healthcare organizations looking to make improvements on the frontlines.( Check out a recent entry about this book on the Virginia Mason Medical Center Blog, Could this new book help drive your Lean journey? ( Check out what the experts at the Franciscan St. Francis Health System have to say about Healthcare Kaizen. (

Book Title : Strategic Transformation of Higher Education

strategic transformation of higher education

Release Date : 2016-09-23
ISBN Code : 9781475821109
Book Author : Stewart E. Sutin
Book Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages : 216

Book Summary :

Strategic Transformation of Higher Education examines the broken revenue-driven business model characteristic of higher education in an environment that demands greater access, more affordable tuition, accountable leaders, and faculty who deliver a consistently high quality of relevant education. The authors demonstrate that enduring business models must support institutional academic missions and that they are integral to systemic and strategic transformation by diagnosing the case for change and offering a practitioners’ guide for reform. This book surveys deficient government education policies, practices and funding formulas of select countries and offers remedies. It identifies impediments to change, along with ways to develop and deliver evidence-based solutions to improve institutional effectiveness and operating efficiencies, and it cites exemplars of change in these areas. Special attention is given to leadership attributes requisite of driving institutional redesign and to a paradigm shift that calls for transition from knowledge creation to plan implementation. Strategic Transformation of Higher Education emphasizes a collective need for reflection, a will to consistently question prevailing assumptions, and the courage to afford practical application to innovation.

Book Title : Re Engineering Clinical Trials

re engineering clinical trials

Release Date : 2014-12-16
ISBN Code : 9780128007907
Book Author : Peter Schueler
Book Publisher : Academic Press
Total Pages : 360

Book Summary :

The pharmaceutical industry is currently operating under a business model that is not sustainable for the future. Given the high costs associated with drug development, there is a vital need to reform this process in order to provide safe and effective drugs while still securing a profit. Re-Engineering Clinical Trials evaluates the trends and challenges associated with the current drug development process and presents solutions that integrate the use of modern communication technologies, innovations and novel enrichment designs. This book focuses on the need to simplify drug development and offers you well-established methodologies and best practices based on real-world experiences from expert authors across industry and academia. Written for all those involved in clinical research, development and clinical trial design, this book provides a unique and valuable resource for streamlining the process, containing costs and increasing drug safety and effectiveness. Highlights the latest paradigm-shifts and innovation advances in clinical research Offers easy-to-find best practice sections, lists of current literature and resources for further reading and useful solutions to day-to-day problems in current drug development Discusses important topics such as safety profiling, data mining, site monitoring, change management, increasing development costs, key performance indicators and much more

Book Title : Leading Change

leading change

Release Date : 2017-07-12
ISBN Code : 9781351352413
Book Author : Yaamina Salman
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 90

Book Summary :

John P. Kotter’s Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail is a classic of business literature, and an example of high-level analysis and evaluation. In critical thinking, analysis is all about the sequence and features of arguments. When combined with evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of an argument, it provides the perfect basis for understanding corporate strategies and direction. Kotter applied these skills to his own experiences of coaching large and small businesses through changes aimed at improving their performance. At its heart, Kotter’s conclusion was simple: unsuccessful transformations usually result from poor management decisions. His view was that it was not enough for executives to have management skills. Strong leadership is required, together with a clear process that can be used by all kinds of companies and organizations, no matter what sector they are operating in. Looking at his own successes and failures alike, Kotter used his analytical skills to understand the sequence and features of relevant arguments before evaluating their strengths and distilling them down to identify common mistakes managers make when they try to implement change. This practical application of two core critical thinking skills allowed him to develop an eight-stage model for successful organizational transformation – a model still widely used twenty years on.

Book Title : Library and Information Center Management 9th Edition

library and information center management 9th edition

Release Date : 2017-11-30
ISBN Code : 9781440854484
Book Author : Barbara B. Moran
Book Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 450

Book Summary :

This essential, single-volume textbook supplies a comprehensive introduction to library management that addresses all the functions of management, specifically within the ever-evolving modern library environment. • The latest edition of a best-selling core management text—now in its ninth edition—covering all the management functions of libraries and information centers • Supplies new discussion topics, examples of management challenges, and case studies • Provides a global perspective on library management • Contains new discussion topics and case studies and offers supplementary online materials • Includes "Chapter Takeaways," a list of topics that the reader should understand after reading the chapter; "Management on the Job" sections referencing a specific journal article that demonstrates the chapter topic; and "Talk about It" and "Practice Your Skills" segments that offer readers a chance to demonstrate what they are learning

Book Title : Toyota


Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 5961407659
Book Author : Джеффри К. Лайкер
Book Publisher : Альпина Паблишер
Total Pages : 400

Book Summary :

Book Title : 5S als Basis des kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozesses

5s als basis des kontinuierlichen verbesserungsprozesses

Release Date : 2016-04-04
ISBN Code : 9783662485521
Book Author : Institut für angewandte Arbeitswiss
Book Publisher : Springer-Verlag
Total Pages : 240

Book Summary :

Dieses Buch befasst sich mit der aus Japan stammenden Methode 5S als wesentliche Grundlage für die Prozessoptimierung in produzierenden Unternehmen. Es zeigt auf, wie diese zu einer wertvollen Verbesserungskultur beitragen kann, die bedeutend mehr bietet, als die Gestaltung sauberer und ordentlicher Arbeitsplätze.Im ersten Teil werden verschiedene Methoden der Prozessverbesserung sowie das Vorgehen im Arbeitsschutz erläutert und der Bezug von 5S zu diesen Methoden und zum Arbeitsschutz hergestellt. Der zweite Teil veranschaulicht anhand zahlreicher betrieblicher Praxisbeispiele, dass 5S eine wichtige Voraussetzung für die erfolgreiche Verbesserungsarbeit im Unternehmen ist und welchen positiven Einfluss das konsequente Umsetzen von 5S auf die Einführung und Anwendung anderer Methoden hat. 5S trägt damit maßgeblich zur Entwicklung einer lernenden Organisation unter Einbeziehung der Mitarbeiter bei.Dieses Buch wird Betriebspraktiker interessieren, ihnen hilfreiche Impulse für die eigene Arbeit sowie für die Umsetzung vor Ort geben. Es eignet sich darüber hinaus als Lehrbuch für die Aus- und Weiterbildung.

Book Title : Accident Emergency E Book

accident emergency e book

Release Date : 2013-05-23
ISBN Code : 9780702046766
Book Author : Brian Dolan
Book Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages : 608

Book Summary :

Accident & Emergency: Theory into Practice is the comprehensive textbook for emergency nurses, covering the full range of emergency care issues, including trauma management and trauma care, the lifespan, psychological issues, physiology for practice, practice and professional issues. This book is about more than what a nurse should do; it is about why it should be done, leading to sustainable and safer practice. The third edition of this ever-popular text expands its horizons to include contributions from emergency care professionals in New Zealand, Australia and the Republic of Ireland, as well as the United Kingdom. Applied anatomy and physiology and how it changes in injury and ill health Treatment and management of a wide range of emergency conditions Includes emergency care across the life continuum, trauma management, psychological dimensions and practice and professional issues. ‘Transportation of the critically ill patient’ chapter outlines the nursing and operational considerations related to transportation of the acutely ill person. ‘Creating patient flow’ chapter overviews the concepts behind patient flow across the wider health system and introduces the key concept of staff and patient time. It explores some of the techniques used in manufacturing and service industries and its application to health system, illustrating how to reduce the waste of patient and staff time. ‘Managing issues of culture and power in ED’ chapter demonstrates that cultural awareness is about much more than recognising the different religious needs of patients and their families; it’s also about recognising culture, diversity, stereotyping and expressions of power. Updated to reflect the latest practice and guidelines in this fast-changing field of practice.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2015-03-11
ISBN Code : 9785457278295
Book Author : Гай Кавасаки
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages : 2243

Book Summary :

Вы придумали совершенно новый продукт и хотите немедленно выйти с ним на рынок? Сначала посмотрите на свой проект глазами первого маркетолога-евангелиста Apple, а ныне известного бизнесмена и венчурного инвестора Гая Кавасаки. Взгляд человека, который мгновенно отличает перспективный проект от неперспективного, позволит найти ошибки в вашем бизнес-плане и его реализации. В этой книге вы найдете советы, как планировать бизнес, кого брать в партнеры, как привлекать внешние инвестиции, каких сотрудников нанимать и как правильно увольнять, как строить маркетинг и многое другое.Это наиболее полная книга Гая Кавасаки на данную тему.

Book Title :

Release Date :
ISBN Code : 9785000573730
Book Author : Питер Друкер
Book Publisher : Манн, Иванов и Фербер
Total Pages : 416

Book Summary :

Эта книга о менеджменте уже давно стала классической, потому что в ней впервые представлено целостное понимание того, что такое менеджмент, а менеджера предложено считать отдельным важным звеном компании. Несмотря на то что первое издание книги вышло в свет более 60 лет назад, она актуальна до сих пор, ведь в ней описаны фундаментальные понятия и принципы, которые необходимо знать и студентам, и профессионалам своего дела. Книга издательства 'Манн, Иванов и Фербер'.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2005
ISBN Code : 5961401820
Book Author : Майкл Е Портер
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 714

Book Summary :

На примере конкретных компаний в книге показано, каким образом следует разрабатывать стратегии получения основных конкурентных преимуществ - минимизации затрат и дифференциации продукта, а также эффективно применять их на практике.