Book Title : Toyota Culture The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way

toyota culture the heart and soul of the toyota way

Release Date : 2008-01-10
ISBN Code : 9780071712576
Book Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
Book Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages : 288

Book Summary :

Winner of the Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publication, 2009 The international bestseller The Toyota Way explained the company's success by introducing a revolutionary 4P model for organizational excellence-Philosophy, People, Process, and Problem Solving. Now, in Toyota Culture, preeminent Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus reveal how Toyota selects, develops, and motivates its people to become committed to building high-quality products-and how you can do the same for your company. Toyota Culture examines the “human systems” that Toyota has put in place to instill its founding principles of trust, mutual prosperity, and excellence in its plants, dealerships, and offices around the world. Beginning with a look at the evolution of the Toyota culture and why its people are the heart and soul of the Toyota Way, the authors explain the company's four-stage process for building and keeping quality people: Attract, Develop, Engage, and Inspire. Drawing upon numerous examples from Liker's decades of research as well as Hoseus' insider access as a Toyota manager, Toyota Culture gives you the tools you need to: Find competent, able, and willing employees Start training and socializing your people as you hire them Establish and communicate key business performance indicators at every level of your organization Train your people to solve problems and continuously improve processes in their daily work Develop leaders who live and teach your company's philosophy Reward top performance-and offer help to those who are struggling Fascinating vignettes of Toyota's innovative culture highlight the nuances of translating and recreating a people-centric culture in factories and offices across the globe. These exclusive, behind-the-scenes details are just what your company needs to successfully learn from The Toyota Culture.

Book Title : Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels

developing lean leaders at all levels

Release Date : 2016-03-17
ISBN Code : 0996771565
Book Author : Director of the Value Chain Analysis Program and the Japan Management Program Jeffrey K Liker
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 304

Book Summary :

2016 winner of the SHINGO RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION AWARD, Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels: A Practical Guide is a management Must Read. The Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) presented in this book is intuitive and aligns well with accepted principles of operational excellence. It expands significantly on the elements of Lean, structuring them in a more specific way that can be operationalized by lean practitioners. You can learn everything you want about the Toyota Way; you can implement the tools they have created, but if you do not have the behaviors established within your culture, it will not be successful for long-term sustainment of operational excellence. Leadership must walk the talk of true north in every aspect of the Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) as conveyed in detail by Dr. Liker in this recent Shingo Award Winning Book. In Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels, we build on the theory in the original book, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, and answer the questions: How can I apply this in my organization? What concrete actions can I take to begin the journey of becoming a lean leader? How can I spread this learning to all parts of the organization? What critical tools are needed to turn the theory to practice? This book adds examples from over twenty years of experience by Dr. Liker in working with companies outside of Toyota. The book treats you as a student who will be actively engaged in developing lean leader skills as you read. It acts as a tutorial for beginning the journey.

Book Title : Toyota


Release Date : 2011
ISBN Code : 9785961426717
Book Author : Джеффри Лайкер
Book Publisher : Альпина Паблишер
Total Pages : 356

Book Summary :

Внедрение бережливого производства часто оканчивается неудачей потому, что эту систему воспринимают как механистическую, как набор процедур и технологий. Авторы книги показывают, что ключ к успеху Toyota — в особом отношении к людям, в сочетании высочайших требований руководства и уважения к каждому сотруднику. Такую культуру нельзя привить за пару тренингов, а без особой культуры бережливое производство построить невозможно. В книге впервые описываются основные элементы корпоративной культуры Toyota — ее главного «секретного оружия». Книга поможет научиться адаптировать культуру Toyota к нуждам своей компании, сохраняя ее главную основу — стремление к совершенству. Книга будет полезна, прежде всего, высшим руководителям компаний, которых интересует совершенствование корпоративной культуры.

Book Title :

Release Date : 1927
ISBN Code : 9785458636674
Book Author : Г. Форд
Book Publisher : Рипол Классик
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Эта книга обошла почти все государства. Она напечатана на многих языках. Везде ее издания расходились нарасхват. Выдержавшая около ста изданий (в том числе семь изданий в СССР в 1924-1927 гг. ) автобиографическая книга одного из выдающихся менеджеров XX века, организатора поточно-конвейерного производства и отца автомобильной промышленности США написана ярко, образно, энергично и вдохновенно. Жгучий интерес к ней создан не искусственной рекламной шумихой, а самим ее содержанием: за этой книгой - жизнь и деятельность очень большого человека, за ней - практический опыт создателя производства, небывалого по масштабам и организации. Она содержит богатейший материал, во многом представляющий исторический интерес, но в целом ряде случаев сохраняющий актуальность для экономистов, бизнесменов, руководителей и организаторов производства, чья деятельность нацелена на творческое осмысление и успешное решение хозяйственных задач.

Book Title : People Process and Culture

people process and culture

Release Date : 2016-04-19
ISBN Code : 9781466557901
Book Author : Jeffrey P. Wincel
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 153

Book Summary :

Examining Lean processes in the context of the authors’ academic research in-progress, People, Process, & Culture: Lean Manufacturing in the Real World illustrates the impact of culture on the implementation of Lean Manufacturing (LM) across various geographic and cultural areas. It identifies cultural values, as examined against Lean manufacturing disciplines, and derives culturally based Lean Manufacturing (LM) values. It then assesses these cultural values in light of specific LM components, such as PULL systems and TPM, to demonstrate varying perspectives and applications. Illustrates global cultural influences on Lean implementation Uses academic research as the foundation of the material Examines the many Lean components currently in use around the world Building on the continued prominence of LM as the preferred operational approach, the book supplies time-tested advice to help you sort through the flood of information on Lean techniques and culture. It examines the numerous Lean components currently being deployed successfully around the world and identifies the limitations that can result from the varying interpretations and applications of Lean systems. Lean culture is all about Lean vision, mission, and values. This book not only identifies the Lean values required, but also supplies the understanding to integrate these values across all levels of your organization. The book will be especially helpful to international corporate managers working to demystify the sometimes hard-to-understand characteristics of Lean transformation.

Book Title : Leading Lean Software Development

leading lean software development

Release Date : 2009-10-21
ISBN Code : 0321699653
Book Author : Mary Poppendieck
Book Publisher : Pearson Education
Total Pages : 312

Book Summary :

Building on their breakthrough bestsellers Lean Software Development and Implementing Lean Software Development, Mary and Tom Poppendieck’s latest book shows software leaders and team members exactly how to drive high-value change throughout a software organization—and make it stick. They go far beyond generic implementation guidelines, demonstrating exactly how to make lean work in real projects, environments, and companies. The Poppendiecks organize this book around the crucial concept of frames, the unspoken mental constructs that shape our perspectives and control our behavior in ways we rarely notice. For software leaders and team members, some frames lead to long-term failure, while others offer a strong foundation for success. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors present twenty-four frames that offer a coherent, complete framework for leading lean software development. You’ll discover powerful new ways to act as competency leader, product champion, improvement mentor, front-line leader, and even visionary. Systems thinking: focusing on customers, bringing predictability to demand, and revamping policies that cause inefficiency Technical excellence: implementing low-dependency architectures, TDD, and evolutionary development processes, and promoting deeper developer expertise Reliable delivery: managing your biggest risks more effectively, and optimizing both workflow and schedules Relentless improvement: seeing problems, solving problems, sharing the knowledge Great people: finding and growing professionals with purpose, passion, persistence, and pride Aligned leaders: getting your entire leadership team on the same page From the world’s number one experts in Lean software development, Leading Lean Software Development will be indispensable to everyone who wants to transform the promise of lean into reality—in enterprise IT and software companies alike.

Book Title : The Excellent Education System

the excellent education system

Release Date : 2017-12-12
ISBN Code : 9781351356244
Book Author : Daniel Bloom
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages : 183

Book Summary :

The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools helps you discover and understand the technique of evidence-based learning and operations through which the modern school satisfies the need to increase the flow of successful students through the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This book explains, in clear terms, what educational excellence means and the principles of process improvement. In addition, it gives your an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology. Included in the discussion are case studies of educational professionals who have found a new world centered in the evidence-based educational processes. These processes lead to many examples of dramatic turnarounds in some failing schools. The author presents strategies and actions that you can use to improve schools such as those presented in the case studies. The Appendices provide a wide variety of tactical resources for implementation.

Book Title : Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma

achieving hr excellence through six sigma

Release Date : 2016-04-19
ISBN Code : 9781466586482
Book Author : Daniel Bloom
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 215

Book Summary :

Although world-class firms like GE and Motorola have relied on Six Sigma to build their performance cultures, these processes are all too often left out of human resources (HR) functions. This lack of Six Sigma principles is even more surprising because preventing errors and improving productivity are so critical to the people management processes of hiring, retention, appraisal, and development. From the history and evolution of the Total Quality movement to initiatives for introducing a Six Sigma continuous process improvement strategy in your HR department, Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma introduces a new way to envision your role within the organization. It explains how this powerful methodology works and supplies a roadmap to help you find and eliminate waste in your HR processes. Describing exactly what HR excellence means, the book outlines dozens of proven approaches as well as a hierarchy of the exact steps required to achieve it. It illustrates the Six Sigma methodology from the creation of a project to its successful completion. At each stage, it describes the specific tools currently available and provides examples of organizations that have used Six Sigma within HR to improve their organizations. The text presents proven approaches that can help you solve and even eliminate people management problems altogether. Filled with real-world examples, it demonstrates how to implement six sigma into the transformational side of your organization. It also includes a listing of additional resources to help you along your Six Sigma journey. Explaining how to build a new business model for your HR organization, the book supplies the new perspective and broad view you will need to discover and recommend game-changing alternatives to traditional HR approaches in your organization.

Book Title : Creative Execution

creative execution

Release Date : 2012-05-08
ISBN Code : 9781118351093
Book Author : Eric Beaudan
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 272

Book Summary :

The ultimate game–changer for reinventing strategy and igniting people Whether it was Alexander the Great or Lord Horatio Nelson, the management team at Toyota or Google, the indisputable alchemy of strategy, execution, and leadership led to each′s phenomenal success. With years of experience assessing and developing executive talent, author Eric Beaudan examines the essence of such a dynamic mix, summed up as "Creative Execution," showing how organizations and individuals can attain, or reach for, unheralded levels of success. Profiling extraordinary leaders and the uncommon leadership tactics that are their hallmark, the book also includes proprietary research and firsthand experiences with clients across the globe, illustrating the principles of Creative Execution in action. Details the five elements of Creative Execution, including fostering candid dialogue across the organization, spelling out clear roles and responsibilities, and taking bold action Includes proprietary research, assessments, and case studies With tactics, strategies, and calls to action to help any organization shape and apply the dynamics of Creative Execution, this powerful one–volume manifesto will help any leader get in the trenches, learn firsthand the impact of their decisions, and restore ingenuity, cooperation, and a sense of collective commitment to the workplace.

Book Title :

Release Date : 2017-09-05
ISBN Code : 9785040469567
Book Author : Чарлз Дахигг
Book Publisher : Litres
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Какие решения приближают нас к успеху?Какие цели делают невозможное возможным?Как переосмысливать ситуации таким образом, чтобы вместо проблем видеть скрытые возможности?Как открыть свой разум новым, креативным идеям?Как ускорить процесс обучения за счет замедления потока данных?Чарлз Дахигг дает ответы на эти и другие вопросы в своей книге «Восемь правил эффективности: умнее, быстрее, лучше».Восемь частей – восемь идей, которые помогут вам стать умнее, быстрее и лучше во всем, что вы делаете, не жертвуя тем, что вам дорого и важно!

Book Title : Lean Hospitals

lean hospitals

Release Date : 2016-04-19
ISBN Code : 9781439870440
Book Author : Mark Graban
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 268

Book Summary :

Healthcare leaders around the world are facing tough challenges, including the need to deliver better value for patients and payers, which means improving quality while reducing cost. It might seem impossible to do both, but organizations around the world are proving it's possible, through Lean. Health systems are able to enhance all dimensions of patient care, including both safety and service, while creating more engaging and less frustrating workplaces for healthcare professionals and staff... all leading to improved long-term financial performance. Building on the success of the first two editions of this Shingo Prize-Winning book, Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement, Third Edition explains how to use the Lean philosophy and management system to improve safety, quality, access, and morale while reducing costs. Lean healthcare expert Mark Graban examines the challenges facing today’s health systems, including rising costs, falling reimbursement rates or budget constraints, employee retention, and harm to patients. The new edition of this international bestseller (translated into eight languages) begins with an overview of Lean methods and mindsets. It explains how engaging staff and leaders in Lean practices such as value stream mapping and process observation can help reduce wasted motion for caregivers, prevent delays for patients, and improve the long-term health of your organization. In addition to a new introduction from John Toussaint, this updated edition includes: New and updated material on identifying waste, A3 problem solving, employee idea management, kanban for materials management, and strategy deployment New case studies and examples—including a new 5S case study (Franciscan St. Francis Health) and other case examples highlighting the challenges and successes of an academic medical center and a small urgent access hospital, featuring quotes and stories from executives New examples and updated data throughout, including revised chapters on patient safety and patient flow challenges and the improvements driven by Lean Detailing the mindsets and methods needed for a successful transition to a Lean culture, the book provides the understanding of Lean practices—including value stream mapping, standardized work, error proofing, root cause problem solving, and daily improvement processes—needed to reduce common hospital errors and improve performance in other dimensions. The balanced approach outlined in this book will guide you through the process of improving the quality of care and service while reducing costs in your hospital. *The Lean Certification and Oversight Appeals committee has approved Lean Hospitals as recommended reading for those in pursuit of Lean Bronze Certification from SME, AME, Shingo Prize, and ASQ

Book Title :

Release Date : 2016-08-19
ISBN Code : 9785001000358
Book Author : Гуру Мадхаван
Book Publisher : "Манн, Иванов и Фербер"
Total Pages : 256

Book Summary :

Разум человека способен не только дарить чудеса инженерной мысли, но и находить новые способы решения различных проблем повседневной жизни и бизнеса. В этой книге описывается философия инженерного мышления, которая стоит за проектированием решений, основанных на системности, ограничениях и компромиссах. Книга предназначена для всех, кто хочет с помощью системного мышления научиться решать сложные, комплексные задачи.

Book Title : Sustainable Operations Management

sustainable operations management

Release Date : 2015-01-06
ISBN Code : 9783319140025
Book Author : Andrea Chiarini
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 222

Book Summary :

This book presents innovative research on various aspects of sustainability in the field of operations management and illustrates the potential of sustainability thinking and practice to improve operations performance and thereby meet customer needs. Particular attention is devoted to corporate social responsibility and marketing strategy, knowledge management for sustainability, the role of culture in a sustainable built environment, sustainable manufacturing through the application of lean and green concepts, advancing sustainability through ISO standards, and the sustainable supply chain. The present decade is proving to be a time of change in terms of business strategies and operations management. Many of the trends are still subject to uncertainty, but an understanding of the need for, and benefits of, sustainability can give a clear indication of their trajectory. Consumers and markets in general believe that while implementing their business strategies, companies should also try to improve society and the environment and to exercise social responsibility toward their employees. This book provides insights into how this may be achieved, and it is recommended for researchers as well as all practitioners and managers dedicated to enhancing sustainability in operations.

Book Title : Complexity in Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology Research

complexity in entrepreneurship innovation and technology research

Release Date : 2016-02-25
ISBN Code : 9783319271088
Book Author : Elisabeth S.C. Berger
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 489

Book Summary :

This volume discusses the challenge of dealing with complexity in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology research. Businesses as well as entire economies are increasingly being confronted by widespread complex systems. Fields such as entrepreneurship and innovation cannot ignore this reality, especially with their inherent links to diverse research fields and interdisciplinary methods. However, most methods that allow more detailed analyses of complex problems are either neglected in mainstream research or are, at best, still emerging. Against this backdrop, this book provides a forum for the discussion of emergent and neglected methods in the context of complexity in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology research, and also acts as an inspiration for academics across related disciplines to engage more in complexity research.

Book Title : Lean Transformations for Small and Medium Enterprises

lean transformations for small and medium enterprises

Release Date : 2017-01-06
ISBN Code : 9781315397818
Book Author : Arnaldo Camuffo
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

Lean Transformations for Small and Medium Enterprises: Lessons Learned from Italian Businesses summarizes two decades of research, teaching, and practice on lean thinking. Based on quantitative analysis of 100 cases of Lean transformations and 20 in-depth case studies of successfully transformed SMEs, it explains how to undertake lean transformations that lead to operational and financial performance improvement, and uses the Lean Transformation Framework --conceptualized by John Shook at the Lean Enterprise Institute—as a practical approach to design and de-risk the transformation process. SMEs’ leaders wishing to undertake and sustain a lean transformation must: Make a serious and lasting commitment to transform, avoiding the temptation to change course of action; Choose accurately the value streams that require improvement as defined by strategy deployment; Build capabilities to sustain the transformation; Lead by example by going to gemba and creating a culture of respect for people that goes beyond the visible devices and artifacts of Lean tools.

Book Title : The 7 Kata

the 7 kata

Release Date : 2012-08-28
ISBN Code : 9781466570542
Book Author : Conrad Soltero
Book Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 191

Book Summary :

The biggest competitive advantage an organization can achieve comes from the synergies created by employees skilled in enhancing organizational dynamics. The Seven Kata: Toyota Kata, TWI, and Lean Training supplies time-tested tools and advice to help readers adapt to changing conditions and outcompete their rivals. It explains why a mix of the skill sets that Training Within Industry (TWI) and the Toyota Kata (behavior patterns) teach is the ideal recipe to boost organizational synergies and enhance any Lean transformation. Winner of a 2013 Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence! Bridging the kata/TWI nexus, the book lays out a road map for Lean success. It devotes a chapter to each of the Seven Kata and suggests possible courses of action dependent on your organization’s strengths and constraints. Bringing together valuable information on many of the disjointed Lean practices, it explains key Lean concepts, including gemba walks, genchi gembutsu, and PDCA. After introducing kata, it reveals the different kata inherent in the three major TWI courses and the TWI Job Safety course. It illustrates the value stream analysis relationship to the kata and the kata relationship to TWI. It also demonstrates how to use kata to solve the problems identified in your value stream analysis while simultaneously conditioning your employees’ adaptive thinking patterns. Supplying a clear understanding of exactly where the seven kata apply in your Lean journey, the authors include helpful guidelines for coaching a kata. They also highlight mistakes they have experienced or witnessed so you can avoid the same pitfalls. As globalism continues to make management’s organizational skills a competitive differentiator, this book provides you with the tools to use the seven kata to place your organization on a discernible path towards operational excellence. Listen to what Pat Boutier has to say about The Seven Kata. Part One — Part Two

Book Title : Beyond Lean

beyond lean

Release Date : 2016-01-27
ISBN Code : 9783319277455
Book Author : Peter Béndek
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 126

Book Summary :

This book by Peter Béndek presents a strong case against the current practice of business operations improvement, based on numerous studies from the business world as well as insights from the most prestigious authors of the last fifty years. The author contests the applicability and indeed the relevance of the Toyota Production System and its spin-offs to the Western context, claiming that a revised approach is much better suited to taking our specific cultural conditions into account, while also combining increased transparency, speed, and sustainability of change with a robust value-creating capability. Dr. Béndek argues that this approach can have a far-reaching impact on corporate cultures by offering an all-encompassing learning system, one that provides a more coherent and actionable continuous improvement strategy than conventional approaches. The book offers an important guide to rethinking operations management, both in academia and business practice.

Book Title : Scaling Lean Agile Development

scaling lean agile development

Release Date : 2008-12-08
ISBN Code : 0321617142
Book Author : Craig Larman
Book Publisher : Pearson Education
Total Pages : 368

Book Summary :

Lean Development and Agile Methods for Large-Scale Products: Key Thinking and Organizational Tools for Sustainable Competitive Success Increasingly, large product-development organizations are turning to lean thinking, agile principles and practices, and large-scale Scrum to sustainably and quickly deliver value and innovation. However, many groups have floundered in their practice-oriented adoptions. Why? Because without a deeper understanding of the thinking tools and profound organizational redesign needed, it is as though casting seeds on to an infertile field. Now, drawing on their long experience leading and guiding large-scale lean and agile adoptions for large, multisite, and offshore product development, and drawing on the best research for great team-based agile organizations, internationally recognized consultant and best-selling author Craig Larman and former leader of the agile transformation at Nokia Networks Bas Vodde share the key thinking and organizational tools needed to plant the seeds of product development success in a fertile lean and agile enterprise. Coverage includes Lean thinking and development combined with agile practices and methods Systems thinking Queuing theory and large-scale development processes Moving from single-function and component teams to stable cross-functional cross-component Scrum feature teams with end-to-end responsibility for features Organizational redesign to a lean and agile enterprise that delivers value fast Large-scale Scrum for multi-hundred-person product groups In a competitive environment that demands ever-faster cycle times and greater innovation, applied lean thinking and agile principles are becoming an urgent priority. Scaling Lean & Agile Development will help leaders create the foundation for their lean enterprise—and deliver on the significant benefits of agility. In addition to the foundation tools in this text, see the companion book Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum for complementary action tools.

Book Title : Value Sharing for Sustainable and Inclusive Development

value sharing for sustainable and inclusive development

Release Date : 2017-12-01
ISBN Code : 9781522531487
Book Author : Risso, Mario
Book Publisher : IGI Global
Total Pages : 398

Book Summary :

Business retains a large influence over the progression of society. Thus, shared goals among corporations could lead to a larger positive impact on the resilience of social and economic expansions. Value Sharing for Sustainable and Inclusive Development is a critical academic resource that explores the opportunities through which businesses can contribute to sustainable and inclusive development. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as the value sharing model, corporate social responsibility, and multi-sided markets, this book is geared toward academicians, researchers, policy makers, and students seeking current research on the importance of collaborative efforts on the part of businesses and entities to achieve functional progression.

Book Title : Lean Construction Management

lean construction management

Release Date : 2014-05-23
ISBN Code : 9789812870148
Book Author : Shang Gao
Book Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 390

Book Summary :

The book presents a mixed research method adopted to assess and present the Toyota Way practices within construction firms in general and for firms in China specifically. The results of an extensive structured questionnaire survey based on the Toyota Way-styled attributes identified were developed and data collected from building professionals working in construction firms is presented. The quantitative data presented in the book explains the status quo of the Toyota Way-styled practices implemented in the construction industry, as well as the extent to which these attributes were perceived for lean construction management. The book highlights all the actionable attributes derived from the Toyota Way model appreciated by the building professionals, but alerts the readers that some attributes felled short of implementation. Further findings from in-depth interviews and case studies are also presented in the book to provide to readers an understanding how these Toyota Way practices can be implemented in real-life projects. Collectively, all the empirical findings presented in this book can serve to enhance understanding of Toyota Way practices in the lean construction management context. The readers are then guided through to understand the gaps between actual practice and Toyota Way-styled practices, and the measures that they may undertake to circumvent the challenges for implementation. The book also presents to readers the SWOT analysis that addresses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats towards the implementation of the Toyota Way in the construction industry. The book prescribes the Toyota Way model for use in construction firms to strategically implement lean construction management. The checklist presented in the book enables readers to draw lessons that may be used additionally as a holistic assessment tool for measuring the maturity of firms with respect to their Toyota Way implementation. Consequent to this, management would then be in a better position to develop plans for Toyota Way implementation by focusing on weak areas, strengthening them, and thus increasing the likelihood of success in the implementation of the Toyota Way. In a nutshell, this book provides a comprehensive and valuable resource for firms not only in the construction industry but also businesses outside of the construction sector to better understand the Toyota Way and how this understanding can translate to implementation of lean construction/business management to enhance profitability and survivability in an increasingly competitive global market place.