together in darkness

Release Date : 2014-01-13
ISBN Code : 9780988403314
Book Author : Sloan McBride
Book Publisher : World of Dreams Publishing LLC
Total Pages : 236

Book Summary :

SOME GIFTS CAN BE DEADLY ~Three lives connected by a psychic gift are forever changed by a killer's revenge.~ A killer is leaving mutilated bodies across New England. Special Agent Jake Austin is in pursuit, led by clues the killer purposely leaves behind. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, site of the latest murder, Jake meets Allison Brody, a woman who claims to see through the killer's eyes. Allison Brody is proud of her gypsy heritage, but tries to hide the "gifts" inherited from her bloodline. Through strange visions and a connection that can't be broken, Allison watches as a killer stalks and kills women. The Surgeon is obsessed with the psychic link and uses her fear to feed his obsession. Reluctantly, Jake and Allison work together to end the killing spree as their feelings for each other intensify. Will Jake succeed in stopping the killer or will Allison be the next victim? FBI romance thriller, FBI romance suspense, psychic romance suspense, psychic romance thriller, FBI romance books, serial killer romance suspense, psychic romance, FBI mystery romance thriller, serial killers

Book Title : The Left Hand Of Darkness

the left hand of darkness

Release Date : 2012-12-06
ISBN Code : 9781405525275
Book Author : Ursula K. Le Guin
Book Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

Winter is an Earth-like planet with two major differences: conditions are semi artic even at the warmest time of the year, and the inhabitants are all of the same sex. Tucked away in a remote corner of the universe, they have no knowledge of space travel or of life beyond their own world. And when a strange envoy from space brings news of a vast coalition of planets which they are invited to join, he is met with fear, mistrust and disbelief . . . 'The Left Hand of Darkness' is a groundbreaking work of feminist science fiction, an imaginative masterpiece which poses challenging questions about sexuality, sexism and the organisation of society.

Book Title : The Angel Came in Darkness

the angel came in darkness

Release Date : 2006-03-01
ISBN Code : 9781597819831
Book Author : Jim Wheeler
Book Publisher : Xulon Press
Total Pages : 356

Book Summary :

What was it like for Joseph to discover that his fiance had conceived a child without him? In this novel which crosses demoninational barriers, Wheeler looks from Joseph's viewpoint at the time of his engagement to Mary until she is settled into his home in Nazareth.

Book Title : Darkness Before Dawn

darkness before dawn

Release Date : 2015-04-01
ISBN Code : 9781622034512
Book Author : Various Authors
Book Publisher : Sounds True
Total Pages : 264

Book Summary :

There’s no shortage of psychology self-help books on depression—but this collection, envisioned and edited by Sounds True founder Tami Simon, is not one of them. You won’t be revisiting familiar therapies or antidepressant options. What you will find is a gathering of 16 exceptional and compassionate teachers who have faced profound depression themselves. Their purpose? To radically shift the way that we perceive the experience. To offer insights and practices that reach beyond conventional models. And to help us receive depression’s uninvited yet singular gifts. The guidance presented here supports traditional psychotherapy and medication as valuable tools. But for those who’ve found these approaches incomplete—or seek to help others at an impasse—there’s much to discover within these pages, including: Thomas Moore, PhD, on Saturn’s gifts; Sally Kempton on shifting from suffering and into witnessing awareness; poet Mark Nepo on embracing both emptiness and aliveness; Mary Pipher, PhD, on how despair can open us to long-hidden joy; Christina Baldwin on “ineffable sorrow”; Parker J. Palmer, PhD, on finding meaning and connection through the experience of depression; plus exceptional contributions by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD; James Gordon, MD; Sandra Ingerman; Karla McLaren; Robert Augustus Masters, PhD; Amy Weintraub; Jeff Foster; Elizabeth Rabia Roberts, EdD; Michael Bernard Beckwith; and Reginald A. Ray, PhD.

Book Title : Treasures of Darkness

treasures of darkness

Release Date : 2001-05-01
ISBN Code : 9780595181797
Book Author : Kenneth M. Hekman
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 125

Book Summary :

Adversity may be a part of everyone’s experience. For most of us, it is just something to endure—to get through. But Ken Hekman took a different approach when faced with one of life’s most profound sorrows, the sudden death of his firstborn, a teenage daughter. By choosing to make adversity his teacher rather than simply his tormenter, he unearthed profound insights about life—and death—that will change you forever. His gripping honesty and soul-touching articulation give new meaning to the challenges of everyday life and new hope for those trapped in despair. Even non-poets can appreciate his poetic style, and his prose flows like a stream to both cleanse and refresh. But Treasures of Darkness offers much more than the lamentations of a grieving father. It also gives us a glimpse of the profound impact one young life can have on a worldwide community, and it maps a journey through four stages from being afraid to die, to not being afraid to live again. It serves as a guidebook for others who face adversity of all kinds, and illumines a path toward renaissance like no other artistic work.

Book Title : Somewhere in the Darkness

somewhere in the darkness

Release Date : 1992
ISBN Code : 0590341863
Book Author : Walter Dean Myers
Book Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Total Pages : 168

Book Summary :

A teenage boy accompanies his father, who has recently escaped from prison, on a trip that turns out to be a time of often painful discovery for them both.

Book Title : Through the Darkness

through the darkness

Release Date : 2008-12
ISBN Code : 9781438915326
Book Author : Eva Smith
Book Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 108

Book Summary :

Every child craves an identity even before birth, begging for the natural rights of its own personality. After birth the depravity, neglect, segregation, prejudices and abandonment turns her into the negative adult stereotype that endangered the future of our world. Every child needs not be a recycled, battered image of a ruined adult. A child on trial' is a theme of this literary work. The appreciation of the beauty and quality of this work of Poetry is unraveled in it unfolding surreal -realistic life experiences; the exposure of an innocent new life to a strange world that threatens great potential. The clash of cultures, racial prejudice, double standard in societal values and the flowing expression reveals to us the heart of the Narrator who is a child. Divided into two parts, Part one, though segmented, should be seen as one- in-detachable poetry from beginning to the ending. Segmentation gives the reader a participatory imaginative mind and a reflective pause. Verse rendition is in the first person singular, revealing, as the Unborn goes from one state of being to the other! Part two has Eleven Chapters, a mixture of love, places, people, memorials, morality, cross-cultural, social, environmental, human dignity issues spun into verses with such titles as -Missing People, 9/11Memorial, The Sun Will Not Set, Saworoide, Cellular, Abuja, Love Sunset and more..It is true that the greatest purpose of poetry is to effect positive changes in society. It is also true that poetry could be a form of great entertainments. This book of poetry is one of such graceful mixture.

Book Title : From Darkness to Light

from darkness to light

Release Date : 2011-12
ISBN Code : 9781619962224
Book Author : Frank And Joan Testa
Book Publisher : Xulon Press
Total Pages : 174

Book Summary :

Frank Testa was a Catholic priest for 13 years, after 8 years of seminary in the U.S. and Europe. Joan Testa was a Dominican nun for 22 years. They have been pastors and missionaries for 31 years. "From Darkness to Light," written with love for Catholics, is a plea to all who are in religious bondage to "come out from among them" before it is too late. Religious systems of the world are deciding their destinies as they submit to the global antichrist economic and political system emerging on the horizon. The Vatican has taken the lead in embracing a network of world religions. Religious and Political Babylon are brokering positions of power on the world stage at this very hour. The Holy Spirit is calling people to heed the warning of the Book of the Revelation: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." Revelation 18: 4-5 ALPHA AND OMEGA MINISTRIES P.O. Box 294 Christiana, Pennsylvania 17509 [email protected]

Book Title : Darkness of Ego

darkness of ego

Release Date : 2014-12-06
ISBN Code : 9780692333167
Book Author : Kevin Hunter
Book Publisher : Warrior of Light Press
Total Pages : 180

Book Summary :

The biggest cause of turmoil and conflict in one’s life is executed by the human ego. All souls have an ego. The most unruly and destructive ego exists within every human soul. When the soul enters into a physical human body, the ego immediately compresses and then swells up. It is the higher self’s goal to ensure that it remains in check while living an Earthly life. The ego is what tests each soul along its journey. It is how one learns right from wrong. The experiences and challenges the soul has while living in this Earthly life school contribute to the soul’s growth. When a soul learns lessons, it is intended and expected to grow and enhance from the experience. Yet, there are a great many souls who do not learn lessons and remain in the same spot. The worst of the bunch are the ones wreaking all kinds of destruction, hate, judgment and heartache in its wake. In Darkness of Ego, author Kevin Hunter infuses some of the guidance, messages, and wisdom he’s received from his Spirit team surrounding all things ego related. The ego is one of the most damaging culprits in human life. Therefore it is essential to understand the nature of the beast in order to navigate gracefully out of it when it spins out of control. Some of the topics covered in Darkness of Ego are humanity’s destruction, mass hysteria, karmic debt, the power of the mind, heaven’s gate, the ego’s war on love and relationships, as well as four day work weeks, psychic insights, psychic timing, and much more.

Book Title : Out of the Darkness

out of the darkness

Release Date : 2014-03
ISBN Code : 9781480804814
Book Author : Allison O'Reilly
Book Publisher : Archway Publishing
Total Pages : 148

Book Summary :

Allison O'Reilly shares her personal story of experiencing a brain stem stroke that left her in a locked-in syndrome.

Book Title : Trapped A Storm of Darkness

trapped a storm of darkness

Release Date : 2014-08-04
ISBN Code : 9781491740231
Book Author : Ellery Lafavor
Book Publisher : iUniverse
Total Pages : 200

Book Summary :

Ace is ready to begin his life. Embracing who he is he embarks on a journey of self discovery determined to be the man he knows he can be and not the man he may end up as if he allows anyone else to define him. Armed with little more than a desire for a better life, he sets out into the world only to be reminded that everything and everyone aren’t always what they seem or who they say they are. Following the familiar characters from “Trapped: A Child with a Broken Heart”, and introducing new faces and new complications,”Trapped: A Storm of Darkness, Shadow of a Nightmare” is a look at what happens when what you want and what the world may be willing to provide are two drastically different things.

Book Title : Darkness Awakened Order of the Blade

darkness awakened order of the blade

Release Date : 2016-06-04
ISBN Code : 9780985179229
Book Author : Stephanie Rowe
Book Publisher : SBD Press
Total Pages : 300

Book Summary :

"Rowe is a paranormal star!" ~J.R. Ward. New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe rivets readers with her thrilling entry into the dangerous, sensual world of the immortal Calydon warrior, where lust rules, honor thrives, and death looms over all. No warrior is safe from his own darkness, or from the woman destined to love and destroy him. Quinn Masters will stop at nothing to rescue his rogue teammate. To save his blood brother and ensure his brand of justice triumphs, Quinn will break every rule of his kind and partner with the sensuous, courageous woman destined to be his ultimate destruction. Haunted by a brutal past, Illusionist Grace Matthews will risk everything to save her kidnapped sister, including putting her life in the sinfully capable hands of an immortal warrior whose ravaging kisses and intense passion propel her ruthlessly toward a fateful destiny she can't afford to believe in. The Calydons are a race of ancient immortals cursed with a dark side. Each Calydon is destined to meet his soul mate, to be so drawn to her that he is unable to resist bonding with her through the rituals of his race, but their destiny is to destroy each other and all they care about the moment their bond is complete. "A fast-paced plot with strong characters, blazing sexual tension and sprinkled with witty banter, Darkness Awakened sucked me in and kept me hooked until the very last page." ~Literary Escapism Although the Order of the Blade is a connected series, all books can be read as stand-alones and in any order. The chronological order is as follows: Darkness Awakened Darkness Seduced Darkness Surrendered Forever in Darkness Darkness Reborn Darkness Arisen Darkness Unleashed Inferno of Darkness Darkness Possessed Shadows of Darkness Hunt the Darkness Darkness Revealed (Coming Soon!)

Book Title : Come Let Us Reason Together

come let us reason together

Release Date : 2015-02-09
ISBN Code : 9781490868189
Book Author : J.A. Ludwig
Book Publisher : WestBow Press
Total Pages : 110

Book Summary :

This book is designed to get your group talking as you learn (or re-learn) Biblical truths in a memorable way by utilizing unique, practical lessons with personal and original story illustrations. Originally from the island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick, J.A. Ludwig now resides in the farming community of Sussex, New Brunswick. As a mother of three and a Bible study/youth/young adult Sunday school leader, Ludwig was never your average small town lady. But is anyone? God took a shy girl that no one noticed and used her passion for Him to share His message in a unique and personal way to touch many lives. From prayer groups to sharing in churches, her answer was always yes when she felt God’s “nudge.” When a former pastor was asked to say a word about Ludwig and her calling to write this book, this was what he shared: “I have known J.A. Ludwig for nearly 25 years. In that time, I have watched her go through bad times and good with the help of God’s great grace. She was a tremendous encouragement to me during my ministry years on Grand Manan. She led an in-home bible study which I was privileged to be a part of. Her work was always original and came from the heart of God. She also led our youth ministry with equal passion, always caring for and concerned for the less fortunate. This book she has written will encourage you and help you find a path through the times of your life that might seem impossible to maneuver through. It has been written with the same passion and grace she has lived her life by and like always, it is her experience—not a book lesson from someone else’s material. So I encourage you to read it and be blessed.” —Rev. Scott Lewis

Book Title : Beautiful Darkness

beautiful darkness

Release Date : 2010-10-12
ISBN Code : 9780316129176
Book Author : Kami Garcia
Book Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 300

Book Summary :

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen. Sometimes life-ending. Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan's eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there's no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town's tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

Book Title : Into the Darkness

into the darkness

Release Date : 2012-02-28
ISBN Code : 9781451650952
Book Author : V.C. Andrews
Book Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 368

Book Summary :

DESPITE THE BRILLIANT SUNSHINE, I FELT A CHILL SURGE THROUGH ME. I PAUSED AND LOOKED AT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR. WAS MY CONVERSATION WITH BRAYDEN JUST ANOTHER ONE OF MY FANTASIES? As lovely as one of the precious gems at her parents’ jewelry store, Amber Taylor is shy and introspective—qualities misread by others as being stuck up and superior. Facing a long, lonely summer working at the family shop, Amber’s world lights up when the Matthews family suddenly moves in to the house next door, a property that has stood neglected for the longest time. And when she meets Brayden Matthews, an only child just like her, Amber soon becomes infatuated with this handsome, quirky young man who seems to know her innermost feelings almost before she does, who takes her places she never knew existed in her small town. Their connection is electrifying, unlike anything Amber’s felt before. But as quickly as he appears, Brayden vanishes into the darkness. And finding out the truth about him will push Amber Taylor to the edge of madness. . . .

Book Title : Journey Through Darkness

journey through darkness

Release Date : 2017-11-17
ISBN Code : 9781948146708
Book Author : Salloni
Book Publisher : Notion Press
Total Pages : 254

Book Summary :

This is the story of a bitter-sweet relationship between Ibona Olem and her daughter, the sensitive Sazel Huskin. The widowed Ibona sets up a bakery in Merville Market, but her ambitions for her daughter’s musical career grow with every ensuing year. When Sazel grows into a fine singer, both the mother and daughter decide to shift to Cechern, a bigger town with more opportunities. Sazel debuts at ‘Melody Mist’ and Ibona basks in her shadow. But, eventually, Ibona’s desires overwhelm her. What is it that makes Sazel turn away from her music? What draws her back to Merville? How does Rofised Lombatti, her co-actor, influence her decisions? Do Ibona and Sazel finally agree to disagree? Where does Sazel find her solace? What role does Vorin Gestow play in her life?