Book Title : Weather Forecasting for Aeronautics

weather forecasting for aeronautics

Release Date : 2014-05-12
ISBN Code : 9781483258607
Book Author : Joseph J. George
Book Publisher : Academic Press
Total Pages : 684

Book Summary :

Weather Forecasting for Aeronautics provides forecasters and pilots wanting to study more about the art and science of predicting weather with the essential aids and methods for making practical application of their knowledge of the fundamentals of the science of meteorology. The publication first underscores the forecast problem, construction of the prognostic pressure chart, and prediction of cyclogenesis. Discussions focus on forecasting information concerning new cyclogenesis, making operational and planning forecasts, cyclogenesis off the east coast of Asia, application of weather forecasts to operational problems, and cyclogenesis in the eastern United States. The text then ponders on forecasting the movement, deepening, and filling of cyclones and movement of anticyclones in North America. The manuscript takes a look at the movement of cold lows at the 500-millibar level and their influence on surface lows, displacement of surface cold fronts, and warm frontal analysis and movement. Topics include movement of warm fronts, identification and location of warm fronts, East Coast wedge type, and warm frontogenesis. The text then examines the movement of tropical cyclones, prediction of very low ceiling and fogs, and prediction of severe weather. The publication is a dependable reference for weather forecasters and pilots.

Book Title : Pilot s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

pilot s handbook of aeronautical knowledge

Release Date : 2014-05-06
ISBN Code : 9781629141497
Book Author : Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration
Book Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
Total Pages : 480

Book Summary :

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, created by the Federal Aviation Administration, is the official reference manual for pilots at all levels. An indispensable and invaluable encyclopedia, it deals with all aspects of aeronautical information. Each chapter focuses on a different area that pilots are tested on in flight school and must need to know before they fly a plane on of their own. These topics include: aircraft structure principles of aerodynamics flight controls aircraft systems flight instruments and more Flight manuals and documentation are also covered, as is specialized information on such matters as weight and balance, aircraft performance, weather, navigation, airport operations, aeromedical factors, and decision-making while flying. An updated appendix, detailed index, and full glossary make this book easy to navigate and useful in quick reference situations.

Book Title : Aeronautical Air Ground Data Link Communications

aeronautical air ground data link communications

Release Date : 2014-12-01
ISBN Code : 9781119006855
Book Author : Mohamed Slim Ben Mahmoud
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 150

Book Summary :

This book deals with air-ground aeronautical communications. The main goal is to give the reader a survey of the currently deployed, emerging and future communications systems dedicated to digital data communications between the aircraft and the ground, namely the data link. Those communication systems show specific properties relatively to those commonly used for terrestrial communications. In this book, the system architectures are more specifically considered from the access to the application layers as radio and physical functionalities have already been addressed in detail in others books. The first part is an introduction to aeronautical communications, their specific concepts, properties, requirements and terminology. The second part presents the currently used systems for air ground communications in continental and oceanic area. The third part enlightens the reader on the emerging and future communication systems and some leading research projects focused on this scope. Finally, before the conclusion, the fourth part gives several main challenges and research directions currently under investigation.

Book Title : The Handy Weather Answer Book

the handy weather answer book

Release Date : 2009-08-01
ISBN Code : 9781578593323
Book Author : Kevin Hile
Book Publisher : Visible Ink Press
Total Pages : 336

Book Summary :

Fully updated with the latest advances in meteorology as well as an additional section on climate change, this comprehensive reference addresses all aspects of weather in an accessible questionandanswer format. All the basic elements of weather are discussed, as are all types of weather phenomena and the science of forecasting. In addition, the relationships between weather and oceanography, geology, and space science are expertly covered. Included are more than 1,000 questions and answers such as, Has a hurricane ever struck southern California? Could our oceans have originated in space? and What is bioclimatology? This resource is an ideal reference for students, teachers, and amateur meteorologists.

Book Title : The Complete History of Aviation

the complete history of aviation

Release Date : 2011-11-01
ISBN Code : 9781615307258
Book Author : Britannica Educational Publishing
Book Publisher : Britannica Educational Publishing
Total Pages : 184

Book Summary :

Humans have long dreamt of communing with the skies and acquiring the ability to fly. The first experiments with balloon flight through the development of the Concorde and everything in between, aviation has transformed the way humans travel, especially over vast distances. This penetrating volume examines the various technologies and aircraft that have enabled human flight and includes a comprehensive section on the design and operation of airports.

Book Title : Weather Forecasting Accuracy for FAA Traffic Flow Management

weather forecasting accuracy for faa traffic flow management

Release Date : 2003-01-27
ISBN Code : 9780309087315
Book Author : Committee for a Workshop on Weather Forecasting Accuracy for FAA Traffic Control
Book Publisher : National Academies Press
Total Pages : 68

Book Summary :

Accurate prediction of convective storms 2- to 6-hours in advance is critical to selecting air traffic routes with minimal weather delays or diversions. This report summarizes the discussions of a workshop to explore present convective weather forecasting skill, strategies for improving that skill, ways to verify forecasts are accurate, and how to make forecasts useful to air traffic controllers, airline dispatchers, and pilots.

Book Title : Satellite Technology

satellite technology

Release Date : 2007-01-29
ISBN Code : 9780470033357
Book Author : Anil K. Maini
Book Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 576

Book Summary :

Offering readers a concise and yet comprehensive reference, Satellite Technology provides a unique coverage of both the principles and applications in this wide field. This book covers the technological and application aspects of satellites in one volume, ensuring not only extensive coverage of communications-related applications of satellites, but also other important applications such as remote sensing, weather forecasting, navigation, scientific and military. The essentials of satellite technology are explained, by giving an introduction to the fundamental topics such as orbits and trajectories, launch and in-orbit operations before going on to describe satellite hardware, communication techniques, multiple access techniques and link design. Topics range from the history and evolution of satellites, and the laws governing motion of artificial satellites around earth, to multiplexing techniques, satellite subsystems and link design fundamentals. Amply illustrated with a large number of figures and photographs, as well as relevant mathematics and design examples Contains a large number of problems with solutions, which would particularly benefit students at undergraduate and graduate levels Companion website provides a complete compendium on features and facilities of satellites and satellite launch vehicles from past, present and planned futuristic satellite missions for various applications The coverage of satellite technology together with its applications make the book an essential reference book for professionals, R&D scientists and engineers and students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Book Title : Aviation Weather Services Handbook

aviation weather services handbook

Release Date : 2010-04-15
ISBN Code : 9781602399440
Book Author : Federal Aviation Administration
Book Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Total Pages : 388

Book Summary :

This jointly-published guide from the FAA and the NWS provides an authoritative tool for pilots, flight instructors, and those studying for pilot certification. It covers general weather service information as well as how to interpret and use coded weather reports, forecasts, and observed and prognostic weather charts. Featuring black-and-white photographs, diagrams, and other illustrations, this official handbook provides detailed chapters on The Aviation Weather Service Program; Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR); Pilot and Radar Reports; Satellite Pictures; Radiosonde Additional Data (RADATs); Aviation Weather Forecasts; Surface Analysis Chart; Weather Depiction Chart; Radar Summary Chart; Constant Pressure Analysis Chart; and everything weather-related that a pilot needs to know. Educational, and even possibly life-saving, it’s absolutely indispensable for anyone involved in handling a plane.